The Nerd's Secret

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Chapter 15 - Fresh Flying Fish!

Aaron… what can I say about him. We have been dating for 2 weeks now and I’m still in hospital. Every day he comes to visit me and every day he brings me food so I don’t have to eat all the shitty hospital food.

Not only does Aaron visit me but also, Kyle, Cole, Dylan and Emma. I think one time Jace came but he was mute half the time and hardly said a word. I guess he’s in shock from finding out I’m Undefeated. Oh and Nikki visits me almost every day.

Nikki sorted out the money I won from my fight. I got Kane’s money too as he got disqualified from the fight but frisking stabbing me! Lemme tell ya it hurts like a bitch. It takes me 2 hours to shower, not literally but ya get my drift.

There is one person I really do miss though. Charlie. I haven’t seen him since last week when he visited me. It was too cute. Olivia came along too. They both brought me chocolates and two giant get well soon cards signed by Mary-Anne and everyone else in the orphanage.

I’m still thinking about Adopting Charlie. Kane’s gone and he can hurt us. Jake too can’t hurt me and ‘claim me his’. I have enough money for a house, a new car and a healthy life for Charlie. But the real thing is can I really do this. I mean I’m 18 turning 19 soon. Will he want me to be his Mom? I don’t want to replace her.

Telling the police won’t do anything…I’ve tired countless times but with Kane being so popular he has connections. No doubt it’ll make things worse. As for him going to jail? God knows if or when he’ll ever get out. His inside men can only do so much.

Aaron. What will Aaron say? Now were dating he’s a part of this too. Sighing I put my head back letting it fall onto the white hospital pillow.

I’m alone today. Aaron has taken Jordan to the zoo. Emma and Dylan have a date, Nikki is sorting out the boxing club. Apparently there was a huge fight because Kane got disqualified and people betted big money on him. But it was his fault for bringing the knife. Oh Cole is out hanging with Kyle. Yeah they have become pretty much like brothers recently.

I hear the door open and I look up to see Lindsey standing there with her clipboard and white doctor’s coat on. She has got other clothes on don’t worry!

“Hey Mia, how you doing today?” She asks, sitting down on the chair next to me. I turn my head towards her feeling a slight ache in my shoulder.

“Better, but I’m super bored and I wanna get outta here. I need to look for a decent house and sort out some stuff at the orphanage.” I sigh rubbing my head. Yeah my headache just got bigger. Maybe some aspirin will do? Nah they never work.

“Well, I got good news. You can go tomorrow. We need to change your dressing and your stitches should be able to come out today. Well I can do them now if you want or I can come back later. It’s up to you really.” I smile at the good news. I might as well have them taken out now. Sooner the better.

“Thank you and can I have them out now please.” She nods walking to the draw with the equipment in.

Good thing getting stiches out doesn’t hurt. Well it just tickles and I’m and extremely ticklish person.

“Oh god you were moving more than a fresh fish out of water!” Lindsey exclaimed. I just smirked trying to catch my breath.

It was true. I did say I was ticklish. I was laughing the whole way through I’m pretty sure I caused Lindsey more pain than I did to myself. I would keep head butting her from when I would have wiggled too much. But I must saw it was the most I laughed in a long time. It felt good to actually laugh and not cry from the weakness.

“Well, I did say I was ticklish. And besides I’m sure your more accurate now!” I state smiling brightly at her.

“Yeah I guess but that doesn’t stop my head from hurting from the amount of times you head butted me!” I just laugh in response and she chuckles and makes her way out the door.

“SUPRISEEEEE!” I look to the door to see Jordan and Aaron standing with humungous smiles on their faces.

“Awwh guys! What you doing here I thought you were off to the zoo!” I chirp patting the spot on my bed, motioning for Jordan to take a seat. He smiles and jumps on leaning into me.

“I said to Aaron that I wanted to see you instead. I can go the zoo another time.” He hugs me carefully making sure he doesn’t hurt my stomach, in which includes a horrible stab wound.

I hug him back then pull away and motion for Aaron to come and sit the other side of me.

“Awh buddy. We can all go to the zoo together one day and I’ll bring Charlie along. I’m sure you will get along with him just fine.” He nods his head quickly before jumping out of the bed and walking over to the little TV. He turns it on to Disney XD then sits down to watch some children show. I don’t even know what they’re called anymore the days of Lizzy Mc Guire ,That’s so raven and Cory in the house are long gone. When was the last time they showed it? Like years ago. Psht.

“Hey Aaron guess what!” I grin happily at him. He nods his head urging me to go on.

“I’m getting out tomorrow! I can finally sleep in a normal bed without getting back aches and shower in peace without old people telling you to hurry up.” Leaning my head against his shoulder, he dips his head down and kisses me softly.

“I’m happy for you. I can’t wait till we can get outta here and I can take you on our first date.” He murmurs against my lips.

“I can’t wait to kiss the hell out of you.” I whisper quietly back pecking his lips before laying down on the horrible bed. Seriously they needa sort it out.

“Such a tease. Don’t worry I’ll get you back. Now you need rest before tomorrow. So me and Jordan are gonna go and well see you bright and early in the morning.” He gets up of the bed and trots over to Jordan.

“Bye Mia! I’ll see you tomorrow.” Awwh he’s so adorable.

“See ya later Jordan.”

“Bye babe.” Aaron pecks my lips before walking out. I faintly hear Jordan mutter ‘Eww girls have cooties, but Mia’s nice so I’ll allow it’ to Aaron.

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