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Chapter 5 - Meet Nikki

It’s now Friday. The week went by quickly and with the help of Charlie and Olivia it was made a lot easier. I was extremely thankful to them and I found it cute where they would always come by with trays in their hands and ask if I needed serving.

My leg cast is still on and it really starting to piss me off. I have to use a hanger to itch my leg because the cast is always in the way and I have to wrap a plastic bag around it when I go for a shower. Luckily I only need to have it on for another 2 weeks as the fracture wasn’t bad.

I yawn and pull my covers off me to get out of bed. Looking around the room I see my gym bag in left corner next to the small couch I have in my room. I hop over to the couch where my crutches are and sit down pulling my gym bag on my lap.

I dig my hands through my bag and pull out my knee high black yoga pants and my dark blue sports bra. Then I use my crutches and go to my bathroom. As I am the oldest one in the orphanage Mary-Anne decided I should take the bedroom with the on-suite bathroom. Plus I’m a girl and we girls need our own space.

Once in the bathroom I wrap a plastic bag round my leg cast then turn the shower on.

After my super hard shower I put on my gym clothes and reach for my phone which is sitting on my bed side table.

Scrolling through my messages I see one new message from Jace. Your all wondering how he got my number? Blame jerk face Aaron, at the hospital he gave Jace my number so that he could drop my car by.

To Mia

Your car is parked on the corner of Roseberry Road.

See ya

From Jace

Wow. Not even a sorry for almost getting me killed. Well it’s nice to know he cares, catch the sarcasm. At least the asshole fixed my car.

Sighing, I get ready to leave and collect my car. There was nobody at the orphanage today. Mary-Anne decided to take the kids to the zoo for the day which leaves me all to myself. What fun!

After 5 minutes of struggling to get down the stairs I head out the door, lock it and make my way down the road towards my car. These fucking crutches are so fucking hard to fucking walk in! I mutter a string of curse words under my breath when I almost lose my balance then let out a sign of relief when I reach my car.

There is a light breeze today making the loose hairs from my bun fall out. I go round to the front of my car and see no damage. Well…the mechanics certainly did a great job. A small smile reaches my mouth as I hop round to the trunk.

I hope he didn’t look in here otherwise my whole identity as a fighter will be revealed.

Opening the trunk I lift the cover that hides the spare tire and breathe a sigh of relief when I see my purple boxing gloves, Nike trainers and spare set of fighting clothes.

I know I can’t drive with my cast on which is why I decided to go to the doctors and ask if there is any chance I can get it of even earlier. I know it’d be impossible but it’s worth a try. My fight manager Nikki said she hasn’t booked me any fights for at least a month due to my broken leg.

That’s what I love about Nikki. She doesn’t care about the money I earn in fights and she respects my decisions. She would always put me first and since I got hurt she cancelled all of my fights to make sure I don’t injure myself even more.

Nikki reminds of my mom. Shoulder length light brown hair, green eyes and the same nose feature. Nikki is 25 years old and she likes to call herself ’young, wild and free’ and trust me she lives to the statement.

To Nikki

A month is too long to wait until I can start doing what I love. Meet me outside our usual place and bring the car. I need to go doctors.

From Mia

I know there is no arguing with Nikki when I talk about fighting. She goes with it. Not even a minute later she replies back.

From Nikki

Sure thing U.D. Be there in a bit.

I smiled to myself when she called me U.D.

U.D is my fighter name. It stands for Undefeated. Which is totally true. Every fight that Nikki has set me up for is a fight that I have won. Never have I lost a fight and to keep it up I need to keep training and keep on fighting to win the National Champion ships.

After a few minutes of walking, well hopping, around on my crutches I finally end up in the secluded ally way a few roads down from the orphanage.

I look up to see Nikki’s sliver BMW pull into the ally way. She stops in front of me and I hop in getting ready to visit the doctors.

“There are a total of 20 fighters so far in the Championships including you. I have already got you in but if your leg isn’t fully and I mean fully healed by August you’re going to have to drop out.” Nikki’s words shocked me and my eyes widened.

“Nikki, I can’t drop out. You know how much this means to me and I need the money to move out the orphanage. I can’t stay there now I’m 18. I’ve just about got enough to buy a small apartment.” I look at my manager who is now pulling into the doctors. She turns the car off then spins in her seat to face me.

“Mia. I know you need the money but I am so sure your leg will heal before the Championships. I just don’t want you getting hurt. Plus if the doctors say you can get your cast of in a week then we will be sure your leg will heal in time.” I nod at her then get out the car and hop to the doctors.

I can hear Nikki’s footsteps trotting behind me. I go to the reception and book and emergency appointment for my leg. Then I sit down waiting for my leg to be checked out.

“Stop being so nervous. I’m sure everything will be okay.” Nikki says as she sits now next to me. She reaches over to the small coffee table and picks up a magazine inspecting it. “Urgh, these shitty things are nothing but drama and lies.” She pouts sitting back in her seat throwing the magazine back across the table. I giggle and hold in a laugh. Those magazines never has anything interesting in anyways.

“Mia Brooks please.” A doctor calls walking out of his room.

I sigh and stand up following the doctor, Nikki also following behind me. Now come’s the decision of my fighting career.

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