The Nerd's Secret

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Chapter 1 - Bad Boys Gang

Morning arrives quickly and realisation hits me. The first thing that comes to mind is my Mom and Dad. It has been exactly a year since they left me. A year since I started to fight.

Why do I fight? Well I fight to protect myself and show I’m not weak. Each day after school I go to the underground fighting ring and train. Sometimes I fight in championships but other times I just go for training.

I live with several other kids in an orphanage. I absolutely love all the children, but the child that I love most is Charlie.

Charlie is a little 7 year old boy who has short blond sandy hair with blue eyes. His story is different. His mother died giving birth to him and his father committed suicide when Charlie turned 5. Not a day goes past where Charlie and I don’t hang out. He is like a brother I’ve never had.

I snap out of my thoughts when I hear my bedroom door open and see a small shadow slowly making its way towards me. I know who it is. I peek over my bed sheets and see sparkling blue eyes staring widely at me.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIAAAAAA” Charlie voice booms through the air.

I open out my arms and wrap them around his small body giving him a bear hug.

“Thank you so much Charliee Bear!!” He hugs me back.

If there was anybody that could cheer me up it would definitely be Charlie. His cute baby voice and cheerful vibes always bring a smile to my face.

“Mia, do you have to go to school today? I don’t want to stay at home with the other kids they don’t like me and they never play with me” I look into Charlie’s eyes and can see a flash of hurt go through them.

He often told me about how nobody in the orphanage played with him. A pang of sadness runs through me as I hate the feeling of leaving Charlie.

“Charlie. I know you want me to stay but I have to go to school. I will try to be back early today so when I get back we can have ice cream and watch Disney movies, Okay? And try to talk to the other kids. You know Olivia is nice talk to her.” I respond softly then get up and walk to my wardrobe, opening to pick out todays outfit.

“Okay but we have to eat ice cream! With sprinkles! Also Olivia is a girl. Girls have cooties!” Charlie exclaims as he jumps of the bed and heads out the room.

I chuckle lightly to myself at how quickly his mood changed.

Walking over to my bathroom I turn on the shower and step inside. Knowing I only have 40 minutes till I have to leave for school, I quickly wash my hair with my favourite strawberry shampoo as well as scrubbing my body down. After my shower I put on my grey hoodie along with a matching pair of sweats.

I know it’s not a great outfit but after I had been taken in from Mary-Anne I grew out of my clothes. I never had enough money to buy anything for myself, of course I have a lot of money for fighting but I promised my self to keep that aside for University and other useful things rather than clothes that I already have. Mary-Anne kindly offered to take me shopping, l however refused to let her spend anymore money on me when she had already done enough. I add a few bracelets and my favourite necklace which has an infinity sign and engraved are the words Mom and Dad. I kissed the necklace then tuck it under my hoddie. Lastly I put on some conceler just to cover the bags under my eyes from sleepless nights.

I decide to leave my hair out naturally frizzy and pin my fringe back into a quiff.

When I have finished getting ready I grab my phone from my bedside table and skip down stairs. I sigh softly as I feel the familiar pain in my muscles from working out last night.

As I walk into the kitchen I see Mary Anne cooking pancakes which look absolutely delicious. I walk over to her greeting her with a kiss on the cheek.

“Good Morning Mary Anne” I chirped. Yeah you would think that with it being a year since the death of your parents you would be all depressed and sad. Well it’s not that I’m not. It’s just that I don’t really show it. I hate to worry people with my problems, so saying “I’m fine” or “I’m okay” and hiding it with a fake smile has become the norm to me.

“Oh Good Morning Mia dear and Happy Birthday!” She smiles to me and sets a plate of pancakes in front of me. After thanking her for my pancakes which were devoured quite quickly, I text my best friend Emma.

To Emmy!

Hey EMMMMYYY, ready to pick me up for school!

I know that she will probably reply back with something crazy because it’s my birthday.

From Emmy!

Of course I’m waiting outside Birthday Girl! Now hurry your ass up and get out here!

I laughed at my best friend’s response. Then I say bye to Charlie promising that I will be home early meaning no training for today.

I don’t really get presents for my birthday, mostly because I never ask for them. Mom and Dad were the only ones who ever got my presents and I liked it that way.

Emma as well as my other best friend Dylan knows about my parent’s death. I told them how I fight, however they don’t know the real reason upon it. They just believe it’s a hobby I had taken up ever since I were little. If they ever ask I would always change the subject in conversation. Surprisingly they would always let it slide and never push any further about it. I know they wouldn’t mention my parents’ death at all today because they know I hate sympathy, that’s why I love them both. Best friends annoy the shit outta you at time but they know their limits and they’d never do anything to hurt me. Probably because they know I can hurt them back hehe.

I plonk myself down into the passenger seat and turn to see my best friend smiling widely at me.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAH BITCH” Emma sing songs to me. I reach in to give her hug before she drives off to school.

I giggle and slap her arm playfully then buckle up, “Thank you, you hoe”.

She shakes her head and taps her fingers on the steering wheel along to the beat of “let me love you” by Justin Bieber. After reaching the school I look ahead to see swarms of teenagers rushing to their lockers before class starts.

“Hey Emma, my first class is Chemistry AP. So I’ll see you at lunch yeah?” I ask Emma, She nods and parks the car before cutting the engine and hopping out the car. “Okay Hun, have fun!” She skips off happily and I internally smile at her enthusiasm on a Monday morning.

I walk to my locker and get my books out making my way to my first period of the day.

‘Oomph’ I try to steady myself but I just fall back and hit my head against the cold floor. It doesn’t really hurt considering I have a high pain tolerance but doesn’t mean I didn’t feel anything.

Looking up I find the one and only Aaron Miller and his jock friends along with the ‘oh so perfect and Miss Popular’ Amber laughing down at me.

I quickly scurry to my feet and hug my books to my chest.

“Watch where you’re going zit-face” I look up peeking through my eye lashes to see Aaron smirking. My reaction to his ‘hurtful’ comment is blank. I’m used to it and know that my face is pretty pimple free so reacting to it would give him satisfaction. I get trapped by his gaze and try to look away but I feel as if his chocolatey brown eyes are holding me paralyzed.

Aaron is HOT! And I mean HOT! His well-defined abs and muscles show through his plain white t-shirt and the way his chiselled jaw is perfect making his cheek bones show quite nicely. He has the bad boy look which completes his arrogant personality.

He runs his hands through his light brown hair making him look sexy-

Then I snap out of my thoughts when I hear the bell ring and him talk again.

“Oooh little Miss Nerdy late to class. You better get going loner, you don’t want to ruin your perfect attendance record.” Now this is so not true. I don’t have perfect attendance. I have missed class various times for upcoming fights but no, they didn’t know that.

I can hear Amber and the jocks laughing which just makes me angry. I clench my fists and breathe through my mouth trying to hold back from punching the day lights out of them.

“Shut up.” I say through clenched teeth. This is new. Normally I would ignore them and walk away but I seem to be finding my self thinking without hesitation.

“Are you going to fight us? Because I’m pretty sure a weak little nerd like you can’t even kill a bug.” This time it wasn’t Aaron who said that. It was Jace. Jace was Aaron’s best friend as well as a jock. He was pretty well built but I could still take him in a fight.

I could feel tears prick my eyes as the moment he called me weak. But I didn’t let them show. I’m going to walk away before I practically kill him.

I pivot on my foot and walk away down the hall and towards Chemistry. Okay well I didn’t walk, more like stamped down the hallway like a little kid who didn’t get the toy they wanted.

“Oh so you’re just gonna walk away. Are you scared Bitch.” Now it was Amber. I walked faster trying to cut out her voice. As I turned the corner I felt a hand grab my wrist and the first thing I did was punch the person straight in the face. I would never, EVER, do anything like this at school so to say I shocked my self is an understatement.

I noticed it was Amber. She shrieked as she felt her nose break and blood drips drown onto her skirt, which by the way she was wearing way to high.

“First, don’t call me a bitch. Second, never touch me and thirdly, don’t even try talk to me or communicate for that matter and if you do, I will damage your ovaries and make sure you will never be able to have children. EVER!” I spat in her face before walking down the hall with a smirk on my face, feeling a surge of energy go through me. Wow. Standing up to myself felt good. It felt good not to hide and cower away. It felt good to show them who I really am.

Just before turning away I remember the 5 shocked faces behind her.

Aaron and Jace with their jaws dropped and the other three jocks, Aiden, Chase and Kyle were smirking like idiots trying to hide their laughter from the damaged I just did. Guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t like her.

Thinking back to them, they were all quite hot.

Jace and Chase were twins. Chase was the much nicer one and Jace was a jerk. They had light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. I could only tell the difference between them because Chase has dimples whereas Jace doesn’t.

Aiden had dark brown hair and grey eyes and wore glasses. On him they didn’t look bad or nerdy they made him look sexy and cool. Kyle had short curly black hair which make his green eyes shine bright.

I finally got to Chemistry but there were only 10 minutes of class left meaning there is no point in actually going. So instead of walking through the door I went the opposite way and walked to the library. Might as well miss Math and Art too and wait until lunch. Yes Im a rebel hehe.

So until lunch I sat quietly in the library trying to plan a new defence and offence pattern for fighting.

My fingers tap on the hard oak wood as I rest my chin on my other hand. Not even 5 minutes have gone past and I’m officially bored. My eyes roam around the library. It’s awfully quiet today. Many students are most likely to be in class and the ones with a free period would either be in the student common room or hanging out by the bleachers.

After a few hours of planning I decided to go to the cafeteria where I saw Dylan and Emma sitting at a table. I always thought that they looked like a cute couple and by the way Emma is blushing she likes him. I mean who wouldn’t. Dylan’s cute. Brown hair and hazel eyes. He has a few beauty spots which make him looks even cuter. But I wouldn’t date Dylan. He is like a brother to me and I wouldn’t want to change that. Plus I’m pretty sure he likes Emma.

I walk over to them and sit down opposite them both.

“Hey Mia, Happy Birthday! Oh and why weren’t you in art. I missed my buddy” Dylan playfully punched my arm.

“I didn’t feel so good so I sat in the library for a few hours” I lied. I should keep the whole Aaron thing quiet. I know Dylan will attempt to try beat him up and that’s the last thing I want.

“Well are you okay now?” Emma asked concerned.

“Eh, I’m fine.” I rested my head on the table and let all my thoughts travel away. I could hear the chatter of students in the lunch room and hear a hushed conversation going on between Dylan and Emma.

“Whatcha guys whispering about?” I asked raising my eyebrow becoming curious.

They both looked at me and blushed.

“Well, Dylan and I may or may not be together, like right now.” Emma said shyly.

What the hell!

“OMGEEEE! When did this happen? How did this happen and why didn’t you tell me!” I fired questions interested in her new relationship status.

“Well , you were kind of late to lunch so I asked her out on a date, as it was just us two, and she said yes. Then we kissed and I asked her out. I was going to do it on our date tonight but I couldn’t wait and I wanted her to mine right now.” Awh, I can’t believe Dylan did that for her. It’s so sweet. I’m not normally one to be all mushy but I know their relationship is going to be strong.

“Dylan that is too cute but remember you hurt her and I will come knocking at your door to pound your face in. Best friend or not” I smiled at him as I watch a flash of horror go through his eyes.

“Um-Yeah, yes I will never hurt her. Ever!” I know he won’t hurt Emma but Emma has had a few tough relationships in the past and I don’t want her hurt again. Yeah, you could say I’m a protective best friend, but then again who isnt?

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