The Nerd's Secret

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Chapter 16 - First Date Kisses!

After Aaron left with Jordan yesterday I fell asleep for the rest of the day. By the next morning I was able to get out of the hospital with a sore skin where my scar is from the stabbing. I never really thought I my life would have ended up like this. Street fighting I mean. When I was younger I remember dancing around with my fairy outfits on and wishing to be a movie star.

My mother always used to say to me I shine like a star. I was bullied in school but I stayed strong and that made me grow.

But now I have a bad ass boyfriend who has more secrets than he leads on. I have a 7 year old boy who wants me to adopt him. I have a load of money and only god knows what to do with it. I have a wonderful manager who is like a mother to me and I have my best friends who will always be there for me when I most need it.

Now I’m in Nikki’s apartment googling houses for sale. I may only be 18 but that makes me a legal adult and I have more than enough money to buy a house, a car and keep me fed.

‘3 bedroom house 3 ensuite bathrooms, a kitchen, living space area, laundry room, etc.’

Final price - $275,600

Wow! That’s a lot of money. I could easily buy it but I have to remember the house insurance and all that crap.

“I think you should get it.” I jump startled at the deep husky voice. My hairs on my skin standing up.

“Wh-what?” I say turning around to face Aaron.

“Get it. It would be good for you. It’s big, a good price and it’s got 3 bedrooms all with bathrooms.” He walks into Nikki’s guest room, sitting on the king-sized bed next to me.

I close the laptop and put it to the side, but not before bookmarking the page. Sighing I lay my head down on Aarons chest.

I giggle.

“What?” His chest vibrates.

“I can hear your heartbeat thumping really loudly.” I turn my head up so I’m looking into his eyes.

“Well that’s what you do to me.” He mumbles.

“But seriously, what do you mean I should get it?” I ask sitting up to straddle him.

“Well I’m just saying you should buy it. You deserve it Mia. You have gone through so much in the past few years. I know everything Mia. Kyle and Nikki filled me in. Everything about how Kane hurt you. How Jake used you. I’m pissed Mia. I want them to feel double the pain you felt. You didn’t deserve that Mia. I’m telling you to get the house so you can finally be happy.” He says. A few tears fall down my cheek and I let them. It’s good to cry. To let my feelings out. All those years I kept them bottled up.

From the day I was bullied as a child to the day I am used and abused as a teenager.

“Aaron I have to tell you something.” I say as his thumb wipes away my tears.

“What is it baby?” He asks. A look of worry on his face.

“Don’t worry. It’s just that you know Charlie. The little 7 year old at the orphanage.” He nods. “Well he asked me to adopt him. I want to Aaron but I’m scared. What if I can’t give him the life he want’s what if I can’t be a Mom.” I look down at my hands thinking. What about Olivia. Charlie’s the only one she has. I can’t take him away from her.

“Charlie has a friend at the orphanage. Her name’s Olivia. They practically grew up together. I can’t split them up. They need each other.” Aaron lifts my head up and places a soft kiss upon my lips.

“You can do it Mia. I’m not saying you should adopt both but I’m saying think about it. Even if you don’t adopt Olivia they would visit each other every day. Have sleepovers. When they’re older they would text and call each other. Who knows they may even fall in love. But it’s your decision to make and I’ll be here for you through it all.”

I Smile up at him and peck his cheek. “Thank you Aaron. Who knew you would have all that softness in there.”

“Well anyway, the real reason I came here was to let you know our date is tonight and I am picking you up at 7pm. So be ready. Oh and wear something warm.” He gets up off the bed as I follow and walk him to the door.

“See ya later Alligator!” I shout to him.

“Can’t wait baby Cake’s!” He replies half way down the hall.

“Okay so wear the dark blue skinny jeans, black sparkly top, you’re over flow and you converse. When you’re dressed we will do your hair and make-up. Now chop chop!” I rush into the bathroom following Nikki’s commands.

When I’m ready I walk out and sit at the dressing table.

“Okay, I’m doing casual eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and your favourite lipstick.” Nikki tells me applying my foundation.

When she’s done my make-up she curls my hair. My lovely strawberry blond hair now in ringlets falling down my shoulders.

“Gurl you look hawt!” Nikki exclaims clapping her hands and jumping up and down.

“Haha, Nikki calm down. You’re acting like you’re the one going on this date.” I smile widely. Well I am pretty excited.

“Well if only I was 18. Now he’s going to be here any secon-” The doorbell sounds cutting Nikki off her sentence.

“Bye Nikki! Thanks for everything!” I shout running to the door quickly. With a quick check of my hair I open the door to see the Lovely and hot Aaron Miller.

“Well, who knew a Nerd could look so god damn hot.” He blurts out. His cheeks reddening by the second.

“You know that’s the best way someone has greeted me, Mr Cutie.” I reply exaggerating the last bit.

“Hey, I’m not cute; I may be hot and handsome but not cute.” He pouts.

“Whatever let’s get going!” I say pulling him out the door.

I hear Nikki shout something before we leave. “HAVE FUN! AND USE PROTECTION!”

“Where are we going Aaron?” I ask impatiently. We had been driving around for about 45 minutes now and he hasn’t said one word about where we are going.

“It’s a surprise, now stop asking. Anyway were here so put this on.” He hands me a blind fold after stopping the car in the middle of a field.

“Is this the part where you kidnap me? Because you know I could easily kick your ass. Blindfolded.” I say, tying the material over my eyes.

“I’m sure you can, but I’m also sure you can’t” He whispers the last bit. I don’t think I was supposed to hear that. What did he mean? Ignoring the comment I speak up again. “Okay. Let’s go its pitch black and I can’t see a thing.”

I feel Aaron grab my hand and pull me along. After 5 minutes of walking, tripping and a little climbing he let’s go on my hand and pulls the blindfold of me.

“WOW!” I gasp.

We are on top of a hill. There are little lights handing from the top of the tree and a picnic blanket laid out on the grass.

“Well sit down. Let’s eat.”

And that’s what we did. We ate and talked about everything. It was peaceful. Now were both lying down on the blanket staring up at the stars.

My head on Aaron’s chest and his arms wrapped around me.

“There so beautiful. My mother used to say I shine as bright as a star.” I whisper.

“Well you’re beautiful. And I couldn’t agree more.”

I turn my head and kiss him on the lips. He immediately responds by wrapping his arms around my waist and bringing me up so I’m straddling him. I bring my hands to his hair and tangle my fingers into his soft brown hair deepening the kiss.

I open mouth for entrance and our toungs dance in sync. I finally pull away breathing for air.

“What was that for?” He asks.

“Because you’re amazing.” I respond putting my head in the crook of his neck.

He’s my star…

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