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Chapter 11 - Making a Deal

“Nikki, I can still fight today! Stop worrying” I say in frustration.

“Mia are you crazy! You have got 2 broken ribs and you want to put up with 3 people today. You’re lucky one of them backed out.”

Sighing I stand up and walk to the front door. I grab my keys, phone and gym bag then turn to Nikki, “I’m going to do those fights, Nikki. I really need the money. Plus I’ve done it before, who’s to say I can’t do it again.”

“Mia! Get back here now!” Nikki shouts as I turn and walk out the door.

You see after Nikki and I went to Lindsey she told me to not move around so much. She bandaged my ribs and we left soon after. Ever since then Nikki has been trying to talk me out of the fights but I won’t back down.

I run down the stairs of the apartment block, ignoring the pain running through my ribs. As I step out the double doors I walk to the nearest Starbucks, ordering a Chocolate Frappuccino.

Sitting down I hiss in pain when my stomach hits the corner of the table.

“Alright there U.D” My head shoots up at the sound of a deep familiar voice.

“W-w-wh-what are yo-you doing here” I stutter out after seeing him take a seat opposite me.

“Well…I was thinking maybe we could go get some dinner today I’-“I cut him off by putting my hand up motioning to stop.

“Don’t even think about it Kane!” I hiss standing up and walking out the door. Just as I step foot out the door Kane grabs my wrist and walks in front of me leading me into a dark alley way.

“Get the fuck of me you idiot” He knocks my drink out of my hand and tightens his grip on me, still dragging me towards the alley way.

“Hey! You owe me a new Chocolate Frappuccino!” I shout to him, but obviously he doesn’t care and carries on causing my ribs to hurt even more.

I try to pry my hand out of his death grip but it’s too strong.

Suddenly I’m being pushed against the wall, Kane’s body pressed against mine.

Shit! He’s going rape me again! Tears well in my eyes as his hands travel up and down my waist.

Kane’s deep brown eyes stare into mine making bad memories flash back to mind.

“Mia, I really don’t want to hurt you, but you’re not giving me what I want so you leave me no choice but to take you again, but let’s have some fun first before the boys get here.” he whispers in my ear.

“N-no s-stop, please! What do you want?” I shout in his face. Pushing him away but he just comes back forward. If there is one person who makes me weak it would be Kane.

“I told you what I want Mia, 25 grand by July 20th. If you don’t have it, we will just have to take you again and use you like we did in the old days. Remember all those good times we had Mia” I flinch at the memories.

“Okay! I’ll give you the money. Just don’t hurt anyone, they don’t have anything to do with this” I say pleading.

“Good, now I want my first payment but tomorrow after school. Meet me back at Starbucks with 15,000. If you don’t turn up by 4:00pm I’ll have no choice to hurt someone. Maybe Aaron, hey little lover boy or better yet Charlie. Speaking of, shouldn’t he be finishing school right about now?” I step forward and kick him in the crotch.

“You’re sick you know! How could you even say that!?” I scream at him.

“Wohh, you got pretty strong kick there haven’t you. I see you done quite some damage to Jake. How’d that happen Angel?!” That one word was all it took for me to lunge at him.

I swung my fist out and punched him in the head causing him to fall to the ground unconscious. It took me a while to figure how to do that.

After that I grabbed my gym bag and made my way back to the apartment. Oh Nikki will be in for a surprise.

Walking back to the apartment I looked towards the direction of the park and saw a familiar figure in distance. Walking closer I saw Aaron and a little boy on the swings. The little boy who looked about 6 or 7, he was on the swings with and ice cream cone in one hand and his other arm in a cast.

“Hey stalker, what you doing here?” Aaron shouted as he spotted me walking farther towards them.

“Just stalking an arrogant, cocky dude, you know the usual.” I reply acting casual.

Aaron just laughs at me and I turn my attention towards the little boy who is now shyly eating his ice cream.

“Hey sport! What’s your name?” I say crouching down in front of him. Shyly looking up and me he blinks and smiles.

“Jordan, I’m Aaron brother.” He smiles even wider at me.

“You’re a cutie. Hey what happened to your arm their buddy?” I ask sincerely. He looks up quickly tears glazing over his eyes.

“Uh we should uh ge-” Before Aaron could finish his sentence Jordan pipes in and whispers something in my ear.

“Daddy got angry and he pushed me down the stairs, but Aaron said I should tell people I got pushed of the swing or daddy will hurt me again, but I told you because you’re nice, but pretend you don’t know okay I don’t want daddy to hurt me or Aaron again.” He hugs me tightly before running to Aaron and walking away.

I said a quick bye and as I walked back to the apartment I was trying to process everything that happened. Did their dad abuse them? It’s not my business to intrude so I’m going to leave it for now and sort out this stupid problem with Kane. Then I can find out more about Aarons dad. Maybe what Jordan said was just a misunderstanding.

I sigh and as I entered my apartment Nikki runs up to me and hugs me tightly.

“Oh my god Mia please don’t run off like that again. Did he hurt you? What happened? Why didn’t you answer my calls?” Nikki rushed out frantically holding me at arm’s length.

“Nikki I’m fine. I’m fine. I ran into Kane, BUT! Before you say anything just listen Okay?” I say holding my hand up making sure she won’t say anything. She nods her head and complies whilst sitting down on the couch.

“Okay so, I ran into Kane at Starbucks. He pulled me into an alley” I see Nikki stiffen at this but I continue on. “He threatened to take me again if he didn’t get £25,000 by 20th of July. He told me to meet him at 4:00 so he could get his first payment of £15,000. I need to give him the money. He threatened to hurt Charlie and I’m not going to let him hurt one of the people I actually care about” I say sternly looking into Nikki’s eyes.

“I know Kane. If I give him his money he won’t come back for more because he is too stupid to make the same move more than once. If I give him the money he wouldn’t dare come back and everyone will be safe. Please Nikki, just let me do this, you know I can’t go back to them. Not ever.” I say pleading. She sighs and buries her head in her hands. Then she looks up to me with a spark of hope in her eyes.

“I trust you on this Mia. I’m only doing this because I know how much Charlie means to you and I wouldn’t want anything to come between your future.”

I hug Nikki and thank her before going to shower and relax my muscles. They have really been hurting recently because of my fighting, but I’m used to it now and I know fighting is worth it.

Stepping out the shower I get ready in my fighting gear. Today’s bets are high. I’m facing a newbie and everyone thinks he’s good but I’ve faced him before and I know I can easily take him down. The money I get today will be enough for Kane’s first deposit tomorrow, meaning I cannot lose any fights. I’m sorry Charlie but were going to have to wait a little bit longer.

“UN-DEF-EATED! UN-DEF-EATED! UN-DEF-EATED!” The crow repeatedly shouts. Right now I’m waiting inside the ring for my last fighter. This is the guy everyone bet’s high on. Like I said. I have taken him down once before and I’m sure I can do it again. My ribs are pretty much healed now. Nobody managed to get a hit in my ribs due to my good blocking skills but I know this guy I’m facing today may have a good chance at getting past my blocks.

As he enters the ring I analyse him.

Stance: Weak

Attack: Good

Strength: Medium

Defence: Bad

Speed: Fast

So I’m looking at a difficult one here, but luckily he has bad defence which makes it easier for me to strike him.


The bell strikes me out of my thoughts as my opponent decides to take first move. I catch on quickly and duck his punch. Taking this as my opportunity I come to choose that I want to make this one quick. I’m getting pretty tired now and my ribs are sore.

So with one quick punch to the side of his head I knock him out unconscious. Adjusting the tape on my hands I peel it off and throw it to the side.

“And winning all of our fights today everybody we have UNDEFEATED!” The usual host of the fight shouts through the mike. Everybody who betted hands in their money. I go collect it and as I take the cash and pocket it, I feel a slight breeze behind me. I spin round and put the mystery guy in an arm lock making sure if he moves he knows his arm will be broken.

“What do you want” I whisper making sure my voice is unrecognisable.

“N-n-nothing. I-I just wa-wanted to, to say good job o-on your fights today.” He winces in pain. I can feel his heart beat pick up. Wait! I know that voice. Aaron

“Don’t worry Aaron…I won’t hurt you just don’t sneak up on me” I release him from the lock and turn around making sure my hood is securely up. I look around and see Nikki and Kyle in the very back corner, near the entrance.

Walking towards them I hold my stomach in pain. Wow that second dude really gave me a blow.

“WAIT!” Aaron shouts. I freeze in my tracks and wait for him to continue.

“How do you know my name?” I chuckle under my breath and continue to walk out towards Nikki and Kyle.

“Wanna explain what that was about?” I look up to Kyle and send him a death glare. He immediately stops talking and gets into the car with Nikki and I.

“Hey Kyle, not to be rude or anything but um…why are you here?” I ask looking in the back seat where Kyle is playing Angry Birds on his phone. Looking up from his phone he puffs out some air.

“Nikki’s dropping me home. I’ll see ya on Monday yeah?” I nod back in response as he gets out the car and walks up to his house. The ride back to the apartment was silent. I shower off all of the sweat and grime from today’s fights and hid the money in my special place.

Deciding not to eat I drop onto the bed and fall fast asleep the minute my head hits the pillow.

The next morning I woke up with a headache and to make it 10x worse my phone wouldn’t stop going off. Grumpily climbing out of bed I picked it up and saw a boat load of messages from an unknown number.

Opening them I started from the top. They were all blank messages, until I got to the bottom and saw a message that read,

Meet Monday after school instead. I’ve got a few jobs to do and surely wouldn’t want to miss out on them so meet me @ the same time same place on Monday and if I don’t get what I want, you won’t get a happy life

Xoxo - K…

Groaning in frustration I realised that this message has to be from Kane. How did he even get my number? Jake probably… I really need a break from all of this crap. I have all of the money so I decided to give him 10,000 then when he requests the rest i’ll figure out a way to get it. I’m sick and tired of his games and honestly I would give him all of my money to just never see him again. But I need that apartment..

Choosing not to do much today I got on a morning run then work out at the gym. Once I got home I relaxed hoping that the weekend would go much quicker than expected.

Luck being on my side the weekend flew by. After spending hour’s last night skyping Emma and Dylan I found out that they won’t be back for another month. I’m not saying it’s a good thing they’re gone for some time I’m just glad they’re not here when I have deal with all of this shit with Kane. At least school isnt a problem for them. Their parents are wealthy enough to hire tutors.

Hopping into my car I drive to school preparing myself with another day with Jake and the other idiots that come with the package. I had to bring the money to school because I know I won’t be able to stop back home after school and get it, if I did I would be late with meeting Kane and if that happened I would be six feet under, not nice. Now I know your probably thinking what idiot brings 10 grand to a high school but I have a plan to keep the money in the school office. Nikki asked an old friend to come here for today and keep guard in the office to look after the money. I’m not complaining. He’s been with us on other jobs before and he’s like a brother to me. His name’s Cole. He’s pretty cute and has a killer punch so I know if anyone was to touch the money he would punch the living day lights outta them.

Walking up to the office with £10,000 is pretty nerve wrecking after 5 minutes of walking down a busy hall full of teen’s I finally reach the office. The first person I see is Cole. Running up I jump in his arms and hug him tightly.

“I missed you so much” I mumble into his neck.

“I missed you too sweetie” He softly replies stroking my hair.

“Uh-um” I break apart by the sound of someone clearing their throat. I turn to see Aaron standing there with an angry face. Why is he angry?

“Hey Aaron, what you doing here?” I ask curiously.

“Looking for you, but it seems your busy” He grits through his teeth. Seriously dude, what’s his problem?

“Oh, this is the new head of the office. Cole, well Mr Walker. He’s one of my friends outside of school.” I point to Cole then look back to Aaron who seems to have relaxed just a bit.

“Well, then. I’m going to hand this to you and I’ll be back to get it at the end of the day. Just please make sure nobody touches it. I would be dead if any of its gone. Okay?” I tell Cole knowing he knows what’s in there. He gives me a reassuring look. “I promise nobody will touch it, #SPM” He grins holding up three fingers. That’s our code for him being superman and will hurt anyone who tries to take the money.

I lightly laugh peck him on the cheek. “See ya later Cole.” I hand him the bag then walk out of the office waiting for Aaron to follow. Not even seconds later he walks out with clenched fists.

“Hey you alright?” I ask softly. I look down to his fists and see a few cuts and bruises on them.

“Why do you care? Just leave me alone and go back to your boyfriend” Aaron shouts. I look around and see the halls are empty. First bell must have gone.

“Aaron! Firstly he isn’t my boyfriend and secondly if he was why would you care, I just wanted to know if you’re okay!” I shout back in anger. He stops walking and slams his fist against a locker. The metal sound travels through the halls, luckily nobody came out of their class to see what’s going on.

“I’m sorry okay! I just had a bad weekend. Jordan wouldn’t stop crying because they removed his cast and I had to deal with it.” He lowers his voice then turns to look at me.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to apologise I was being a bitch.” I reply sitting on the ground leaning against the lockers. Aaron follows suit and puts his head back.

I wonder what he meant by he had to deal with it.

“Hey Aaron?” He turns to look at me. “Hmmm?”

“Whatcha thinking about?” I wonder.

He shrugs his shoulders before replying, “Who was that Cole guy? Like why is he here and what did you give to him?” I sigh knowing he was going to ask sooner or later.

“He’s my best friend, he got a job here and I haven’t seen him for a long time. I just missed him. Oh and he was just looking after my bag. I didn’t want to carry it around all day so I just gave it to him to look after. Why? Is somebody jealous?” I say poking his sides at the end. He giggles. OMG did Aaron Miller just giggle.

“Oh god you giggled!” I laugh out.

“He blushes and hides his face in his hands. “No I didn’t!” He denies.

“Dude you totally did!” I poke his sides again and he giggled.

“Okay! Okay! Stop! Just don’t tell anyone please.” He pleads giving me puppy dog eyes. I couldn’t resist. I crack a small smile and surrender.

“Alright, I won’t but admit you were jealous.” I reason with him.

“I was jealous.” He mumbles putting his head down.

“That wasn’t loud enough, but I’ll let it slide. Now get up we have Math to get to!” I cheer getting up and putting my hand out to him.

He grabs my hand and we walk down the hall way. For some reason I feel as if everything is going to be okay. I feel as though Kane is a battle I have already won but who really knows what’s to come, but whatever it is I never let my guard down.

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