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That night

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A girl was found dead in woods near the town of peligros and a team of a few untrained detectives wanted to discover the dark secret which some how felt related

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1

A girl was found dead around the age of 20 in the dark woods near the town of peligros which holds a lot of dark secrets about the town and its past. The first few people to notice the dead body were the residents of peligros and they reported it .

Police arrived at the crime scene and started investigating and questioning the people who reported .Even after a lot of investigation they were unable to discover what happened to the girl and they could not even discover that either it was a murder or a suicide. After a lot of trying they called the best detectives of the world to handle this case.

The dictectives were able to find the truth but it wad so dark and dangerous that it was better to keep it to themselves but I guess it did'nt worked because all the people who knew the truth disappeared mysteriosly until the last one who knew the truth.

Surprisingly the diary entry of one of the detective was safe and trapped inside the cold and dark woods of peligros. However after this incident the doing inside of the woods was totally banned.With this the truth was untold forever for everyone.

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