The Nerd's Secret

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Chapter 27 - The Truth

Aaron and I ended up going back to my house. Mary-Anne has the kids and I said I will be picking them up about now. So as I am on my way to get them Aaron asks me a question.

“Soo, this Albert guy… Are you going to call him?” I knew it would only be a matter of time when he decides to bring it up.

“I think I will. I mean I want to know what big secret they were keeping from me and they say this guy has all the info then I’ll give him a call tonight and ask to meet up with him tomorrow. Do you mind looking after Charlie?” I thought answering his question.

“Well it’s good that your sorting it all out and I don’t mind really, he will have Jordan and Olivia to play with so I’m sure it will be all good.” He replies as I turn into the road to the orphanage.

Switching the engine of I reach for the door handle when Aarons warm, soft hand grabs my wrist. I turn around and give him a questioning look.

“I’ll go in and get them. Stay here, I’ll be back in a minute.” He pecks my lips before climbing out the car and walking into the children’s home.

I sigh and relax my head back on the seat of my new car. I’m only 18 almost 19 and I have been through a lot. I have a 7 year old child who I deeply love. I practically look after his best friend who looks up to me as her mother. I have the most amazing boyfriend who I also deeply love as well as his little brother. Even though I may not have any parents I still have a family of my own who cares about me like I care for them.

I am suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when the passenger door opens and Aaron steps in. Turning around I see Charlie, Jordan and Olivia jumping happily in their seats.

“What’s got all you so excited?” I laugh out turning back around in my seat.

“Well when Aaron came to get us we were playing spies so he joined in and helped us get Charlie who was the baddie and he said that we were all very good spies. Mia can we all be spies when we grow up?” Olivia got out joyfully. I smile and nod my head yes.

“I think you will all make brilliant spies.” I say truthfully driving back home.

“Hello, is this Albert Austin?” I ask through the phone.

“Yes this is he. May I ask who is calling?” His voice speaks through the phone.

“It’s Mia Brooks. You know we have actually met a few times but I would really appreciate if we could meet up tomorrow to talk some things out.” I explained crossing my fingers in hope he would say yes.

“Ahh yes Ms.Brooks, meet me tomorrow at the café on the corner of Round Street at 1:30pm. I’m sure you remember my appearance so there is no need to tell you. But I will see you then Okay?”

“Okay. I will see you later.” I end hanging up the phone. I sigh falling down onto my bed.

“Did it go okay?” I hear Aaron’s husky voice asks.

Everyone is sleeping and it’s about 11:30 at night. I am absolutely exhausted. I feel the bed tip down next to where I lay.

“I’m meeting him tomorrow at 1:30 to talk things out.” I repeat the information Mr Austin gave me.

“Well I’m happy for you babe.” He tells me laying down and wrapping his arms around me. I snuggle closer to him.

“Hmmm, goodnight.” I mumble in his chest. He reaches over to turn the light out and then kisses my forehead.

“Goodnight. Love you.”

“Love you too baby.” I reply my eyes finally closing and getting the rest they need.

“Okay I’m leaving now. I’ll see you all later. Love you!” I shout to everyone then walking out the door. It is finally the time to meet Albert and to say I’m nervous is an understatement. I mean I see this guy everywhere.

After reaching my destination I take a deep breath and walk up to the familiar looking man taking a seat from across him.

“Hello again.” He greets.


“So I’m going to tell you everything you want to know but first are there any questions you want answered?” He wonders taking a sip of his coffee.

“Well, I would like to know why you have been watching me. I mean first in the gym, then at the park then at the sea life centre.” I point out remembering all the times I had seen him.

“I was protecting you. It seems as though I didn’t do a very good job though flashing back to recent events.” What does he mean protecting me? Before I can say anything he continues his story.

“Before you’re parents died I was an extremely good friend of theirs. In fact I worked with them. I work for the S.I.O. It stands for Secret, Intelligence, Organisation. Your parents were spies, but they were the two best spies in the world meaning they were head of the S.I.O. The S.I.O is similar to the CIA however the S.I.O is much unknown. Very few people know about it.

I was told by your father that if they were to pass away or get kidnapped I would be the one to watch over you. Not take you in but watch over you and make sure you didn’t get in trouble. I spent a lot of time trying to find you after you left your home but it was useless. I never gave up though. You mother didn’t want you to know about their job. She said it was too much of a risk and that you would be in danger. I am extremely sorry Mia for not protecting you.”

I sit there looking at him with wide eyes. My parents were spies and they sent this man to look over me after they passed.

“Who takes their place in head of the S.I.O?” I pondered.

“That would be you Ms Brooks.” I stare at him my jaw dropped.

“W-what?” I stutter unable to believe that I am a leader of an organisation of spies.

“Since you are the daughter of your parents you are now the leader of the SIO.”

“I don’t want to be the leader. However as I already am, I would like 3 people to take my place. They are young however they have more of a chance than I do. Yes I can fight but they can be taught at a younger age therefore when they are older they will be professionals. They can learn different languages and I know they will definitely be committed to the job.” I conclude.

“It is your decision Ms Brooks however, I do hope you know you should choose very wisely about this.” He recommends.

“Don’t worry sir I know they are perfect for the job.” I reassure.

“Very well then. May I ask who these people are?”

“Their names are Jordan Miller, Olivia Evans and Charlie Brooks and I would like to have them take my place as leaders of the S.I.O.” I finish off smiling greatly at him.

Soon after my meeting with Albert I finally arrived home. He told me to call him Albert as I am practically his leader.

“Guy’s I’m home and I have some exciting news!” I call out taking of my shoes and putting my keys on the hook by the door.

I see everyone come down the stairs and follow me into the living room. I motion for them to sit and Aaron gives me a quizzical look sitting down too.

“So as you know I went to find out about my parents…” And so I explained. It didn’t take me too long. The kids knew exactly what I was talking about and I have no idea how but they did.

“So I am now leader of the S.I.O. The S.I.O is a special agency for spies, however I have given up the job to someone else.” I look to Charlie, Olivia and Jordan and kneel down to face them.

“Do you remember how you guys told me you want to be spies in the future?” They nod quickly and excitedly.

“Well I have given up my job to you three.” I announce.

“You will be training to be a spy in a secret place and when you are older you will go on missions, just like you do now only it will be 100 per cent real. However you can’t tell anyone about this okay?” They all nod wrap their arms around me bringing me into a bone crushing hug.

I am finally happy. I have a family and I got to give the 4 most important people in my life everything they wanted. I pull out the hug and the kids run up the stairs chanting at how they are going to spies. Turning to Aaron I see a humungous smile on his face.

“You made me the happiest boyfriend in the world. Thank you. Jordan would always go on about how he wanted to be a spy and now you have given him the opportunity to actually be one.” He pulls me into a long passionate kiss. This kiss is by far the best one we have ever had. The cliché sparks are flying and everything in my life is perfect.

“He deserves it and so do you.” I breathe leaning my forehead against his.

“Now you’re a nerd with No secrets.” He chuckles. I nod agreeing.

“I love you.” He states.

“I love you too, Aaron.”

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