The Nerd's Secret

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Chapter 23 - Back to Old Habits

After waking up and getting both myself and Charlie ready I drop him to school then make my way to hell, sorry I mean high school.

I’m back to wearing nerdy clothes today. Baggy jogging bottoms, hoodie and tattered sneakers. My hair is backcombed so make it look frizzy and uncombed and I have my fake nerd glasses on.

Getting out of my old rusty car I shyly walk up to the building. That reminds me, I need to buy my new car soon. From the corners of my eyes I can see people laughing and pointing at me. Ignoring them I walk faster to the main doors. Just my luck today as I am walking I trip Up the stairs resulting in my books falling everywhere

I don’t think tripping was my fault because as I look up I see Jace laughing wildly at me. Yes you’re right. Jace Wills, Aarons best friend.

“Sorry nerd, didn’t see you there. By the way stay away from Aaron and Kyle they don’t need to be hanging around with a parentless lowlife like you.” He chuckles and walks away with Chase and Aiden.

The words stung like a fire burning torch to my chest. My walls are broken down. After all that time I spent protecting myself from getting hurt at words like that people, say I have finally broke. Usually I would ignore them but recently everything has been so much different.

A tear leaks down my cheek and one follows as do more. Salty tears are now freely flowing down my cheeks and I let them. Picking my books up I carry on the walk to my locker. I pass Chase who is shouting angrily at his brother.

“She is no different than any of us. You had no right to say that to her. Do you know what she’s going through? No. So start treating people how you want to be treated or I’m done with you!” He fumes at Jace who is watching him with a blank expression.

“Not my fault her parents are dead and she’s a low life bitch!” Jace shouts back making the whole hall way look in our direction. Chase glares at him and walking by me he mutters an ‘Im sorry’ then carries on walking down the hall.

I always knew Chase was the better twin. I don’t know their story. I don’t really think anybody does. Aiden. Well Aiden is just a normal person. He’s not like Jace, he’s not like Chase. He would help those who he likes, ignore those he hates. Kind of like a mixed personality.

I now know everybody knows my story. My mind drifts to Aaron. I wonder where he is. I texted him this morning yet he never replied.

Finally reaching my locker I see Amber blocking it with her arms over her chest trying to push her boobs to make a cleavage.

“Listen Bitch! Keep your fugly (fucking ugly) ass away from Aaron. I saw that whole hugging thing the other day. He’s mine so back off. I don’t care about you’re fighting skills, stay away. Or better yet go back to Jake. I know how much he misses you. But then again how can a sexy piece of cake like him miss a thing like you. Just keep out my way. He’s coming for you.” She whispers the last sentence in my ear strutting away in her 6 inch heels.

My heart immediately starts to pound at the mention of Jakes name. My hands shake and I start to hyperventilate. Reaching in my pocket I pull out my phone and dial Aaron’s number. It goes straight to voice mail. Seriously where is he?

“A-Aaron he’s c-co-coming back f-for me. Hel-help me Aaron.” I stutter unable to get the words out. At least he will get the voice mail.

I dial everyone’s number. Kyle, Nikki, Cole. Nobody answered. The bell for first period has now rung but I can’t stop my panic attack.

I quickly walk around the school looking for Aaron. I still can’t find him. Coming up to the stairs I see Amber and a jock making out. Their hands all over each other. Eww. As I turn to walk away a book drops out my bag and I flinch. The couple pull away and I see the jock is in fact my boyfriend. Aaron.

A fresh batch of salty tears start to leak down my already tear stained face. I run. I always run. I hear him calling after me but I just continue running. I reach outside the school gates and I hear a black van come up beside me. Looking back I don’t see Aaron at all. Pushing my legs faster I continue to run away. Run away from my cheating boyfriend. Run away from the news Jake is coming for me.

I notice the van speed up as I run faster. Then it clicks. The van that’s following me is most likely Jake.

My breathing gets heavier and I suddenly feel someone grab my ankles from behind. I fall on my knees as I turn over a cloth is placed on my face. The last think my mind thinks is Chloroform.

I slowly awake and my head is killing me.

Looking around I see my hands and ankles are chained to a black brick wall. My eyes are a little hazy but I can tell there are no chairs or anything in the room, reason why I am on the floor. My eyes lock on the wooden door opposite me. I frantically search for my phone, it is then when I notice they or should I say Jake has taken everything.

I lean my head against the wall behind me and the tears automatically start to stream down my face. I miss my Mom and Dad. I know this is when I die. Jake wouldn’t give me up that easily. He will use me like he used to but this time it would be ten times worse. I am restricted from using my fighting skills due to the chains. I have no escape.

My head snaps up at the sound of the bolts on the wooden door moving. My heart beat speeds up, scared to face the person who will walk through that door.

“Well Angel. Looks like you’re finally mine. Sorry you’re boyfriend wasn’t there to save you. He seemed a little busy. Oh and don’t worry about Charlie. I called the school saying you couldn’t make it so that orphanage woman…what’s her name? Oh right Mary-Anne is going to pick him up.” Jake sourly chuckled.

“Where am I?” I croak. My throat is sore from the lack of water. But as long as my baby Charlie is safe I don’t care.

“Now Angel, I can’t tell you that. But don’t worry were going to have a lot of fun.” He smirks kneeling down in front of me. His hand reaches up to my cheek and brushes away some of my hair. I flinch away from him and in that exact moment he back hands me hard leaving me with a stinging cheek.

I dig my nails into the palm of my hand to stop myself from screaming out at the pain.

“Don’t do that Angel.” Again with that name…

“P-please leave me alone.” I plead although I know it won’t make any difference.

“But my sweet Angel I can’t do that. You see I’m not like Kane. He tried to kill you. He may have learnt his lesson and ran away to never see you again, but that’s not me. I got Ashton, Blake, Ryan and even Nate.” My eyes widen in fear. He got the whole of Kane’s gang.

I never really knew Ashton and Ryan. I think they were pressured into joining the gang. Nate and Blake however were not. They were needy and did everything they were told. They both tortured me back when Kane got a hold of me.

“I have to leave now Angel. Don’t worry I’ll send one of my members in. I’m sure you guys will have fun.” He then walks out leaving me scared and worried.

I sob into my hands. Not even minutes go by when Blake steps into the room. He has a belt in one hand and a knife in the other.

Taking a threatening step towards me her roughly pulls me up by my wrists and pushed me against the wall.

“P-please stop!” I shout pleadingly.

“SHUT UP!” He bellows striking me with the stick. I scream out in pain and hold my ribs. He continues to abuse me. Each hit with the stick and each cut with the knife causes more of my walls to come crashing down.

By the time Blake is finished I am laying on the floor all bloody and bruised. The one thing that runs through my mind is when is someone coming to save me. Or will they ever.

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