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Chapter 19 - The Parkl

After school finished I went straight back to Nikki’s apartment. Aaron hadn’t texted, called or even spoke to me for that matter after the hug in gym.

So I decided to call him. But he didn’t answer. I’ve tried at leave 8 times now and sent at least 20 messages and he hasn’t answered. He is either ignoring me or something is wrong. I’m guessing the latter. Where would he be? The park. I thought.

I walk quickly to the park and see my instinct is right. Aaron, Jordan and a man who looks drunk are standing and talking in which looks like a heated argument.

I walk over and see that Jordan is holding onto Aaron hiding behind him looking scared out of his mind and Aaron is trying to keep a brave face on.


I quickly run up to Jordan and take him into my arms letting him cry into my shoulder. He clings onto me not even willing to let go.

“Mia, take Jordan and go. This is not your business.” Aaron spat at me.

“Aaron. I just heard what you said and if you think I’m leaving you here with him then you must be crazy.” I pointed out.

“Who are you sexy lady. Wanna come back to mine? These kids are nothing.” He slurs stumbling to me.

“I am not a whore. And these two kids are you son’s. They should be treated respectfully.” I argue.

“Those idiots killed my wife!” He shouts charging at me. Before he can reach me Aaron steps in front and takes a hit to his stomach.

I set Jordan down telling him to sit down on the swings. He quickly obliges whilst I look to Aaron who is hunched over in pain holding his torso.

Rushing towards him I help him up then feel a strong grip upon my wrist. Looking forward I see Aaron’s ‘father’.

“Let. Me. Go!” I growl at him.

“Hmmm. Feisty.” I flip him over my shoulder making him land flat on his back. I walk to him and pull him up punching his ribs then his face twice. I bring his head down and break his nose with my knee. He then quickly grabs my leg pulling it making me land on my butt.

Aaron comes up behind him and pulls him off fighting him. Like proper fighting him, like me whilst shouting incoherent words.

I reach into my pocket and grab my phone calling 911.

They immediately answer and as I tell them the situation, I see that Aaron has knocked his dad out cold. I run over to Jordan and hug him tightly putting the phone down. In the corner of my eye I see a man smirking and walking off in the distance. Was that Mr Austin? What a creep. Ignoring it I turn to comfort Jordan.

“Shh, it’s okay Jordan. He can’t hurt you anymore.”

Only minutes later I hear the noise of Police sirens in the distance. Thank god.

“Mia I can’t let you do that. He’s gone now. The court hearing is on Friday. That’s not for another 2 days. I can stay at my house until then.” Aaron refuses my offer.

Aaron’s dad, whose name was Jacob got arrested. There is a court hearing on Friday deciding how long he is away for. If not, for life. I offered if Aaron would like to stay at my new house for a bit until he can sort things out, but he decided to stay at their own house then decide whether to sell it or not depending on how Friday goes.

“Okay. But honestly if you need anything tell me. I move into my new house tomorrow and I need to talk to Mary-Anne about the adoption. Just remember I have enough space for both of you. Until you settle down.” I remind him.

He nods coming closer to wrap me into a hug. Crap that reminds me of what happened in school.

Pulling away I look at him seriously.

“Aaron, about what happened in school. You can’t do that again. Did you see everyone’s reactions? But that will blow over. Why didn’t you tell me about your dad sooner? I could have helped you. I know we talked about it before but today was different. Oh, how and where did you learn to fight like that?” I curiously ask, all the questions rushing out at once.

He sits down next to Jordan on the edge of my bed.

“When my mother died, as you know he stared hitting us. I couldn’t take it anymore. Watching Jordan get hit. So eventually I would take the hit. I started to learn how to fight. I learnt to defend myself and Jordan so that he wouldn’t hurt us. But I wasn’t strong enough. He was bigger, better and stronger than me. He would break my bones many days on end I wouldn’t be able to go to school. Reason being I always missed school. One day I fought back but he shattered a few bones in my leg.”

“Wait that day you came in with a neon green cast?” I ask him. He nods then continues the story.

“Ever since then I stopped fighting but I never stopped learning. I was building up speed, power, and strength for a day like this to come. You see the reason he was even in the park was because he followed Jordan and I there. That has never happened. I’m just glad you were there. I can’t thank you enough. But you know it makes me look like an idiot. Having a girl have to fend for me.” He pondered then sighed laying back on my bed.

“Aaron if you didn’t take him of me I wouldn’t have been able to take him. You helped me. You helped you and Jordan.” I told him. I may have been able to take Jacob but let’s not say that.

“Thank you Mia. For everything” He kisses me softly and pulls me and Jordan into a big hug.

“You’re such a tease.” I giggle into his neck.

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