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Chapter 25 - Friendly?

(Mia’s POV)

I feel disgusting. My head is pounding and I am slowly losing blood. My cuts aren’t healing and I have no energy. I haven’t eaten in 20 hours. I know I’m about to die. I’m losing too much blood.

The wooden door opens once again but this time I don’t look up to see who it is. I don’t care anymore. I’ve given up hope.

“Mia? Mia?” The soft delicate voice calls. I stir around. Turning around I see Ashton and Ryan. Ashton holding a plate of food and Ryan with a bottle of water. I quickly sit up.

“Jake, Blake and Nate have just left for a dealing. Ashton and I stayed back to ‘keep an eye on you’.” Ryan gently tells me. They both sit down opposite me.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I ask cautiously.

“Were trying to help you.” Ashton pushes the plate towards me and I instantly devourer the food.

“Why would you want to help me? I thought you would want to use me.” I countered.

“Because we never asked to be in Jake’s gang. We didn’t have a choice. Give us a number and we’ll call for you or you can use my cell to call for help. Whoever you call tell them to meet Ashton and I outside the green crates at the end of Black Burn road. From then on we will work together to take down Jake and the others.” Ryan suggests pulling his phone out. He hands it to me and I quickly type in Nikki’s number.

I would have called Aaron but flash backs of what happened yesterday in the school hall came back to me. I thought he loved me. I knew for a fact I loved him. Yet he decides to go and cheat on me with that fucking bitch!

Pushing the thoughts out my head I press the call button and put the phone up to my ear.

“Hello?” I hear Nikki’s voice answer.

“Ni-Nikki it’s me. It’s Mia. You need to come to the end of Black Burn road. Two guys called Ashton and Ryan will be there waiting by the green crates. You need to hurry before Jake comes back Nikki. Ju-just help me.” I plead through the phone.

“Okay. We’re coming Mia! Just know Aaron didn’t kiss Amber. He was trying to pull away but she wouldn’t let him.” Nikki informs me. I nod even though she can’t see me.

“I gotta go. I’ll see you soon.” I then hang up the phone and pass it back to Ryan.

“Thank you so much for helping me. You better go before he comes back. And take the food and stuff with you. I don’t want you in trouble.” I tell them. They nod before taking the food and walking out.

I lean my head against the wall and think. Did what Nikki say about Aaron really true? I mean he always used to talk about how much he disliked her. Why would he make out with her?

Still doesn’t answer my question about how he ignored me the whole morning.

I jump up in fright when I hear the door bang wide open. There stands Jake with a knife in one hand and a gun in the other. I gulp as he walks closer to me.

“I JUST LOST A DRUG DEAL AND IT’S YOUR ENTIRE FAULT!” He exclaims in my face striking me with the knife across my arm.

“N-no it’s no-not.” I whimper backing away. Oh how weak I’ve gotten…

“Don’t tell me what it’s not!” He shouts once again. This time he brings the knife to my arm and carves the word orphan in my arm then puts a number 17 at the end.

“You’re a lowlife orphan and the number? Well the number tells everyone you were just 17 when it happened. He holds the gun up and points it to my head.

I let out a sob and clench my wet eyes shut.

“Time to die Angel.” He whispers. I hear a gunshot but it wasn’t Jakes gun. As Jake falls to the ground holding his chest in which the bullet hit another gun goes off. This time it’s Jakes.

I fall to ground realising that the bullet hit me in my shoulder.

“MIA!” I hear a voice shout. I don’t comprehend anything. I don’t know who the voice was, or who my saviour was because I am pulled into darkness.

(Aaron’s POV)

After Nikki got the phone call from Mia we were all getting into two cars and driving to the warehouse. Nikki guessed right, Blackburn warehouse. As we reach the green crate we see two guys standing there.

“Hey!” I shout running to them with Kyle and the others on my trail.

“Okay we don’t have much time. Jake is in there and he is going to do something real bad.” I don’t let them finish because I run straight pass him and into the building with Cole following me.

“Dude you go get your girl. I’ll deal with the others.” He ordered, throwing me a gun. I lock and load then run in the direction of faint sobbing.

I reach a door and inside I see Mia held up against a wall and Jake pointing a gun to her head. Before he gets the chance to shoot I pull the trigger on my gun and shoot Jake in the back. He immediately falls to the ground but in the process he shoots his gun resulting in the bullet hitting Mia in the shoulder. She falls to the ground and falls unconscious.

“MIA!” I call falling to my knees beside her. I put her head in my lap and stroke her hair. I feel for a pulse and find a very weak on.

I pick her up bridal style and carry her out to my car. I need to get her to a hospital. I need to save my girl.

Cole, Nikki, Kyle, Emma, Dylan, Charlie, Olivia, Jordan, Mary-Anne and I have been waiting at the hospital for about 2 hours now. The kids are all feeling sleepy and the rest of us are worried.

Dr Lindsey comes up to us to inform us on Mia’s condition.

“She has a lot of cuts and bruises. She has broken ribs and lost a lot of blood when she got shot in the shoulder. She was sleeping but I think she is awake now, you can go in and see her if you want. The room is really big so you will fit.” We all release a sigh of relief.

“Come on Charlie. Let’s go see Mommy.” I smile down at him grabbing his hand. Olivia and Jordan follow behind us Olivia and Charlie both upset.

Reaching her room I turn to the others.

“Do you mind if we go in first quickly. I need to clear things up with her.” I questioned motioning to me and Charlie.

They all nod yes whilst Charlie holds his arms up asking for me to carry him. I take him in my arms and walk through the hospital door.

Instantly Charlie buries his head in the crook of my neck not wanting to see Mia in this condition. She is hooked up to an I.V and Heart monitor. Tubes are all over her and she is wearing a white hospital gown.

“Hey Mia.” I greet softly sitting down on her bed beside her, Charlie still by my side.

“Hey Aaron. Hey Charlie bear.” Her voice croaky. I pass her some water and she drinks it quickly wanting to hydrate herself.

Charlie looks up to Mia and presses a sweet his to Mia’s cheek.

“I missed you Mommy.” Charlie cries.

“Awwh I missed you too sweetie. Why don’t you sit on that Chair while I talk to Aaron a minute, then you can lay down with me? He nods jumping of Aarons lap and sitting on the chair watching the TV.

“You saved me Aaron.” She smiles at me grabbing my hand.

“Of course I did. I couldn’t let the woman I love die.” I admit. I just said I love her…

She freezes looking at me in shock.

“w-what happened with Amber?” She wonders aloud. I shake my head chuckling.

“She wanted me to stay away from you but when I said no she was like ‘your mine’ I tried to push her away but she would continue to make out with me. When I saw your face hopeless and heartbroken I knew in that moment I love you.” I responded truthfully.

“I love you too Aaron. Always and Forever.” I lean down to kiss her lips. They mould perfectly, moving in sync.

“EWWWW!” Charlie protests tugging on my hand. I smile into the kiss and pull away. Looking down I notice her arm.

“What did he do?” I ask annoyed.

“He wrote the word Orphan 17 on my arm.” She whispers looking down. I take her hand and rub my thumb over it.

“He can never hurt you now. He’s gone. Along with Nate and Blake. Ashton and Ryan were the good guys so they got away. But they won’t be bothering us. I’ll protect you.”

(Mia’s POV)

After everyone came in to see how I was doing they left. Charlie went to stay at Mary-Anne’s house so I offered if Aaron wanted to stay in mine whilst I recover.

So after they left I was all alone. Aaron wanted to stay with me but I refused to let him leave Jordan on his own.

I love Aaron and he was my saviour. I learned many things in the past 2 days but one thing that always sticks in my mind is to Never give up.

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