The Nerd's Secret

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Chapter 18 - Dodge Ball

I am absolutely dreading school. It’s back to being bullied and called horrible names. Yeah Aaron and Kyle know but that doesn’t stop Chase, Jace and Aiden. Oh and let’s not forget about Amber who will most likely have her hands over MY boyfriend. But I can’t tell her that. She knows Aaron would never go for a ‘nerd’ like me. Ha bitch, he already did. I snap out of my thoughts when my phone rings. Quickly looking at the time I see I’m ready just on time.

“Hey babe. Do you want me to pick you up for school?” Aaron questioned.

“Um no it’s fine. I’m a nerd remember you can’t be seen with me. I’ll see you after school okay. I still have to sort out a few things for the new house too.” I told him picking up my school bag and walking out the door.

“Okay. Well I guess I’ll see ya later. Bye.” He then hangs up the phone. Well that was weird. Actually he has been acting really strange lately.

Shaking it off I get into my old crappy car and drive off to school. I would take a nicer car but I don’t want to look too good.

I’m still dreading today…I’ve got a bad feeling.

So far the day was okay. I had just finished Chemistry and Math and now I got Gym. Walking into the girl’s locker room I put my bag to the side and change into a pair of baggy jogging bottoms and my hoodie.

Turning around to the sound of laughing and snickering I see Amber and her two followers. Ashley and Sarah.

“Where have you been? We didn’t have anyone to make fun of. But anyway now your back and looking oh so ridiculous you can help us out a little bit. Write a note for us to skip gym. I don’t need my legs aching and my body sweating. That’s just ewe.” She sassed as I start to slowly back away.

“Um, I don’t think so. Just do gym. You need to lose some weight anyway.” I remark watching her playful smirk turn into an angry, grim one.

“Do not talk back to me Bitch!” She roars. The squeaky voice echoing of the walls.

“I just did. Now I suggest you walk away before I break your nose again. Oh and take your little sidekicks with you.” I turn to walk away confidently. It was all going well until she pulls me back by my hair and throws me to the ground. I land on my side where my stitches were. Shit that hurt! That bitch is gonna pay.

“Oh you’re in trouble now.” I warn her getting up slowly and walking towards her.

“Really what’s a nerd like you going to do?” She shot back walking to me so her ugly face is all up in mine. I can see how caked her makeup is, lumps of mascara on top of fake lashes and don’t even get me started on her foundation.

She raises her hand to slap me but I catch it before she can and twist her arm sideways making her yank her hand back to her side.

“Sarah, Ashley do something!” She screeches at them. The both waddle up to me, being careful not to break their ankles in their 6inch heels.

Ashley lunges forward to punch my stomach and Sarah aims at my face. I rapidly kick out a leg making Ashley trip and miss her aim the dodge around Sarah so I’m facing her back. She turns around and gives me a confused glance as I bring her head down to my knee resulting her in a broken nose.

“What the fuck!” She whined. I laugh at her and walk out the locker room but not before kicking Ashley in the stomach and saying, “Next time you want to fight make sure you know what you are doing.”

“Finally where have you been Miss Brooks? The whole class had been waiting for you now go to Mr Will’s team. We are playing a game of dodge ball.” Great I’m on Jace’s team. He hates me. Especially after finding out I’m undefeated.

“Okay before we start class I would like to introduce you to Mr Austin. He is here from another school to observe our class. Now when the whistle goes I want you to start, Okay?” We all nod in conformation. I look at Mr. Austin. Quite old looking but I’d say in his early 40’s.

Mr Austin looks to me suspiciously. Huh, why me. Arghh this is going to be a long gym class.

The sound of the whistle blows and I run to get a ball but stop when I hear Jace inform me, “No stay back nerd! Let the rest of us handle this.” I shoot him an annoyed look then drop the ball and walk to the back of the gym.

“You know you shouldn’t let them bring you down. Go out there and play. I know you can play.” A deep voice urged.

Startled by the voice I jump and turn to see Mr Austin looking down at me reassuringly. He has Light brown hair, stubbled beard, dark brown eyes and thick eyebrows. His cheeks are slightly chubby making him look older.

“There’s no point in trying anyway. If I show them the real me-” I cut my self of before I say anything else.

“Um I mean how would a nerd like me know how to play dodge ball.” I correct. He looks at me again with a funny look. What is with this guy?

“Well an old friend of mine one used to say never give up. He would constantly remind me the same thing every day. Now get up and face them.” He encourages motioning for me to join in the game.

Reluctantly getting up I walk towards the game, ignoring the calls of protest from Jace and the others I grab a ball and breathe out. I throw it at full speed making it hit a girl in the leg, on the other team.

Wow I’m pretty good at this. Well I am a fighter so I would be. My aims pretty good.

A ball comes hurling towards me but I duck before it could hit me. I grab another ball and throw it making it hit another person on the opposing team.

Ball after ball, I dodge and throw until I’m the last person in my team with Aiden on the other side. He throws the ball at me full speed. I jump flip over it landing on both feet. Quickly grabbing a ball I throw it at Aiden making it hit his arm.

A round of cheers and applause sound around the gym. Aaron, who I didn’t see before, comes up to me and hugs me. The whole gym goes quiet and I stiffen. He isn’t supposed to be doing this in a hall full of teenagers.

He pulls away and looks down at me with a shocked face signalling he just made a mistake.

I run out the hall spotting Mr Austin outside the hall. Seriously who is this guy?

“I knew you could do it. You know you remind me of my old friend. You have a lot of talent.” He admitted.

“Okay thank you and all but who are you really, because I know you’re not just a teacher from another school.” I concluded. He looks nothing like a teacher. His watch is way to expensive, no teacher could get that with their pay, unless it was a gift. No ring, he’s not married, his formal polished black shoes are not something a teacher would wear. And who the fuck would come to a high school in a suit!

“Well you may be right but you may be wrong. I’ll see you soon.” He walks away leaving me confused.

Well now I have to let the whole Aaron-hugging-gym thingy blow over then I can live my life how it was before. Without the drug dealers, Kane and all that shit.

Ha who am I kidding I’m never going to live a normal life…

Okay what do you think of Mr Austin. Who is he? You’ll find out soon. Keep reading!!

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