The Nerd's Secret

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Chapter 26 - Stars Stars Stars and Albert Austin?

Weeks have passed and I am finally out to the hospital. I am fully recovered and healed and I can live the rest of my life knowing I will not be in danger by those who had hurt me.

Right now Aaron, Jordan, Charlie, Olivia
and I are all sitting in my living room watching movies. Olivia sleeps over our house a lot but to be honest I don’t mind. Her, Jordan and Charlie have become really close recently and ever since that day at the sea life centre they have been running around pretending to be spy’s. It’s cute really.

I let my head fall into Aarons lap and I hear him jump and moan. Whoops. Then I get up and quickly take the Kids to their rooms. They are all sleeping in Charlie’s room. Walking back down the stairs I sit back down and plop my head on Aarons lap once more. He groans once again and shifts his body.

Let’s have some fun!

I sit up and straddle him wrapping my arms around his neck. “W-what are you doing?” He stutters as I move my face closer to his.

“Letting loose.” I whisper in his ear. I then begin to trail kisses down his jaw line and to his neck. I suck on his sweat spot as he tilts his neck back to allow me more access.

“Mmhm, Mia.” He moans. He places his hands on my hips and when I least expect his he pushes me down against the sofa and climbs above me. I smirk up at him as he grins down.

“Who knew a nerd could be so sexy.” He mutters kissing my neck now and trying to find my sweet spot.

“Mmmmh A-Aaron.” I moan tilting my head back he stops sucking and places his perfectly warm, pink lips to mine. Our lips move in sync and he slips his hands under my shirt making me gasp as he cups one of my breasts. He took this as a chance to slip his toung into my mouth.

We fight for dominance but in the end he wins anyway. What only feels like seconds later yet it’s only minutes we pull away gasping for oxygen.

I lean for forehead against his and whisper, “I love you.” He pecks my lips and responds back.

“I love you too.”

“Finally! We did it Aaron we graduated!” I cheer bringing him into a hug. We had just graduated and now we are both going to celebrate.

“I knew we could do it baby.” He presses his lips to mine. Pulling away I remember something.

“Aaron after we have done celebrating we have to go somewhere okay?” I mention as we get into my new car. Yup I finally got my new car. Well it was from Nikki and Mary-Anne as a graduation present. It was a big family car. A Black Audi Q7. I love it so much. I know it may be a bit much but I could say I deserve it.

“Aaron where are you taking me. And you better be careful with Alex.” I say referring to my car. Yeah you got it; Aaron is driving my car because he has planned a surprise for me, although I have no idea where we are. All I see is greenery. There are a bunch of trees and hills.

“Just was babe. It will be worth it. And Alex will be fine.” He assures me. I just nod my head and turn the radio up bouncing my head and softly humming to the music.

After about 2 hours of me begging Aaron to tell me where we are going and annoying him because we drove for so long we have finally reached our destination. It is starting to get dark but it’s not dark enough to not see everything.

“Come on. It’s just up here.” He takes my hand and leads us to a beautiful tree. Lights are hung up all around and a picnic blanket it neatly laid out on the ground. There is food and drink along with a telescope. I wonder what that is for.

“It’s a recreation of our first date.” He concluded motioning for me to sit down next to him. I obey and sit down; he immediately wraps his arms around me.

“I love it Aaron.” I sigh out. “It’s beautiful.”

“Just like you” I hear him whisper quietly, making me blush.

“Now for your present!” He reaches into the picnic basket and takes out a silver envelope with my name written on the front.

I give him a questioning look as if to say ‘what’s this’. He just tells me to open it. And I do.

I gasp at what’s inside. Pulling out a sheet of white crisp paper I skim over it.

“You brought me a star?”

“I sure did. I also got you this.” He hands me a box and inside lays a silver pendant of a star. On each point of the star are a letter and a stone. C at the top, A on the left point, M on the right point, O on the bottom right and J on the bottom left.

“It’s all of our names. Well just the first letter since the whole name wouldn’t fit. It’s our family. Charlie, Me, You, Olivia and Jordan. I took the kids with me to get it made and they helped me pick a design.

I smile up at him and turn around and hold up my hair giving him access to the back of my neck. He takes the necklace from me and clips it on. I turn and give him a huge hug and kiss.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too, now the telescope. That is to locate your star. The co-ordinates are on the sheet somewhere so we will spend all night looking if we have to but were not leaving till we find it.”

“Okay, well let’s get going.” I order.

We finally found the star. It was a lot of work doing so but we did it. Time after we packed away I gave Aaron the address to my old house. Nobody lives there now but I remember that my father told Aaron, who told me to “Look under the stars.” Nobody knew what that meant but my mother, father and I.

Finally reaching the small house I offer Aaron to come inside. I can’t break the lock but I could pick it, however I already know there are a set of key hidden behind a bush to the side of my front door.

I retrieve the keys and put them in the door. Turning the key I step inside and am instantly engulfed in the smell of my old life. You know how they say certain smells can bring back memories? well the smell of my home brings back the memoires of my mom and dad. I walk past everything I was once used to and walked up the wooden stairs to my bedroom but not before going into the kitchen and grabbing a knife. Aaron gives me a slightly worried look but I just motion for him to follow.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t come and live here when I was on the streets is because I knew Jake and Kane would track me and I do not want those people in my old home.

Creaking open the door of my bedroom I hesitantly walking inside and see the whole room blank. My things were all moved to my new house, apart for my bed and wardrobe.

“Under the stars.” I mumble walking to my bed. Finally I get to know what my parents had kept from me all those years. They were to say if anything bad ever happened to them, I should look under the stars.

I slowly pull the mattress of my bed and flip it over. Getting the knife I picked up from the kitchen I rip open the bottom of the mattress. Inside I see a small wooden box with my name on it. Taking it out I throw the knife on the floor and slide my back down my old bedroom wall holding the box tightly.

I see Aaron sit down next to me. He gives me a reassuring smile which makes all my worries go away.

Letting out a breath I open the box and see a post-it note and a business card.

The post-it note reads:

To our Angel,

You may be wondering why we wanted you to wait until you open this box, but it was for your own good. We are truly sorry if you are disappointed in only finding a card and a piece of paper but trust us and ring the number on the business card and this man will give you all the answers you need.

Just remember we always will love you.

Mom and Dad xxxx

I sniff and blink the tears I have been holding in back. Pulling out the card I see a number and a name. A name in which I know too well, the man who was in gym one time whilst playing dodge ball, the man who was at the park when Aaron’s father was taken away, the man who saw me at the sea life centre. The man who claims his name as Albert Austin…

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