The Nerd's Secret

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Chapter 14 - Turn of Events

A month has passed and I’m missing Emma and Dylan. They should be back soon but today I have my main fight with Kane. I have been training all month and I’m even better than before he will never be able to beat me again.

“You ready Undefeated?” The host asks me.

I nod my head.

“Okay everyone, today we have Undefeated fighting Kaneeeee!” He shouts through the mic.

The crowd shouts and screams hungry for a fight.

“Okay bets are high today. We have 10,000 grand going for Kane and 18,000 going for Undefeated. Whoever wins get their money. Are we ready to fight?!”

The bell dings and the whole world stops. Me and Kane in the ring. I can see Aaron in the crowd biting his lip nervously and I can see Kyle at the back with Nikki discussing what’s going to happen. From the corner of my eye I see Dylan and Emma walk in hand in hand. They’re back early! A wide smile spreads to my lips and I turn back to Kane more determined to win than ever now.

I put my hands up in a defence position showing he should make first move. He fell for the trick and reaches out to punch my jaw. I duck and jab his stomach then kick my legs out making him fall to the floor.

He groans in pain holding his stomach. I straddle him and throw on going punches to his face. He blocks some of them but not all.

“You BITCH!” He screams. Rolling us over. The crow goes quiet and he throws punches to my face but never gets a hit at me. I block every single one. He then reaches down to his ankle and pulls out a knife that only I can see.

“That’s against the rules. It’s over Kane you lost.” I say getting up. I can tell the crowd is intrigued in this.

“No it’s not Angel. You lost and now you’re going to die.” He lunges forward stabbing me in the gut with the knife the same time I do a round house kick to his head making him fall to the floor unconscious. The crowd goes crazy thinking it’s been a usual fight. But I’ve been stabbed and now I’m most likely going to die.

I fall down to my knees as the crowd goes quiet again. I hear a gasp but it’s getting hazy and I’m losing a lot of blood.

“She’s been stabbed someone call an ambulance.” I hear a voice is that Aaron.

“I-I it h-hur-hurts Aaron.” I say tears in my eyes. He comes rushing to me along with Emma, Dylan, Kyle and Nikki.

He puts my head on his lap and opens my hood to reveal my face.

“Mia!” He gasps in complete shock.

“M-mia it’s going to be okay. Shh baby Shh. Come on Mia stay with me.” Aaron pleads but I start to see black dots.

My eyes start to flutter shut; before I’m pulled into complete darkness I feel arms under me carrying me out.


I pull down the hood of the Unknown girl.

“Mia!” I say is shock. This is the girl who made me crazy by the touch. The girl who I bullied because I was too stupid to talk to her normally. I love her. I love her smile her laugh and the way she doesn’t care what people think of her.

“M-mia it’s going to be okay. Shh baby Shh. Come on Mia stay with me.” I plead as her eyes start to flutter shut.

I put my arms beneath her and carry her out. Kyle were taking her to the hospital. The rest of you guys meet me there. I put her in the back seat of my truck and run around to the driver’s side.

“Aaron Take her to Dr Lindsey she’s the only doctor who knows about Mia.” Nikki says quickly. I nod getting into the car whilst Nikki follows behind with Emma and Dylan.

Waiting in the hospital sucks. We have all been waiting while Mia is in surgery. She has lost a lot of blood.

I can’t stop thinking what would happen if Mia wasn’t here. I wouldn’t be able to hold her and comfort her when she needs it.

“Friends for Mia Brooks.” I hear a voice say. I look up and see Dr Lindsey. She smiles motioning for us to follow her.

She leads us to a door with the number 244 on it.

“Mia has suffered a major injury and just about made it. If she was any later she may not have made it due to loss of blood. She is sleeping right now but you are all welcome to go in. Call me if you need anything.” And with that she walks away.

I sigh and open the door to Mia’s room.

There she lay in the hospital bed. I.V in her arm and heart monitor beeping healthily. I sit down in the chair next to her and take her hand.

“Kane should be gone now. Jake and the others have gone too. I just need to sort out the money from her fight and then she will be clear of everything.” Nikki states. I nod my head.

“Were going to go to the cafeteria to get some food do you guys want anything?” Emma asks gesturing to her and Dylan. I shake my head no and look back to Mia.

“I’ll come with you.” Kyle says.

“I’m going to go to the ring and clear some stuff up ring me if anything happens.” She says the last bit to Kyle. Did he know before?

They all walk out and I have so many questions running through my head.

I feel a light tug at my hand.

“Mia?” I say softly.

“A-Aaron? What happened? Where am I?” She asks her voice croaked and eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“You’re in hospital Mia. Kane stabbed you and you lost a lot of blood so I rushed you here.” I say moving the hair out her eyes.

“You know that I’m undefeated?” She questions.

“Yeah… I know. You could have told me Mia. Don’t you trust me?” I ask looking down at her.

“I do trust you I just, I was scared.” She says tears leaking out her cheeks.

I lean over and wipe them with my thumb.

“C-can I kiss you?” I whisper my forehead leant against he’s.

“I would like that.” She whispers back before I crash my lips to hers.

They move in sync. A sweet romantic kiss. I pull away all too soon and cup her cheeks*

“Will you have the honour of being my girlfriend?”

She nods repeatedly and pulls me in for another kiss. This one more heated. I ask for entrance but she denied. I groaned and ask again and when she opens up our toungs battle for dominance. I win and explore every inch of her mouth before pulling away to catch our breath.

“Wow.” Is all she whispers.

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