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Chapter 13 - Under the Stars

Walking into Starbucks I look at the time exactly 4:00pm. Just made it. I take a seat at the back and look up to see Kane walking in. He walks towards me and takes a seat in-front of me.

“Well Angel looks like you made it on time. Now have you got the money?” I send him a glare as soon as the word ‘Angel’ leaves his mouth.

“I have your money now tell me when you want the rest.” I ask impatiently.

“It’s not that easy Angel. I said I want 25,000 by July 20th. But I have a preposition. I want to fight you. If you win, you don’t have to give me the money and me and my gang will leave and never come back. However if I win, then you give me double what you owe me and I take you into our gang. You know just like the old days.” He suggests. I stare at him thoughtfully.

I could win this fight. I have beaten him before and I’m sure I can defiantly do it again. With extra training and effort I could do this. Charlie would be safe and I wouldn’t have to worry about Jake again.

Letting out a sigh I answer. “Deal. You keep your word or I’ll kill you.” I taunt. I shove the bag of money to him across the table knowing he wont go ahead with the deal if I dont give him what I owe him. I then stand up walking out of the Starbucks.

Fuck I didn’t even get my frappuccino.

Walking by the park I hear a deep chuckle and a giggle. Turning around I see Aaron and Jordan. Jordan is on the swing whilst Aaron pushes him. Deciding to go say hi, I walk over an tap Aaron on the shoulder. He jumps quickly grabbing Jordan and setting him of the swing taking his hand. He lets out a sigh of relief when he sees it me. Weird.

“Woah, sorry didn’t mean to scare ya.” I say raising a confusing eyebrow.

“Oh-um sorry just jumpy today.” He stutters putting on a small smile. Okay what’s going on?

“Hey, you alright? What happened to your face?” I question as I see a huge bruise forming under his right eye, a cut lip and red forehead. How did I not see it before?

“Nothing. I have to go, bye. Come on Jordan.” He rushes out. I look over to Jordan who also has a bruised cheek.

He turns around to walk away but I’m not letting him go till I find out.

“Aaron! What happened? Why do you and Jordan both look like crap, no offence.” I say sternly looking to Jordan. He releases Aarons hand takes mine and drags me to the bench. I take a seat and he plops himself on my lap.

I smile at his cuteness. Aaron follows and sits by me sighing.

“Aaron please tell me. I’ll help you. I don’t know how but just please tell me. I’ll clean you both up too.”

“Aaron, Mia said she will look after us. I like her and we can trust her.” Jordan says softly.

“Okay, but please promise me you won’t tell anyone and don’t get involved Mia. Please just don’t get involved.” Aaron begs.

“I promise.” I say.

“Okay, well. Well last year my mother passed away in a car crash. The driver was drunk and hit into a car. The man and woman in the Audi went out of control and crashed right into us. I was in the passenger seat, Jordan in the back and my mother driving. It all happened so quickly.” He stopped to wipe away a few tears that had leaked down his cheek. I grabbed his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. He then continued.

“I saw the car make impact on the drivers side. My mothers body was crushed and there was nothing I could do. The woman in the Audi was the one driving and she died on impact. I could see the man trying to help her but he was stuck too. I got Jordan out the back of the car and went to help the man. I unbuckled his seat belt and helped him out then the woman. By now the paramedics were all over the place. I went back over to the man and saw that he was struggling to breath. He was trying to force something out. It sounded a lot like ‘Happy birthday my Angel, I love you. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you what’s under the stars’. I tried to save his life but I couldn’t. That’s the last thing I remember from that night.” I stared at him tears glazing my eyes.

“Ever since my mother died, my father took it all out on Jordan and I. He would beat us until we couldn’t move and I would always take the beating for Jordan. But today he went crazy and his us both. I had to grab Jordan out the house and run. We always come to the park just to get away. And that explains everything.” Tears were now leaking down my cheek. I’m silently crying.

It seemed as if all the rest about his dad was a blur. I only say one thing.

“W-what colour was the Audi.” I whisper looking into his eyes.

“What! Mia I tell you everything about my father and all you have to say is ‘what colour was the Audi’!” He shouts standing up and placing Jordan on his hip.

“Aaron please. W-what colour w-was the Audi.” I whisper again standing up too. I look down as the tears fall down my face.

“WHY MIA! WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT A STUPID CAR!” He screams. Jordan nuzzles his head into Aarons neck. I cry a little bit louder.

“Please…” I sob out.

“IT WAS BLACK OKAY! THE FUCKING CAR WAS BLACK!” And that’s when I lost it I fell to the floor crying my eyes out clawing at the green grass.

“NO! NO IT CANT BE! DON’T YOU FUCKING LIE TO ME AARON! NO! NO! NO! NO!” Good this there isn’t people in the park.

“Mia. Mia what’s wrong?” Jordon questions. He comes and sits on the grass next to me.

I look at Jordan and whisper in his ear, “What date was the car crash?”

He looks at me raising his eyebrows. “23rd of June.”

I start to cry again. I hug my knees to my chest and put my head down. I feel a tiny pair of arms wrap around me and I instantly know it’s Jordan. I hug back and try to stop crying. It’s weak.

After pulling away I look to see Aaron a huge look of worry and confusion on his face.

“Mia what’s going on? Why are you crying?” He asks softly.

I just walk up to him and wrap my arms around his torso. He hugs back and I bury my head deeper into his chest.

“I’m sorry about your dad and thank you for trying to save my Dad on the day of the crash.” I mumble into his chest.

He pulls back from the hug and looks at me confused.

“What do you mean Mia?”

“My mother was the one who died on impact and my father was the one you tried to save.” A tear threatened to slip but I kept them back.

“So your names Angel?” He asks.

I wince at the name and Aaron seemed to understand it’s a touchy subject.

“My names Mia. My parents called me that all the time.” I smile at the memory.

“I’m sorry Mia. I tried to save him. I really did but I couldn’t. I’m sorry.” He wraps me back up into a hug in which I return.

“It’s okay Aaron. You tried and I’m more than great full for that. Plus you were there to hear the message my Dad wanted to tell me and thanks to you I finally got it. If it wasn’t for you I would never find out what’s under the stars.” I smile.

“Thank you for everything Mia. Oh and what is under the stars?” He asks.

“No thank you. And that’s for me to know and for you to never find out. Now let’s get you both cleaned up.”

I walk away with both their hands in mine still remembering the fight I have with Kane…

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