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Chapter 21 - Mommy Mia

“Okay Mia, the papers are signed and Charlie is now you son by law.” The lady told me. I smiled brightly as she handed me the legal documents.

In my opinion, she is a bit overdressed. A black pin skirt and white blouse, bright red lipstick Smokey eye shadow and we can’t forget the 20 pound foundation all over her face. Oh and she stinks of way too much perfume. It’s a nice one, just a tad bit too much, like I can’t breathe. Plus her nails are long and her fingers are like long skinny sticks. Anyway back to her annoying voice.

“Now, run along dear, I have another client.” She shoo’s me out her office with Charlie holding onto my arm jumping excitedly.

“MOMMY MIA, MOMMY MIA, MOMMY MIA!” He shouts grinning widely at me. His two front teeth are missing and his fringe has fallen in his eyes. Brushing the hair away I pick him up and race out of the building. When we reach the parking lot I put him down and crouch to his level.

“Okay. We are firstly going to go to the orphanage and you can pack your bags then say bye to Olivia. If you want she can come over and play today if you want. Then we can watch some movies, eat popcorn and have a goodnights sleep. Is that good with you Charlie-Bear?” I affirmed.

He nods before jumping into the backseat of the car. I chuckle getting up and walking to the driver’s side before getting in and driving the familiar route to the orphanage.

“Mary-Anne! How are you?” I bubbled happily, hugging her.

“Oh I’m wonderful! How did everything go today? It’s only 10am and your already back.” She beamed sweetly hugging back. I think Charlie ran off to find Olivia somewhere.

“It went really well. I have all the papers and things in my bag. I just need to collect Charlie’s passports and things from you.” I announce following her and walking into her office.

“Well…I have everything ready right here.” She drawled out pulling out a folder and handing it to me.

“Thank you Mary-Anne, so much. I don’t know where I would be without you.” I tell her truthfully.

“Well thank you for helping me out so much. I remember all the times you helped me with the kid’s dinner. Remember you’re welcome here anytime.” I nod and smile as I hear Charlie’s and Olivia’s voice boom through the house.

“MIA CAN YOU HELP US!” I laugh and say a quick bye to Mary-Anne before running up the stairs to Charlie’s room.

“Well, well, well. What have we got here?” I say slowly walking in the room.

“Well, umm, I tried to fold all my clothes but then I couldn’t, so Olivia and I went to pack my action figures away but the box fell and yeah…” Charlie trails off. Looking around the room I see action figures all over the floor and clothes in a pile next to the bed where Olivia is sitting.

“You know, you kids are clever. You’re both seven but are very intelligent.” I admit walking over to the suit case and laying out. I start fold clothes and put them in as Olivia and Charlie gather the action figures and place them in the box.

About an hour and a half later Olivia, Charlie and I have packed up all of Charlie’s belongings.

“Well you two get in the car. I’ll be there in a second.” I instruct Charlie and Olivia. Charlie takes Olivia’s hand and they both run out to my car.

“Thank you again Mary-Anne.” I repeated hugging her. She hugs back and mumbles a ‘you’re welcome’ into my hair.

I smile at her before heading out the house and walking to my old car. I really need a new ride.

“See you tomorrow Olivia!” Mary-Anne shouts as I drive off. Did I mention Olivia is staying over. I mean it’s the least I could do. Charlie was the only one she had in the orphanage. She is welcome at my house anytime. I have a feeling she will be around a lot.

“I got the popcorn!” Charlie shouts.

“I got the Movie!” Olivia shouts.

“I got the blankets!” I shout.

Olivia, Charlie and I are all in the living room of my new house cuddled up on a couch. We are watching Disney’s Brave.

“WOW, Mia I want her red hair!” Olivia giggles looking at the girl’s red frizzy hair.

“Maybe when you’re a lot older okay?” I chuckle at her cuteness. She nods as her head falls on Charlie’s shoulder.

Awwwh. I totally ship it!

About half way through the movie I was drifting off to sleep whilst Charlie and Olivia were already in La, La land.

I decided to switch the movie of and put everything away. I then carried Charlie to his room and tucked him in bed. Kissing his forehead I went back downstairs to get Olivia. Picking her up I carry her to Charlie’s bed room and lay her on the makeshift bed I made before.


Time for bed!

“Mia, wake up we want breakfast!” I roll over on my pillow and bury my face into it.

“Mia! Come on were hungry!” Sighing I get up and am met by the two adorable faces of Olivia and Charlie.

“Let’s go downstairs to the kitchen, Okay. We’ll see what I can make.” I saunter down the stairs with Olivia and Charlie following hastily behind waiting for food.

“Can we have pancakes Mia?” Olivia asks me smiling.

“Sure. Do you want the same or something else Charlie?” I question him walking to the pantry to get the pancake mix.

“Ummm. Can I have the same but I want them with chocolate chips.” He decides taking a seat at the table along with Olivia.

“Okay. Well they will be done soon. How did you too sleep?” I wonder out loud walking over to the cooker and placing some oil in the pan, waiting for it to heat up then putting the pancake mix in.

“I slept well. I saw Mommy and Daddy again. But they left.” Olivia mentions sadly. I see tears well up in her eyes. I don’t really know what happened to Olivia’s parents. I don’t think Charlie does either. I’m about to go over to her but it seems as if Charlie beat me to it. Noticing the tears too her gets up from his seat and walks over to Olivia.

“It’s okay Olivia. I will protect you. I’m here for you.” He tells her pulling he into a hug.

My own eyes start to water at how cute the moment is. Quickly grabbing my phone I take a picture then go back to making pancakes.

“Forever Charlie?” Olivia makes sure.

“Forever Olivia.” Charlie confirms linking their two pinkies together.

I quickly look away before I get all emotional. It’s weird to think that a few months ago I would have scolded myself for crying so much but I finally see that keeping emotions in doesn’t help you at all. It’s actually healthy to cry and now I’m not afraid to.

“Pancakes are done. Your chocolate chip ones are here Charlie and here are yours Olivia. Now eat up. I have a good day planned for us.” I chirp handing them their plates and walking back to make my own breakfast. A bowl of fruit loops will do.

“Ready Kids?” I began.

“Today were going to see Jordan and Aaron.” I informed. Charlie jumped excitedly whilst Olivia looked to me with a questioning look.

Right now we are driving to the park to meet Aaron and Jordan.

“Aaron is my boy-um very good friend and Jordan is his brother.” I announce to Olivia. She nods unsurely before leaning her head against the window of the car and humming softly to the music.

I would have said boyfriend but she didn’t really need to know that.

“Okay were here. Now Aaron is over at the swings with Jorda-” Before I can finish my sentence Charlie jumps out the car pulling Olivia along with him and running to the direction of my boyfriend and his brother.

Sighing I hop out of the car, lock it then walk over to them.

“Hey babe!” Aaron exclaims hugging me. I peck his cheek before greeting him.

“Hey Aaron. Now what are we doing today?” I ask him curiously. I don’t even think he knows what we’re doing today.

“Ummm…let’s ask them.” He points to the three 7 year olds.

“What do you three want to do today?” I interrupted their conversation turning to them.

“Let’s go see the fishes. Aqrium.” Charlie suggests saying Aquarium wrong.

“You mean the Aquarium?” I correct.

All three of them nod happily. I turn to Aaron and raise an eyebrow.

“To the Aquarium it is!” He cheered marching to his car and getting in the driver’s seat, the kids following behind him. I too follow into the passenger’s seat.

“You ready?” I laughed turning around to see Charlie on the left, Jordan on the right and Olivia in the middle. Awh!

A cheer of “yeah’s” went around and Aaron started his car driving off to the Aquarium.

I’ve never been to an Aquarium before so let’s see how this goes.

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