The Nerd's Secret

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(Mia’s POV)

10 years have gone extremely quick. Charlie, Olivia and Jordan are all 17 whilst I am 28.

Aaron and I got married at 24 and had a child of our own who is now 4 years old. She is an adorable little girl and we both decided to name her Isabella after Aaron’s mother.

Emma and Dylan also got married and had a little baby boy called Eliot who is now 6. Nikki and Cole hooked up a few times and practically couldn’t live without each other and they are also married.

Olivia, Jordan and Charlie are closer than ever now. After they joined the SIO they all became closer together. I think Charlie and Olivia have a little thing going on but they won’t admit they like each other. Aaron and I think they are bound to end up together one day. Jordan however, looks to Olivia as a sister.

We have come really far with our family and I am glad I met Aaron.

My job, well I am a self-defence teacher. I never gave up on fighting and I never will. I have gotten even better over the years and I sometimes even help the spies with their training.

“Mom, Olivia and I are going out. Jordan is at Michael’s house.” Charlie shouts running out the front door with Olivia. Michael is Jordan’s friend. I have no clue how they met but they do hang out a lot.

Now for Olivia and Charlie that’s usual behaviour. They are always out together either hanging around or doing Mini missions.

I walk into the bedroom where Aaron lays on the Mini couch we have.

“I’m glad we found each other.” I tell him sitting next to him wrapping my arms around him.

“I’m glad we found each other too.” He pecks my forehead.

Because if we never found each other I would still be a nerd with a secret…

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