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Chapter 10 - I Promise

Today is Thursday and yesterday I had 6 fights and I, of course won all of them. I’m not that far of my goal for buying an apartment. After saving up for so long I’d have just about enough, as well as some money I’ve kept aside from my parents. If I win all of my fights today I will just about have enough to buy the apartment and some new fighting gear. My gloves are old, although I don’t use them in all of my fights.

I woke up today feeling the need to see Charlie. I miss him so much and I’m sure he’s devastated without me. So before I go to school I snuck into the orphanage and ran upstairs to Charlie’s room.

Charlie had a cute room. His bed pushed up against the opposite side of the door with a table next to it. He had posters of Adventure time all around the room and action figures on his dresser.

I crept over to his bed where Charlie was laying fast asleep. Sitting down quietly on his bed I shook his shoulders.

“Charlie. Charlie bear wake up.” I whispered.

“Mia. Mia is that you!” He said groggily his voice then becoming happy.

“It’s me Charlie, It’s Mia.” I say pulling him into a warm bear hug which he instantly responded to by hugging me back.

“I missed you Charlie.” I mumbled into his shoulder.

He pulled back and looked into my eyes. “I missed you too Mia. Why did you go?”

I sighed. “I can’t live here anymore because I’m now an adult. I saved up some money so I can buy a little apartment, but I promise I will come a visit you as much as I can.”

“But I don’t want to live here without you. You’re like my mommy.” He says sadly. Then a look of excitement comes to his face, “Oooh, Mia can I please come and live with you. You can adopt me! Please Mia! Pleaseee!” Charlie exclaims jumping up and down.

I bow my head and sigh. I would love to adopt Charlie. But I don’t want to put him in any more danger than he already may be in. With me fighting all the time and The Black Bloods trying to kidnap me, I don’t think I can look after Charlie the way he deserves to be looked after.

“What’s wrong Mia?” Charlie sits down on my lap sideways with his legs handing of the edge of mine. I look up to his big blue eyes and crack a sad smile.

“Charlie I would love to adopt you but I don’t think I can look after you. I love you Charlie maybe I can adopt you sometime but why don’t we wait a bit and see how everything turns out. Okay?” He silently nods and buries his head in the crook of my neck. I kiss his for head then pull away.

“Mia, I don’t want to go to school. Mary-Anne said she is going to send me to school today but I’m scared.” Charlie tells me as a tear slides down his cheek. I wipe it away with my thumb and stand up with Charlie kneeling infront of me on the bed.

“Charlie Bear, I promise you don’t need to worry about anything. I remember my first day was scary too but I made two new friends and now they are my very best friends. Just be yourself and try to talk to some people Okay? And I will come back and visit maybe tomorrow and you can tell me how it all went.”

Charlie nods unsurely then cracks an ever so small smile as I kiss his cheek.

“Charlie. You can’t tell anyone I came to visit you Okay? Promise me?” I hold out my little finger.

“I promise.” He links his pinky finger with mine and hugs me goodbye.

After visiting Charlie I snuck back out the orphanage making sure nobody sees me. I thought about what Charlie said whilst I was driving to school and am honestly shocked when he wanted me to be his mommy.

I’m snapped out of my thoughts by the bell for 1st period rings. I run down the halls and walk into Maths where I find the teacher introducing Blake and Nate. Oh great! They had to be in this class.

I look around the class and see a seat next to Aaron. I sit down, flash him a small smile. He smirks back and of course he has to make some sort of comment.

“Can’t get enough of me can you?” He leans back in his chair, resting his hands behind his neck. HA! Watch when he falls back off his chair.

“Phhft, I’d rather sit next to you than either of those three dick faces over there.” I nod in the direction of Jake, Nate and Blake who are settling down in their seats across the room from me.

I turn back to Aaron who is raising an eye brow curiously.

“Why what’s wrong with them?” Damn it Aaron you had to ask.

“I-uh-um-Jake is my ex-boyfriend and let’s just say things didn’t go very well…at all.” I whispered looking down with tears pooling in my eyes. I realise how weak I must look so I blink my tears back and look up to Aaron and fake smile. I know he could see past it but he didn’t say anything.

His fists close in tight and he clenches his jaw.

“That son of a bitch! What did he do Mia?” He speaks through gritted teeth. Honestly the way he reacted shocked me. I put my hand over his fists making him calm down ever so slightly. I ignored the tingles that went through my hand.

“Aaron, just leave it. Please!” He looks to me he instantly softens. Does he care?

“I’m sorry. I just don’t want to see you hurt” He mumbles. But you’re the one who hurt me…

“I’m always hurt” I whisper under my breath but it seems as if he heard it.

“What? Mia what’s wrong, you can tell me you know” He entwines our hands together and gives me a reassuring look.

“I’m sorry Aaron. Things are better left unsaid.” I pulled my hand away and instantly I missed the warmth. Last week he was bullying me and now he’s acting like it never happened…

Turning around I start to copy down notes. I hear Aaron sigh and mumble something under his breath which I didn’t quite catch.

Math eventually ended and it’s now lunch. Aaron, Jace, Kyle, Chase and I were all gathered sitting around the lunch table talking until Blake, Jake and Nate came along a sat down casually.

“Hey guys!” They said happily.

Aaron and Kyle gave a stiff nod whilst the others greeted back politely. I on the other hand stayed quiet. I sat their awkwardly munch on my chicken salad.

I knew Kyle was pissed at them. Ever since I told that story he would make sure they wouldn’t do anything. He’s kind of like the brother I never had. Whereas Aaron. Well he’s probably pissed at Jake for being such a dick to me. Although he doesn’t know the full story, it’s nice to have someone other than Kyle and Nikki, care for me.

“Hey Mia you okay?” I snapped out of my gaze when Aaron called my name. I realized I had just been staring at my salad for god only knows how long. I must off looked like a right weirdo.

“Uh-yeah, yeah I’m good. Just a lot on my mind” I look up to Kyle and see a confused expression on his face. I slightly not my head showing it was nothing and I didn’t want to talk about it. He got the hint but I could tell he was still worried.

“Wanna share Angel?” Jake smirks. My head shoots up and I glare at him clenching my fist under the table.

“No thank you. I’d rather not. Well not with you anyway,” I say trying not to get angry. The whole table is quiet and focused on Jake and I.

“Oh come on Angel, we used to share everything together. Remember ’25 words and how you told me they never affected you?” Rage goes through me as I remember those 25 words but never did I ever think they were nothing to me.

‘Don’t let people break your stance, even if they know your weakness use it against them and if you fall it shows you fell trying’

I jump out of my chair in anger and stomp towards Jake. I pull him out of the lunch hall, ignoring him thrashing around in my strong hold as well as Kyle and Aarons calls from behind. I shove him into an empty class room then lock it.

As I turn back around I come face to face with the boy that made my life hell.

“Come back for more already Angel. I always knew you were a slutty whore!” He shouted in my face reaching to slap me but I grabbed his hand and twisted then turned him around so I had his arm bent behind his back. I pushed him against the door and forced his hand higher causing more pain to shoot up his shoulder.


“I can call you whatever I like Angel and you don’t even have the power to put me through that kind of thing. You’re weak!” He spat in my face.

Instantly I let go of the hold I had on him and pushed him onto the floor. He hissed in pain as he landed with his wrist out causing it to twist. As soon as I started taking steps towards him he shuffled back until his back was leant up again the teacher’s desk. I took this as my chance to do some damage.

Leaning down I bring my fist out and repeatedly punch his face. I know for sure I probably broke his jaw and possibly his nose.

I stood back up at the same time he did. He punched me in the cheek causing me to stumble back a bit. As I was trying to regain my balance he decided to take this time to kick my stomach in. I heard a crack and screamed out in pain. Just as he was about to swing his fist I snapped his arm back. I most definitely just broke his arm. He fell to the ground in pain.

“Come near me again and I’ll show you just how weak I can be.” Sarcasm dripping in my voice as I spoke. I turned to the door and slowly walked out. It was still lunch so I decided to find Kyle. I really need to get to Lindsey about my broken ribs. The pain is excruciating but I have had many broken ribs before and I am pretty used to now.

Walking into the lunch room I remembered my cheek. Quickly taking my phone out I looked in the reflection to find my cheek was very red. I could explain it to Aaron by saying I tripped over running in the halls and smacked my face on the floor. I was pretty clumsy.

I reach the table and suddenly stop and wince in pain as I feel my ribs hurt even more.

“Oh my gods Mia are you okay? Shit! Mia your cheek what happened?” Aaron says rushing over to me gently rubbing a thumb over my cheek.

“I was running in the hall and I tripped and hit my cheek on the floor. Honestly, I’m fine now” I lie but I can tell Aaron can see straight pass my lie.

He grabs my hand and pulls me away from the table so he can talk in private I guess.

“Mia, i-is this Jake. Did he do this? And please don’t lie Mia.” Aaron says sincerely.

“H-he didn’t do anything. I pulled him out of the lunch room and he said he wanted me back but I shouted at him saying I didn’t want to see him. As I was running around the corner I tripped and fell.” I lied again. If Aaron knew it was Jake he would beat the shit outta him and then could possibly find out my secret.

“Okay just, go home and rest. You don’t look so good.” I nodded in response and headed back to the table.

I flashed Kyle a look saying we will talk later. Right now I needed to get Nikki and get to the hospital without being followed without any of The Black Bloods.

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