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Chapter 2 - Hello Angel

Finally the last bell for the day rings. Dylan is taking Emma straight to their date destination while I walk home. I don’t really mind missing training today as it is my birthday and Charlie really wanted me home so we could watch movies.

Finding my way through the parking lot I walk out the gate and trot down the road. I was very lucky to have not seen Aaron or any of his friends throughout the rest of the day; I know if I had seen them again I would lose it. I don’t have anger issues I just hate being aggravated.

I suddenly come to a stop when I feel shivers run down my spine and a stench of alcohol breathing down my neck. I turn to look and see my ex-boyfriend, wait ex-abusive-boyfriend Jake, standing directly behind me. I still remember him, the horrid memories locked away aching to escape.

“Well hello my sweet Angel. Long-time no see!” I wince at the name as he slowly moves his hands to my waist and pulls me into him. His touch make me frown and shiver in disgust.

“I told you not to call me that. Why are you here?” I whisper. My heart is beating faster than a boom box on full blast. He knows I don’t like being called angel. It’s like the memories have broken the super secure pad lock and are now floating free in the air.

“Angel, Your dad and I are popping out to get some of your birthday things. We won’t be too long! Love you.” My mother shouted out to me.

Little did I know that, that was going to be the last time I saw her.

“Okay Mom! Love you too!” I shouted back as I continued to paint my nails.

An hour or 2 later I got a call from the hospital saying they were both involved in a car crash. The other driver was drunk and was not paying attention on the roads because he was on the phone.

The impact of the crash was so bad that both my parents were dead in an instant…

I snap out of my memory when Jakes hands travel higher up my waist. I would fight but there are too many people here and if anybody from school sees they would treat me differently and I hate attention.

“Oh Mia, I told you not to leave me, yet one day I woke up to see a letter saying you were leaving for London. Did you really think you would be able to get away that easily Angel” Exaggerating the last word did not make this any easier to maintain my anger. Okay maybe I do have anger problems…

I wriggle out of his hold and drag him down the road into a dark alley way. Looking around to see if I could see anybody. I notice a group of boys who look like Aaron and his jocks standing on the opposite end of the alley way.

I guess I will have to make this quick.

“Well Angel if you wanted to make out you could have just said.” He grabs my waist, pulls me into him and smashes his lips to mine. I struggle to get out but he only kisses harder. Tears form in my eyes but I’m not weak anymore. I can taste the horrible smoke and liquor on his toung which only makes me even sicker.

I bring my knee up and hit him in the crotch making sure I have a tight grip on his shoulder. I pull his body in giving me more power and tuck my head in his chest for protection. Then with all I have I flip him over my shoulder making Jake immediately land on his back as he falls to the floor in pain, his eyes clenched shut as he bites his bottom lip drawing blood. Ha! classic move, but I’m not quite done yet.

Using my elbow I jab it onto his shoulder and finally I kick in his ribs. I’m pretty sure I heard a crack. He whimpers and curses me as his pain intensifies. Seeing him hurt doesn’t even faze me, this is nothing compared to the shit he put me through.

After I finish beating the shit out of him, I kneel down so that my lips are near his ear and I whisper the words I never had the courage to say before.

“If you dare call me Angel again or even come back to me I will not threat to put you in the hospital.”

And with that I walk away, in the opposite direction of the boys who were smoking and looked to be in a serious conversation. Well then..My definition of discreet is obviously not accurate. At least they didn’t see anything. Wiping my lips to get all the slobbery mess of off them, I continue to walk home. I’m in desperate need of mouth wash.

I shiver a little then speed walk back home a little shaken up by my encounter with Jake. I arrive back at the orphanage 10 minutes later.

As soon as I open the door I see little Charlie and Olivia running down the stairs. I’m guessing he made a new friend today. What happened to “girls have cooties”?

“Mia! Your back! How was your birthday?” I run and hug Charlie. He hugs me back then looks in my eyes smiling widely.

“It was okay Charlie Bear. How about we go watch movies with ice cream. Olivia can join us too.” I say deciding to be brief, Charlie’s way to young to know about anything that happened today. I nod in the direction of Olivia, motioning Charlie to include her in our movie night.

“Yaaaaaay! Come on Olivia. Let’s go and pick out some movies.”

Olivia giggles when Charlie runs past her while grabbing her hand and both making their way upstairs.

I smile at how cute they are before walking into the kitchen to get some ice cream.

“Hello Mia dear. Is everything okay?” Mary Anne asks as she walks into the kitchen with Toby in her arms. Toby was another little boy. He was only 3 years old though.

“Hey Mary Anne. Yeah everything’s fine. I’m going to watch some movies with Olivia and Charlie then I might head out to visit the cemetery.”

“Okay sweetie. Let me know if you need anything” She flashes me a sympathetic smile before walking out of the kitchen and heading towards the living room. I hum and bite the inside of my cheek as I walk around the kitchen, trying to keep my thoughts from turning bad at this moment.

I get three bowls of and put a scoop of chocolate ice cream in each bowl. I remember Charlie wanted sprinkles so I sprinkle some sprinkles, then I head upstairs to my room to see Charlie and Olivia sitting on my bed with the movie Monsters Inc on pause. I set the bowls down on the little bedside table then run to the bathroom.

I then open the glass cabinet and pull out a bottle of Colgate mouth wash. After squeezing some into the cap, I throw it back into my mouth letting the blue minty liquid swish around. I make sure to get every corner, desperate to get any evidence of Jake off of me.

I spit the mouth wash out then run the tap washing the sink. Smiling tightly at myself in the mirror I wipe my lips then walk back to the bedroom.

Seeing Charlie and Olivia snuggled in together makes a small smile dance on my face. Oh how I wish to be that young and happy again.

I jump in between them then hand them each their bowls of ice cream and play the movie, waiting for the minutes to go by until I can visit my parents.

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