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Chapter 20 - Bonding Buddies

Today is the day of the court hearing. I also moved into my new house yesterday so I have only a few boxes left to unpack. I spoke to Mary-Anne about the adoption and she said the papers are ready to sign so on Saturday I will have to sort that out. I have to do all of this myself. I wish I had my parents to be there for me.

“You ready?” I nervously said to Aaron. We were waiting outside patiently until we have to be called in.

“Yeah. It’s now or never right.” He quotes. I nod fidgeting with my fingers, bouncing my leg.

“Hey calm down. They’re just going to go over what happened at the park. You just need to answer honestly. But don’t tell them you broke his nose. They wouldn’t believe that.” Aaron assures me grabbing my hand and entwining our hands.

A man comes and calls us in. I take a deep breath and follow Aaron into the room. I’ve never actually been in a court room before but it’s pretty much how it sounds.

A chair is placed right up front and two witness stands beside them. There are other numerous amounts of chairs in the room for the victims and people watching.

Chairs are everywhere!

Okay let’s get this over and done with.

I am standing looking around the front of the court building in search for Aaron. I spot him walking out the doors with Jordan I’m his arms. Running up to them I jump and hug them both.

“He’s really gone Aaron. That man is gone?” Jordan asks happily. Aaron nods his head joyfully.

“He’s gone to prison now Jordan. Forever. He can’t hurt you guys. I wouldn’t let him. We won’t let him.” I look to Aaron who smiles warmly at me.

“Hey Jordan. Do you wanna meet Charlie?” I suggest. He nods excitedly jumping down from Aarons arms and running to my car.

“So you did it.” I announce looking in Aarons warm brown eyes.

We did it.” He corrects wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me closer.

I press my lips to his softly. He immediately kisses back. I drape my arms around his neck I tangle my hands in his soft hair and deepen the kiss before pulling away.

“Let’s go get Charlie.” I smile and peck his lips once more then skip away to the car and hop in the driver’s seat.

“Hey Jordan you buckled in?” I ask turning around to see him jumping in his seat excitedly.

“Well let’s go then.” I continued as Aaron gets into the passenger’s seat pulling out his phone.

“Thank you Mary-Anne. We’ll see you later!” I call out getting into the car along with Charlie.

“Jordan this is Charlie, Charlie this is Jordan.” I announce. They immediately start chatting with each other. I chuckle and turn back around and drive off to the pizza place. What everyone loves pizza?

“Hey Aaron? Babe wake up. We’re almost there.” I said softly shaking his shoulder.

Only minutes later I park up at the pizza place and Aaron is still not awake.

“Hey boys?” I turn around and face them in the back seat. “On the count of three we all have to scream really loud okay?” I whisper.

They nod mischievously smirking.

“1…2…3” We all scream really loud as Aaron jumps up covering his ears and banging his head on the top of the car roof.

“WHAT THE FU-FUDGE MIA!” He screeches correcting himself knowing there are kids in the car.

“What? You wouldn’t wake up.” I shrug innocently.

“Let’s go kid’s.” I chirp jumping out the car and into the pizza place.

They kid’s run after me with Aaron stumbling behind groaning about how we woke him from his sleep. You can’t say it wasn’t funny though. Oh well.

“Okay what does everyone want?” I ask.

After getting their replies and ordering and Aaron and I had that usual couple argument about who pays. I eventually ended up pushing him to the back of the line and quickly paying whilst he was pushing his way back through.

After eating and talking about random things we went to get ice cream at Cold Stone.

“So did you have fun today?” I wondered asking Charlie and Jordan. The both gave me cheesy ice cream grins. Too cute. I take my phone out a quickly snap a picture. Both of them are holding their spoons up with ice cream covered faces.

“Okay, finish up and we will go. It’s time for Charlie to go back to the orphanage, but don’t worry you will see each other again. Charlie I’m coming to visit tomorrow and we will talk about the adoption.” He silently agrees with me and we all throw our ice creams in the bin heading out.

“Aaron, are you and Jordan going to stay at your house or mine?”

“Well I’m going to sell our house knowing that Jacob can’t do anything with it. And because I am 18 I have full custody of Jordan.” He tells me as we drive off to the orphanage.

“Okay well. Sell the house and when that’s done I don’t mind you coming to stay with me.” I smiled.

“Thank you Mia.”

I just smile and drive. What an amazing boyfriend I have…

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