The Nerd's Secret

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Chapter 22 - Dolphins are Ingeltent?

Sitting in the front seat of Aaron’s car we all sang along to the radio. The song right now was Taylor Swift, Shake it off.

“’Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

I shake it off, I shake it off

Heart-breakers gonna break, break, break, break, break

And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake

Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

I shake it off, I shake it off” We all sang bouncing in our seats.

Before we knew it the song was over and the three little 7 year olds in the back were giggling and chatting away about something I couldn’t understand.

“Hey Aaron?” I question softly turning in my seat to him.

The car stops at a red light and he turns to me also telling me to go on.

“What are we going to do about school and everything.” I continue slightly worried. I’m actually afraid. I’ve been having dreams where Jake comes to the school. I’m still a nerd in school.

“Well we graduate soon don’t we? And I’m sure everything will be fine until then. It’s only 2 weeks.” He assures noticing my discomfort. I nod silently as he drives again.

“Hey we will be okay.” He takes my hand comforting me rubbing circles with his thumb. I lean my head against the window and slowly drift into a light sleep.


“Hey Aaron I got Chemistry next so I’ll see you later yeah?” I tell him leaning in to kiss his cheek. He turns his head and laughs menacingly.

“Eww, loser. Why would I want to see a nerd like you?” He scoffs then pushes past me roughly leaving me with a feeling of a dagger in my chest. Tears pool in my eyes but I won’t let them fall. Why did he do that? Why was he so harsh?

I push the thoughts away and enter the Chemistry classroom. I see that we have a new teacher. Taking a seat next to a boy with a black hood on I turn to the new teacher. He looks familiar but I can’t put my finger on it.

“Hello class, my name is Mr Austin and I will be your cover teacher for today’s lesson.” He announces. Ooh so that’s where I knew him from. He was in the gym the other day.

“Well now we have a new student. Um Jake Mulling.” Mr Austin informs the class.

“Mr Mulling would you like to say something about yourself?”

My mind and body are both in complete shock as the boy with the black hood stands up and walks in front of my desk. Pulling his hood down his face is revealed and I see the intimidating face of Jake.

Everyone is quiet. Like they are in some trance. Mr Austin stands observing us.

Jake suddenly lunges towards me flipping the desk. I rapidly stand in a protective stance and prepare for a fight.

“I knew your parents were wrong about you.” Mr Austin mutters but I still hear. I give him a confused look but I sense Jake and duck to avoid his roundhouse kick.

I punch his stomach and flip over him to face his back. I trip him to the floor and punch his jaw.

“I’ll be keeping an eye on you Mia…” Mr Austin vowed before walking out the class room. I was so focused on him I didn’t notice Jake holding a chair ready to hit me with it. Seconds later I fall to the ground and see blackness.


“Mia! Mia wake up!” I hear a deep and frustrated voice say. I open my eyes to be met with Aaron’s warm ones. I instantly back away remembering what happened in my dream.

A look of confusion crosses his face. “What?” He asks worried.

“No-nothing. I just had a bad dream that’s all.” I tell him partly truthful.

“Well I’m here if you need to talk. Come on the kids are waiting inside.” And with that he left the car and walked to the building where a big sign saying ‘Welcome to Carolina’s Sea World’ was displayed.

Grabbing my bag I made sure I had everything I needed and followed Aaron to the big building. Shaking everything off and relaxing I put a happy smile on my face and say, “Let’s go. We don’t want to keep the animals waiting.” I skipped to the building entrance and pulled out my purse to pay. Before I could even put the money down and speak my boyfriend come’s up to the counter and interjects.

“3 child tickets and 2 adults please.” He then places the money down and grins at me. I just glare and walk away.

He could have at least let me pay for Charlie and Olivia.

I find Charlie, Olivia and Jordan sitting on a wooden bench outside a food cart.

“Hey guys what are you doing.” I ask sitting in between Charlie and Jordan. They all put their fingers to their lips and Shh me. I raise my eyebrows in confusion before looking in their line of sight.

I see two men standing behind a toilet whispering and swapping envelopes.

“How did you kids see that?” I question suspiciously.

“I saw one of the mans with a gun and Charlie saw ones with a knife. Then when asked what was going on Olivia said that they were swapping things.” Jordan informs me whispering.

I nod. Wow these kids are clever, I’m surprised they aren’t scared of seeing a real gun. Those things are dangerous!

“Stay here okay. When Aaron gets back tell him I’ll be back soon.” I say getting up from the bench and walking to the two guys. I sneak around the back and see nobody really hanging in this area. No wonder they are doing it here.

I know what I’m about to do is extremely stupid but they are setting my adoptive son, and his two best friends a bad example. Like seriously they are seven and not to mention the amount of other kids there are running around here.

I wrap my scarf around my face so that I am easily disguised. Stepping out from behind the wall I walk up to them just as they swap a package in which looks like drugs.

“Well, well, well what have we got here.” I say slowly. They look alarmed but when they see me they relax.

“Dude she’s a girl just kill her already.” The taller one of the two says. They are both dressed in black leather. Their faces covered.

“Really, I’m just a girl. I can beat yo asses if you don’t drop what you have and walk away.” I began walking closer.

“I will kill you. I have a gun.” The other guy pulls out a 9mm and points it at me.

“Oooh I’m so scared.” I say sarcastically pretending to be scared.

“I will shoot you!” He whispers loudly.

“Really, because if you haven’t noticed a gunshot is quite loud. Now we are in a car park of a children’s Aquarium. Don’t you think that will be suspicious.” I remark taunting him.

His grip on the gun loosens and I take this as my chance to kick it out his hand.

The taller guy comes at me with a knife but I dodge hit which sends him flying into the wall

“Who are you? How did you learn to fight like that?” The shorter one asks.

“You see never judge a book by its cover. Now drop the knife and the stuff and walk away.” I dare. Grabbing the gun and putting it in the back of my jeans.

“You really think we are that crazy to just leave.” The taller one shakes his head getting up from the wall.

“Nope, not really but if you don’t I will have to knock you unconscious and call the cops.” I say with complete confidence. These guys don’t really scare me.

“Pfft you can try. Yo Joe take her out.” Oh so the shorter one is Joe.

Joe charges at me and manages to punch me in my ribs. I quickly recover and knee him in the nose before punching him in his temple causing him to knock out.

“You’re next.” I turn to the taller guy he charges at me with the knife and tries to slash my stomach but I’ve had enough of knife fights. I grab his wrist turning it making his grip on the knife loosen. I then turn and jump to kick him his head making him unconscious.

“I still got it!” I praise myself.

I walk over to the bag with the goods and see 3 packages of drugs which look to be cocaine. I then take out the gun from my jeans and place it in the bag along with the knife.

I got to reach for my phone to call 911 but a man with a badge comes out and stops me.

I’ve seen that all too familiar face before. Dayum this guy is everywhere.

“What the hell are you doing here and why do you have a badge. It’s not a police badge so who the fuck are you really?” I question walking to him with my hands on my hips. I also take of my scarf seeing as it’s only us two.

“My name is Albert Austin. I work somewhere you will soon find out about. Now I can assure you I work with the police. Thank you very much for this…” He mentions looking at the scene around us. The two dealers all bloody.

“You’re welcome. Now there are 3 packages of cocaine in that bag a knife and a 9mm gun.” I sigh while walking away.

“Mia!” He stops me.


“You’re secret’s safe with me.” I nod and walk away. This Albert guy sure is a mystery.

I walk out from behind the wall and go in the direction of Aaron and the kids.

“Oh god! Where were you we were worried?” Aaron burst out worriedly wrapping me in his embrace.

I hug him back and lean into his touch.

“I was helping the community.” I reply casually.

“They told me about the two guys. What were you thinking? You could have got hurt.” He worries as the 5 of us walk into the Aquarium. I take his hand and say, “But I didn’t and I called the cops. Everything is fine.”

He lets it go and we continue walking through the entrance to the dolphin part.

“So you’re saying dolphins are ingeltent?” Charlie asks me cutely scrunching up his eyebrows.

I laugh at his pronunciation of intelligent.

“Yes Charlie bear but it’s said like in-tell-i-gent, say it like that.” I teach him.

He tries a few times before finally getting it right.

“There ya go, and yeah. They are very clever mammals.” I state.

“Awh look at my babe getting all cute and nerdy.” Aaron teases jokingly. I giggle and kiss his cheek walking away to see the sea lions.

“Jordan you love sea lions right?” I remember one time when he told me his mother gave him a teddy bear of a sea lion.

He nods excitedly grabbing my hand and pulling me to the exhibit.

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