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Chapter 17 - House Hunting

After my date with Aaron I decided to go to the orphanage. I haven’t visited Charlie or Olivia in some time. Mary-Anne too. She was the one who helped me when I needed it most.

Knocking on the double wooden doors, I take a deep breath in and out. I’m nervous you could say that. I feel bad for not visiting more often but then again I never really had a choice. With Kane on my back 24/7 if I had visited the whole orphanage would have been in danger.

“Oh my, Mia darling. Come in, come in!” Mary-Anne greets me moving aside to welcome me in.

The aroma of freshly baked cookies hit my nose and I smile at the memories of the times I ate them as comfort food.

“Hey Mary-Anne. How are you? How is everyone?” I ask walking to sit down on one of the soft cream couches.

She follows behind me. I notice her walking funnily. Her shoulders crouched down and her back bent in an uncomfortable position. She winces as she sits on the couch.

“Well the kids are doing wonderful. I know that Olivia misses you and Charlie said he would like to speak to you about something. I have a feeling it’s something to do with this adoption.”

“Well that’s one of the reasons I came here. Because of the adoption. But Mary-Anne are you okay? Something is up with your back and your walking funny.” I point out.

“Well I went to the doctors the other day and I found out I have arthritis (stiff joints) in my back. They are going to run a course of injections in my back to ease it up.” She informs me. I look at her in sympathy. The poor lady is only 40 years old.

“Well I hope you get better soon and if you ever need anything let me know and I can come down and help you out. Now before I go I’m going to say hi to some of the kids. I’ll see you in a little bit okay?” She nods in understanding before going into the kitchen.

I stand up from my comfortable position on the couch and walk down the hall to Charlie’s room. Making sure I knock before I enter I raise my fist and gently knock on the wood. I hear a faint ‘Come in’ and I turn the handle and enter the blue themed room.

“Hey Charlie bear, Oh hey Olivia. I was just coming to see you too.” I recognise Olivia sitting in the corner reading a book.

“MIA!” They both shout happily, Charlie dropping his game boy and Olivia dropping her book, then running to me at full speed.

They each hatch onto one of my legs and hug tightly. I crouch down and wrap my arms around both of them bringing us into a small group hug.

“Awhhh, I missed you guys so much! How are you?” I ask softly whilst pulling away from the hug.

“I didn’t like it without you here. I missed you.” Charlie grumbles sadly looking down.

“Well I missed you too Charlie Bear. Remember what you asked me one time. The day you was scared on your first day of school. You asked if I could adopt you.” I inform him.

Nodding his head excitingly he speaks, “Yeah! Are you going to look after me? Can you be my second mommy? Not my real mommy because she was my actual mommy but can I be your adopted son?”

Wow this boy is clever for a 7 year old.

“That’s what I’m thinking about. It takes a lot of time to go through with this so you can’t just come and live with me just yet. But I would love to adopt you Charlie Bear.” I grin at him. He jumps into my arms and I spin him around setting him down. He runs out the room shouting joyfully.

I look to Olivia to see that she is crying. It really hurts me to do this to them but I don’t think I could handle being a mother of two children at 18. And if I do adopt Olivia I’m worried they will fall in love and not admit their feelings for each other. I mean they will be brother and sister. Maybe not biologically but legally.

“Hey Olivia. I know Charlie won’t be here as much anymore but you shouldn’t need to cry okay. You can have sleepovers, movie nights, play dates. You will see each other every day and I’ll make sure of it.” I pull her into a comforting hug as she cries into my shoulder.

“Shh, it’s okay baby. Olivia, Charlie’s not gone forever. Okay?” She looks up to me and nods unsurely.

I wake up to the sound of my phone going off. I put an alarm on to remind me about the house. I’m going to take a look at it today and if I like I’ll most likely get it.

I get ready then text Aaron.

“Hey Nikki I’m going to see a house with Aaron today. I’ll see you later.” I call out to her. She replies with a simple ‘okay ’.

(At the new house)

“Hey Mia I think you should get this house. It’s perfect for you and Charlie.” Aaron said while admiring the elegant wooden stair case.

I can’t say I didn’t love it, because I did. When you walk through the front door there are a set of wooden stairs which ascend to the second floor which holds 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and 2 extra rooms. Who knows what for? The walls are a warm cream colour and the space is big making it homely. I love it.

“I think your right Aaron. Plus it has enough space for you and Jordan too. So if you need to get away from your house then you’re welcome here anytime.” He looks to me his face blank. He relaxes as I hug him.

“Thank you. Soo much.” He responds.

“No, thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

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