The Nerd's Secret

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Chapter 24 - Plan Into Action

I jump awake when I hear the clatter of what sounds like a plate. My eyes open wide and I see Nate towering above me with a glass of water in his hand. I look down to see a pile of bread on the floor and a plate turned upside down next to it.

“Sorry the plate fell. You can just eat the food of the floor.” Nate began.

I stay silent as a he walks towards me. Kneeling down on the floor across from me he places the water next to me. He brings his hand up to my cheek. I wince as he grazes over the fresh cut made by Blake.

“Dayum that boy got you real good.”

I look down to see keys hanging from his pocket. Maybe if I can knock him out I could get them off him.

I head butt him quickly then stand up. He holds his head groaning.

“Big mistake bitch.” He bellows standing up.

I turn to punch his temple in attempt to knock him out but he catches my wrist and twists it making me fall to the ground.

Punch in the stomach, Kick in the leg, slap across the cheek, each and every punch, kick or slap my hope for survival slowly dies.

“Next time you want to escape don’t even think about trying to fight me.” He threatens in my face. His nose is touching mine and I can smell the smoke from his breath. I try to back away but he grabs my face and presses his lips to mine. I keep trying to back away but he would just kiss me harder.

“Lay down.” He commands. I shake my head no backing away knocking down the water in process.

“LAY DOWN NOW!” He screeches. I gulp and he pushes my shoulders down making my lay flat on my back. I sob staring up at the blank ceiling.

“Shut up!” He slaps my face. I bite my lips in attempt to be quiet. He climbs on top of me and roughly pushed his lips to mine. I squirm under his hold but it’s no use.

I was going to be raped. And it’s not the first time it’s happened.

(Aaron’s POV) - Monday Morning at school. (Mia has not been taken yet)

I was making my way down the hall to find Mia, when Amber pushes me behind a set of stairs.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I ask her angrily. I was really not in the mood today.

“Why do you hand out with that nerd, she’s nobody. Why have her when you can have me.” She steps forward planting her disgusting lips on mine. I reach around her trying to push her off but she just kisses harder. Urgh.

I hear a noise. Sounds like a book dropping. Amber pulls away from me. Finally! I look up to see Mia panting looking out of breath. She has tear streaks down her face and I see her eyes glisten from a new batch getting ready to fall. She turns and runs away.

“Mia! Mia come back. She came onto me!” I shout running down the hall after her. I get out into the parking lot but she is long gone.

I get my phone out and try to call her but it goes straight to voicemail. Looking through my phone I see I have a new voice message.

“A-Aaron he’s c-co-coming back f-for me. Hel-help me Aaron.” I shut my phone angrily and throw it down on the floor making it smash into pieces.

They have Mia and I wasn’t there to protect her. All because of Amber. That bitch!

They took the one girl who helped me with my father. All the other girls I dated didn’t give a shit about me and Jordan, but Mia. Mia helped me, she made me whole again and I think I actually love her.

Quickly running to Kyle’s class I motion for him to come quickly. He obeys and we both walk out the school to the parking lot with me explaining everything along the way.

“Okay we need to tell Nikki. Drive to her place and we will sort it all out from there.” He instructs me. I nod my head getting into the truck and driving. I need to save my girl.

Finally reaching Nikki’s apartment we rush inside not even giving her a chance to say anything.

“Okay Mia has been kidnapped by who we think is Jake. She left me a voice mail on my now broken phone. The last time I saw her was a couple of minutes ago. We both tried to ring her but she won’t answer.” I explain.

“Well, what happened exactly? There is something you’re not telling me.” Nikki points out.

I sigh before telling her what happened.

“This morning I was looking for Mia. Then Amber, she’s a bitch just to clarify, comes up to me and stars to make out with me. I try pushing her away but she doesn’t. She pulls away when she hears and noise and I look to see Mia looking terrified. She had been crying previously and I think when she ran out the school was the time when she got kidnapped.” Nikki groans frustrated.

“I’m going to call Cole and the Charlie’s school and get Mary-Anne to pick Olivia, Charlie and Jordan up. You guys go check her house. Then meet up at the park we are going to do everything we need to find her, and trust me we need to. Especially with the things she had been through before.” She commands us. We both leave her house rushing to Mia’s new one.

We checked Mia’s house and soon discovered that she was not there. Kyle and I have just arrived at the park. As we get out the car we see Nikki and Cole standing against the car.

I never really talked to Cole but I guess he’s cool.

“Okay we are going to check every place the gang had been including all the warehouses. She is most likely going to be at a warehouse. You know the usual drug dealing places so we will check there first. Now get in my car. I’ll drive us.” She finished quickly stepping into her Silver car. Once we were all in she sped off in the direction of the warehouse.

Don’t worry Mia. I’m coming to save you…

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