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Chapter 12 - Don't Push Me Away

Lunch time rolled around quickly. I didn’t really feel like eating today knowing that in a few days I could be back to square one.

Looking around the lunch hall I see Aaron and Kyle sitting at our usual table. I walk up to them and take a seat next to Aaron.

“Hey, where are the others?” I ask furrowing my eye brows in confusion. Normally everyone is here by now.

“Nate, Jake and Blake went to the office for some reason and the others are out on the bleachers” Kyle said looking at me to see if I know anything. Then it clicks they went to the office to get the money.

“Argh shit!” I quickly stand up and run out of the lunch room leaving a worried Kyle behind and a very confused Aaron.

Running to the office I get there just in time to see that Cole is already talking to them. I walk into the office and stand behind a big file case so that only Cole can see me.

“Sorry, that bag is not your property and therefore I cannot give it to you.” Cole replies calmly but I can see him clenching his fists by his side, behind the desk. Cole hates the black bloods. A lot more than I do and I don’t blame him after what they’ve done to his family.

“Oh no it’s okay my friend wanted to us to collect it for her. She had an accident in gym and is getting sent home early.” Blake lies smoothly but I know Cole will not give that bag to anyone but me.

“Really now. Well sorry but I still cannot give you the bag. Your friend will have to collect it by herself. Now lunch will be finishing soon so I suggest you get a move on.” Cole states sternly. The office look really suits him.

“Dude just gives us the fucking bag and we will be on our way!” Jake whisper-shouts while balling his fists. 0-100 real quick…

“Dude let’s just go.” Blake says nudging Jake.

“No! I’m getting that bag!” Luckily there is nobody in the office as they are on lunch break so if shit goes down it’s gonna be quick and easy.

In one swift motion Jake jumps over the desk and grabs Cole by the collar. I quickly text Kyle for backup.

Come to office A.S.A.P! Don’t bring anyone else only you.

P.S: Bring your fighting skills and make sure you’re unnoticeable.

Mia !!

I put my phone away and see Nate trying to grab the bag. Cole is fighting of Jake and Blake is walking to Nate.

I quickly run and kick my foot out making Blake fall on his face. I run to Nate and pull him back by his jumper and bring his head down so my knee hits his nose.

I hear the door open and see Kyle run in with a hoodie and sunglasses, taking care of Blake who is now holding his stomach in pain from the blow Kyle gave. Don’t even think of that type of blow…

I turn my attention back to Nate. He swings his fist out but I duck and punch his gut. He falls to the ground in pain then grabs Blake and heads out the office.

Well that was easy.

“Dude, where you going!” Jake yells. He has a bloody nose red jaw and looks like he has pain in his ribs. Good one Cole.

“Sorry Jake. Looks like your mates bailed on you. You just can’t win with me, yet you keep coming back for more. Do us all a favour Jake and don’t bother us.” With that I throw the money bag to Cole, grab Kyle’s arm and pull him out the office.

“Who’s the partner Mia!?” Jake shouts as I’m walking down the hall.

I sigh ignoring his comment and sit down against the lockers. Soon after Kyle comes and sits down next to me.

“So little sis, wanna explain?” I look to him raising one eyebrow wondering why he called me little sis.

“Well ‘big bro’, Kane wants 25,000 by 20th July and he wants the first payment of 15,000 today after school. I have to be there on time or he will hurt someone and I can’t have that. So I had Cole-my best friend- come in and look after the money till after school, then I can go and take it to Kane.”

“But wait. If he’s going to get the money today after school why would he send Jake and the other two idiots to take it anyway?” Kyle asks.

“He wants double of what he’s going to get and if he gets the money before I give it to him he will still make me pay the same amount. Like if Jake got the money and gave it to Kane he will still make me give him another 10,000 and I can’t have that. I need all the money I can get.” I explain. I put my head in my knees and groan. Why does life have to be so difficult?

“Lover boys coming and I still got my disguise on so I’ll see you later and text me about the deal. See ya little sis!” He quickly scrambles of the floor and runs down the hall. He’s so weird.

I look up and see Aaron hovering above me giving me a questioning look.

I shake my head saying I don’t want to talk about it. He pulls me up and surprises me by pulling me into a hug. My body goes stiff for a moment before relaxing into the hug and returning it. He’s changed…

I slowly pull my head away and look up at Aaron.

“Wanna tell me about it?” He asks softly.

I shake my head no and stand up.

“Mia, you can’t keep blocking everybody out. I’m just trying to help but I keep getting pushed away.” Aaron sighs out. He walks closer to me backing me into a locker. Our noses are touching and I can feel his warm breath against my lips.

“No, Aaron. A week ago you were pushing me around calling me names and now you’re being all lovey and affectionate? It’s not how it works. You can just be this arrogant jerk! Who, who just walks around acting like they own the fucking place!” By now I had backed him into a locker, my chest against his and my finger pointed at him accusingly. “I hate how you treated me like shit Aaron! I hate how you saw the others treat me like shit and did nothing about it! I fucking hate it all!” I shout in frustration looking into his eyes.

Without realising it the distance between us is getting smaller each second.

“I have been a jerk to you..and nothing I can say or do can fix the way I treated you. Im sorry Mia…I’m so sorry but don’t push me away. ” I look into his eyes confused by what he said. Before I could process anything he said his lips press softly to mine as his hands rest of my cheeks gently.

Surprised by his action I follow his movement. Our lips dancing in sync together. His lips felt so soft and the way my body lit on fire made me smile into the kiss.

He glides his tongue over my bottom lip asking for entrance. I denied. He groans and kisses me harder. I allow access this time as our toungs explore each other’s mouths.

I pull away trying to get air. He follows suit and leans his forehead against mine his eyes closed.

“Thank you for not pushing me away” He breaths out.

What the fuck just happened.

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