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Chapter 9 - Explanations

I’m not going to lie. Today’s fights are going to be exciting. I can’t wait to kick Kyle’s ass. After him finding out about me I must admit I’m worried The Bloods are going to find out.

Right now I’m waiting to the side of the ring with my hood up. I’m wearing a black sports bra yoga pants and my hoodie to disguise myself.

“Today we have the one and only fighting all 5 fights. Give it up for UNDEFEATED!” The guy through the microphone shouts. I take a deep breath and roll my shoulds back, preparing myself to fight.

I step into the ring and put my hands up in a V-shape over my head making the small crowd cheer. I look up from under my hood and see Aaron, Aiden, Chase and Jace at the very front.

Could they not have sat farther away from the ring? Seriously!

“And fighting Undefeated firstly, tonight we have Storm breaker!” After hearing who I have to face I tune out until the sound of the bell. Every fight that I win I get around 500 bucks. If not more.

I hear the bell and because storm breaker is a regular here I know his moves. Usually he plays first offence meaning he will make the first move. Which is exactly what he is going to do.

He swings his fist forward trying to hit me but I saw it coming and spin out the way so that I’m standing directly behind him, his back facing me. Before he can turn around I kick his knees in making him buckle forward and lie on the ground chest down. I straddle his back and pull his hair back in order for me to see his face, then punch him unconscious.

“And undefeated wins first fight! Up next we have Whirlwind” Whirlwind was another girl fighter. Yet she wasn’t nearly as good as me. The most damage she caused me was a lightly sprained ankle.

These fights are non-stop. Taking breaks between fights was rare. Mostly becuase people watching would get impaitent waiting and start a fight of their own in the crowd.


The bell goes off and this time I decide to take first move. By bringing my leg up, I kick her in the side making her stumble but not fall. She does have a good stance. I bring my knee into her stomach and step back looking at her angry face. She swings her fist forward but I block. She keeps on doing this but she can’t get a good hit because of my defence skills. When she’s had enough I swing my leg out to trip her, making her fall to the ground and tap out.

Aw man! It’s not fun when they tap out. Hey at least I won! I chuckle quietly to myself and fix my hood, making sure my identity is kept hidden.

I look towards Aaron to see his shocked face. Damn he looks good. He doesn’t know it’s me but I can tell he’s terrified for Kyle.

After winning my first four fights it’s finally down to fight Kyle. He steps out onto the ring looking nervous. I walk over to him and see fear in his eyes. I smirk slightly and and curl my finger under his chin pulling him in. I keep my head down, looking at the dusty floor of the ring.

“Don’t worry I won’t hurt you ’champ Kyle’ not so tough now are we?” I whisper in his ear using the words he used from lunch earlier.

I hear him nervously gulp and nod. I step back fixing the wraps on my hand then wait for the bell.


Ahh there is it! I decide to let Kyle take first move. He swings his fist out aiming at my jaw but I grab it before it can hit me and twist his arm the other way. He winces in pain and pulls his fist back as I smirk in satisfaction.

A now angry looking Kyle lunges forward and tackles me to the ground to he is now straddling me. Looking down at me his grins and whispers “I quite like this position. I wonder what Aaron would think if he knew it was you I was straddling.” He says it just low enough for me to hear.

“Well, I don’t like this position, so wanna get of me of should I deal with it my own way.” I whisper back.

“Nah, I’m good.”

“Well, you asked for it.” Quickly I bring my leg up from behind him to kick him in the back. Then I flip us over so now I’m facing down at him. Wow he’s cute. Not as cute as Aaron though my mind says back.

I bring my fist up and punch him in the jaw making him tap out straight away.

“I knew you couldn’t take me down. Meet me out back in 10 and make sure nobody follows you.” And with that I walk away to claim my money.

“Undefeated win’s again! Now I’m not sure about you guys but that looked like a pretty intense fight! Was it me or did they talk to each other?!” The crowd cheers when the microphone guy, whose name I think is Mike, speaks up.

I walk out the ring and turn around to find Nikki standing with her arms crossed and a wide smile on her face.

“Why are you all smiley?” I ask Nikki

“Cause you still got it in you!” She replies walking out back where Kyle should be any minute now.

“Yup, I never lose my touch anyway you can either stay with me while I explain everything to Kyle or you can just go home and I’ll find a ride there.” I explain sitting down on a wooden bench placed outside the underground.

“Nah, I’ll stay. I wanna hear what you’re going to say”

I nod my head in understanding then look up to see Kyle standing in front of me with his hands in his pocket and his hood up.

“I told the boys I’ll meet them back at Aaron’s later so make this quick.” Kyle says nervously.

“Well first of all this is my manager Nikki.” I point to Nikki “And she basically books all of my fights and deals with whatever problems I may have. She’s who I was talking to at lunch today.”

“Well, hello Nikki I’m Kyle. So Mia wanna explain all this shit to me.” Wow someone’s impatient.

“Okay well, it all started when my parents died…and before you say anything I don’t want your pity.” He just nods and waits for me to continue. Nikki is sitting on the bench next to me listening closely.

“It was my 17th birthday when my parents died. I had no family left, I was an only child. I ran away from home and got myself into trouble on the streets. My boyfriend-I mean ex-boyfriend Jake was the only one I had left. He fed me and put a roof over my head. Until one day he changed. He started abusing me and did things that are better left unsaid. S-” I’m cut off by Kyle interrupting.

“That son of bitch! I swear to god I’m gonna kill him” He clenches his fists pacing back and forth.

“Kyle. Stop. It’s okay. Let me finish.” He stiffly nods and I continue.

“So as I was saying. I decided to teach myself to fight. I stopped going to school because the beatings he would give me were so bad. Whilst he was at school I would sneak out of his apartment and go down to the gym and train. After I got really good I set myself up for matches to challenge my skill. I noticed that there would always be this same group that came to watch me fight. It was then one day after one of my matches the same group came up to me and tried to kidnap me. I was such a good fighter that I fought them off. I ran back to Jakes apartment and wrote a letter saying I was leaving for London, knowing that the boys will probably take me.

I was right the next day they found me walking into the gym and took it as their chance to take me. This time I was weaker because of Jakes beating the night before. So they took me brought me back to their warehouse. It was then that they told me who they were. The Black Bloods. They used me for drug deals and gun trades. I was basically their back up because I was the best fighter. One day a deal went wrong and I took it as my chance to escape but Kane, the leader of the gang, came back. I knocked him unconscious and ran away.”

By now I’m surprised I’m not crying but I guess after telling Nikki the story I got used to it. I look up and see Kyle standing with an angry expression on his face. Then I carried on.

“After running away I was left alone on the streets again until a woman named Mary-Anne came and helped me. She’s the woman from the orphanage who took me in. But now I’m 18 I have to move out. Nikki found me when I went to a different gym and started to train. I knew The Bloods were going to come back so Nikki helped me.

Now I’m saving up money to buy a house and protect myself from the gang. Now their back with Jake added to the gang I need all the help I can get. So are you with me?” I say rushing out the last bit.

Kyle’s face is shocked. He vigorously nods his head “Ye-uh-yeah, I’m with you.” He stutters.

I smile in satisfaction then stand up.

“Good, now tell anybody and I’ll make sure to put you in hospital for more than a day.” I chuckle at how easily he gets scared.

“Okay well I’ll see you tomorrow at school. Bye.” I turn around grabbing Nikki’s hand pulling her to the car.

The ride home was silent and all I can think about is how Kyle acted so much like a brother during my explanation. That’s how I know for sure I can trust him.

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