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Chapter 3 - Visiting Mom and Dad

1 and a half Disney movies later Olivia and Charlie are asleep cuddled to my side. It’s now 6:30pm and I want to go and visit my parents before it gets dark. I hate going to the cemetery when it is dark. Kinda creepy don’t ya think.

Slowly climbing out of my bed I make sure I don’t wake either Charlie or Olivia. I tiptoe to the door and head downstairs to Mary Anne’s office and let her know I’m going out.

After slipping on my black converse and hoodie I head out the door and drive down to the cemetery. I would walk but it’s too far and my feet are hurting from gym today at school.

And you know what they say, don’t walk alone in the dark…it’s so easy to trip and fall.

I park a little down the road then cut the engine before heading towards their graves.

The breeze is light but still whips through my hair and makes the green leaves on the trees fall off landing on a pile on the floor. Looks like Autumn is coming quicker than I thought.

I walk past a spread of daisies and bend down, I gently pick a few then lay them in my hand admiring their beauty.

I look around and see that I’m the only one here. I stand back up straight, still holding my daisies and walk till I reach my Mother and Fathers grave and sit down in front of them.

“Hey Mom. Hey Dad. So today is my birthday and you probably seen everything that happened today. I can’t take it without you here. I feel empty and there is nobody to make me feel whole again. I ran into Jake today and when he did what he did I almost broke right there. But I didn’t. I didn’t because you taught me to be strong.

I still remember that day when I came home from school with a black eye and scrapes on my knee. I remember refusing to go back to school but then, Mom, you told me ‘Don’t let people break your stance, even if they know your weakness use it against them and if you fall it shows you fell trying’

I never forgot those words Mom. They kept me going when I was weak and that one sentence was the thing that kept me fighting.”

By now tears were pouring down my face and my hands are shaking.

“Dad. I remember when I used to be scared of lightening. Every time it was raining down hard you always came into my room and read me a story to put me a sleep. You would stroke my hair in soothing motions and sing to me.

Mostly I will never forget the times when you both called me Angel. I miss you calling me Angel.”

I smiled at the thought of it.

It was dark now and I hadn’t realised it was now 7:45pm. Wow time goes by fast.

“Thank you for everything you did for me. I am so grate full to have had parents like you.”

I ran my hand over the graves, gently laying the daisies down.

In loving Memory of Clarissa Brooks

A loving mother and wife


In loving Memory of Peter Brooks

A loving father and husband


“I love you.”

And with that I walked away, knowing I will be visiting again sooner that I think.

My tears have now been dried up by the wind and my hands have stopped shaking.

I climb into the driver’s seat of my white Jeep. Mary Anne got it for me a week or two ago claiming it was an early happy 18th birthday gift.

I hear a faint beeping sound and look down to see I need gas. As I look up I see a bright light shining right at me. I take both hands off the wheel and cover my eyes with my fore arms.

The last thing I remember was the loud sound of the glass shattering before everything went black.


I am awoken to hear the faint sound of beeping. It sounds like a heart monitor. I try to open my eyes but I can’t. It feels like they are glued shut. My head is throbbing really badly.

“When do you think she will wake up nurse?” I hear a deep voice ask.

“I’m not sure. She got hit pretty badly and I’m sorry to say she may never wake up” I’m assuming the nurse replies. Is she stupid? I’m awake. I feel like getting up and moving out of this bed but I can’t.


The heart rate monitor starts speeding up. I’m guessing it’s because I am forcing myself to not slip back into the darkness.

“Wait! What’s happening? Is she waking up!?” The deep voice asked in panic.

“Mr.Miller I will need you to remain calm. Yes there is a possibility that she will wake up.” The nurse replied calmly. What the fuck. This bitch just said I may never wake up, now she’s saying there’s a possibility.

Wait! Miller. I know that name and that voice, its Aaron. As soon as his name comes to mind my eyes shoot open to see a tall figure casting over the side of my hospital bed.

It’s Aaron. Why is Aaron Miller in my hospital room and why has he got an arm cast and a huge gash running across his fore head?!

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