The Nerd's Secret

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Chapter 4 - Explanations

My mind is all mumble-jumble. The last thing I remember was driving to get gas before I blacked out.

“Nurse what happened and why is he,” I point to incredibly handsome jerk face, aka Aaron, “here.”

The nurse sighs looking at me as if she just stepped on a dirty banana peel. What did I ever do to her, she picks up my file before answering.

“You got into a car crash. Your boyfriend here wa-“Wait! Did she say boyfriend. Oh Hell no!

“Hold up lady. This guy is not my boyfriend why the hell is he even here!” I exclaim waving my hands around like a lunatic. Can you blame me? Stuck in a hospital bed, having no idea what happened, having your bully, correction, sexy-bully standing over you and a fucking crooked nose, grey haired witch of a nurse who is getting on my very last nerve!

“Miss Brooks is you would please just let me explain” The nurse said slightly getting annoyed at me. Pft bitch, I’m the one who should be annoyed at you.

I look over at Aaron and see a smirk on his face as usual. Grrr, I swear I’ll punch him square in the jaw.

“Well as I was saying. You were in a vehicle collision with this young man. He was not the driver that you crashed into but was in the same car. The driver is Mr Miller’s friend Jace Wills. It appears that you were driving on the wrong side of the road and caused you to end up in this situation.” I was on the wrong side of the road..? I guess I’ve not been with it recently…

“You have a concussion and a broken leg which you will have to keep elevated. You have a few minor cuts which have been stitched up and a few bruises which will heal in a few days.”

My mind is absolutely blank. How stupid am I to get into a car crash on the same day as my birthday and the same day my parents got into a crash a year from now. I am surprised I am not dead.

But that still doesn’t explain why witchy called Aaron my boyfriend. The nurse walked over to me and handed me a cup with a pill inside it and shoved a glass of water in my hands; making a bit spill onto my hand. I roll my eyes at her and scoff before taking the pill. I set the empty glass down on the bedside table and sigh.

“FUCK! It had to be today of all day’s.” I cursed under my breath and looked up to see the nurse with wide eyes and Aaron to be amused.

“Wit- I mean nurse, this guy is NOT my boyfriend. Why is he here anyway?”

“I think I will let you two talk, let me know if you need anything.” She grumbled and before I could protest she was out the door faster than lightening…stupid witch.

I turned my head to look at Aaron. He looks slightly guilty. I wonder what that’s about.

“Well…why is my so called ‘boyfriend’ here?” I say using my hands to quote boyfriend. I rub my neck slightly feeling a sharp pain.

Aaron lets out a sigh then sits down on the seat next to my hospital bed. He notices my pain but doesn’t mention it.

“Firstly what the nurse told you about the crash was completely wrong. Jace was driving. He was drunk and so was I. I was a little sober but not enough to act mature.” I scoffed and he carried on.

“Jace was messing with the radio and got annoyed that the volume wouldn’t turn up so he got angry and punched in the stereo system. I just sat there shocked then he started messing with the headlights and the car turned into the next lane and crashed into you.” He rushed out and ran his healthy hand through his hair to show a sign of stress.

I was still shocked. He could have killed me! Not that I would care…

“You idiot! I could be dead right now because of you. Why the fuck was Jace even driving drunk and why did you let him.” I grabbed the hospital pillow and hit him with it scowling.

“I know. I know! Hey! Stop, bubblegum calm down! ” He waves his good arm about and stands up taking the pillow off of me then putting it at the end of the bed out of my reach. I sit there with arms crossed a pout on my face. Yes, I’m being childish but 1) I don’t like nicknames and 2) I quite enjoyed beating the shit out of him. Hehe.

“You still didn’t explain why you said I was your girlfriend. And don’t call me bubblegum. I don’t like nicknames.” I stated then voiced my thoughts as they drifted back to my run in with Jake.

“I only said that so I could see how you were doing. I felt guilty and the nurse said that they couldn’t find anyone to contact.” He sat back down on the chair and leaned his elbow on the bed as he rested his chin in his hand.

Shit! Mary-Anne must be going crazy right now. I need my phone.

“Aaron! Where’s my phone?” I say panicking. I run my hands through my now messy hair. Urgh how embarrassing for him to see me like this.

“Oh it’s here.” He said opening the draw next to my bed and placing the phone in my hands.

His fingers brushed mine and I felt a tingling sensation across my finger tips. I ignored the feeling and looked at the messages on my phone. 5 missed calls from Mary Anne and 2 texts from Emma.

I opened the texts from Emma and replied back instantly.

From Emmy


From Emmy


I sighed and looked at Aaron.

“Why are you still here?” I question raising my eyebrow.

“Well your car is at the mechanics and Jace is getting checked out. He only has a broken leg so I’m waiting for him to get finished up then I’ll be out of your way.” He smirked before adding “Unless you want me to stay and we can Netflix and chill?” Grrr this horny ass arrogant bully!

I flicked him in the forehead and gave him a glare. “You best stop or I’ll flick you again.” I smile sweetly and looked back at my phone.

To Emmy

Sorry Em. I haven’t been blanking you, something happened. I’ll tell youse Friday and you get tell me about the date! Sorry I won’t be in school for the rest of the week. Xx

Aaron glared back at me and flicked me back on my forehead. “If you touch me again, so help me satan I will…I will…” I look around the room trying to think of a bad ass phrase but huff when my mind stays blank.

“You’ll what bubblegum?” He smirks leaning closer, “What’s a weak little nerd like you gonna do.” He winks and flicks me again, this time on my cheek.

I take a deep breath in the slowly let it out trying to control my anger. I then looked at him. “I think you should get going now assface. ’Twas nice having you here.” I pointed to the door smiling sweetly.

Aaron laughed and got up fixing his shirt. He leaned down whispering in my ear “I’m still going to call you bubblegum, whether you like it or not. As for assface? I’d prefer you change that name nerdy.” He chuckled before walking out the door. I place a hand on my chest trying to calm my breathing. Oh lord, that child is a walking disaster.

I called the nurse back in to find out when I can leave this hell hole. She told me when I’m ready I can call someone to pick me up. So I called Mary-Anne to come and collect me. I explained everything that happened and just as I suspected Mary-Anne told me to stay home the rest of the week and rest. I knew she wouldn’t be mad due to the fact today has been a year since the same thing happened to my parents. I’m grateful for that and glad I don’t have to face Amber and Aaron for the rest of the week. Especially Jace.

With me bed bound for the rest of the week means I can’t fight for a while. I am so annoyed with it but I know I will heal quickly and be up fighting soon. I need to train for championships and that means blood, sweat and tears then so let it be.

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