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Chapter 6 - The Bad Boy Said Sorry?

My visit at the doctors went surprisingly well. After having an x-ray and sitting in the hard plastic doctors chair for an hour my butt is now numb. However the x-ray shows that due to my high levels of calcium and the fact the bone I broke was little I am healing quicker than they thought. Meaning I can get my cast of in a week and a bit.

Fighting in the championships is my dream.

Today is now Thursday and tomorrow is the day I get my cast of. I can’t wait to start my mini fights back at the gym and start to practice again. I’m getting a little rusty which is not good.

Sitting at lunch with Emma and Dylan today was a headache.


“Hey lovebirds break it up!” I say as I snap my fingers in the faces.

Dylan and Emma will not stop sucking each other’s faces of and this is the third time I have tried getting them to break it up.

Finally getting their attention Emma blushes shyly and Dylan just does that awkward guy thing when they itch the back of their neck.

“Sorry, um-uh , we kinda got carried away…” Emma stutters.

“Well no shit! Dude I swear if you guys do it one more time I’m leaving.” Glaring between them both they quickly nod.

“So, how’s your leg and how did you not tell us that dick head Jace almost got you killed. I swear he deserves a beating. Mia either you do it or I will.” Dylan clenches his fists.

“I’m not going to beat him up. I should but I won’t. He will know about me and he cannot know I’m U.D and he will most probably tell Aaron and his gang.” I say quickly running over all the possible ways this could go wrong. My secret stays a secret.

“Okay fine. When is your next fight me and Emmy wanna watch pleaseeeeeeee!” Dylan replies dragging out the please.

“Nikki hasn’t booked any yet but I get my cast of tomorrow and hopefully I can get a fight on Monday if not then maybe sooner. I’ll text you guys. I can see you wanna go back to being all couple-y so I’ll leave and see ya later. I’ll probably skip tomorrow I won’t be here for long anyways. See ya”

I wave goodbye and hop out of the lunch room. Pulling out my phone I message Nikki.

To Nikki

I’m itching to do something I may re-

I Stop halfway through my message when my phone gets knocked out of my hand. Being the fighter I am, I have good balance and luckily I don’t get knocked onto the floor. Although the cast and crutches make it fucking hard to balance.

I look up and see Aaron, Jace, Chase, Aiden and Kyle standing in front of me with amused faces.

“What the fuck do you want” I spat out to them.

“Well look who’s getting snappy here, is someone on their monthly?” Aaron remarks back. He leans against a locker with both hands in his pockets, his usual smirk on his face.

With anger pulsing through my veins I bring up on of my crutches and swing it at his head. Surprisingly he caught it in his hand and twisted it making my arm twist to.

I hissed in pain making a look of regret flash across his face then he dropped it making land back on the ground. Aaron looks at my phone on the floor and picks it up.

OH SHIT! He’s going to see my conversation between Nikki and I. He’ll see U.D but hopefully won’t know what it means. I don’t go by U.D I’m always known as Undefeated.

“Aaron give it back” I try reach for it but he pulls it back.

“Nu-uh bubblegum.” He smirks.

If I didn’t have my cast on it would be so much easier to get it but I’m not in that situation meaning I have to do it the hard way.

I charge to him on my crutches but Jace just holds me back.

“Get the fuck of me you dick!” I grit through my teeth.

“Nah, I’m good” I glare at him and bring my knee up to his crotch which sends him doubling over in pain.

“Who’s Nikki and what are you itching to do babe?” Aaron smirked. My heart skipped a beat when he called me babe but the feeling then vanished when it clicked that he read my message.

“None of your business Aaron. Just give it back…please.” I sigh knowing I won’t be that easy.

“Ooh you said please! But still no.” Now I’m getting annoyed.

With Jace still on the floor I crutch my way over to him and snatch the phone out of his hands. I lock it then put it in my pocket.

I turn around and glare at all of them then make my way to the school parking lot. I can hear Aaron behind me but I’m not bothered. I feel my phone buzzing in my pocket.

I look at my phone and see it’s Nikki. Hitting answer I sigh into the phone.

“Hello, Mia.” Nikki rushes into the phone sounding panicked.

“Nikki? Nikki what’s wrong?” I can feel Aaron behind me so I turn around and shoot him a glare. Going through my phone is an invasion of my privacy! Lil bitch, smh.

“Mia, their back!” She shouts into the phone her breathing getting heavy.

“Who Nikki, who?” I shout back frantically. I know Aaron is listening to me but I don’t really care. He can’t hear Nikki anyway.

“The Black Bloods. You can’t go back to the orphanage. They know your living there you need to come stay with me. They got me but I escaped which I why I’m out of breath.” Nikki said quickly. I hear her curse and the sound of a car horn blare in the background. She must be driving.

“WHAT!?” I screamed through the phone. Tears leaked down my face. My heart started beating faster and all the horrible things came flooding back to me. Aaron who was standing there gave me a look of confusion which turned into worry. What’s up with him…

“Mia, there coming to the school to get you. You need to get out of there now. I’m coming to get you now and I’m almost there, just please be careful.”

By now my tears are fully flowing down my cheeks. I know I shouldn’t be scared but truthfully I am. I turn away from Aaron so he doesn’t hear the next part of the conversation.

“Nikki, if I wasn’t in my cast I would be able to fight them. N-Nikki I-i-I feel weak.” My voice cracking at the end. I hate feeling weak…

“Mia, remember! You’re not weak anymore. You’re a fighter, so don’t doubt yourself. I’ll be in the school in 2 minutes wait outside the main doors. If they get there before I do, run towards the school gate as fast as you can.” With that she hung up and left me there waiting for her.

I feel a hand on my shoulder. There hear already? I turn around with my fist clenched and stance ready. I breathe a sigh of relief when I see it’s only Aaron.

“Mia, what wrong?” Aaron asks. He actually sounds sorry but I’m not falling for it. Well he did call me Mia and not “bubblegum..”

“Like you care!” I spit out and walk to the main doors. When I’m there I sit down on the steps and put my head in my hands. I have stopped crying now and have become more alert.

“I’m sorry.” I turn around and look to see Aaron standing with his hands in his pocket and his head hung low.

Did the bad boy just say sorry?

“Wh-what?” I choke out shocked at his words.

“I said I’m sorry okay! I’m sorry for being such a dick to you. I hope Nikki’s okay.” And with that he walks away. Where the hell did all that come from? One minute he’s being a dick, the next he’s apologising?

Before I can process anything Nikki’s silver car comes into view. As soon as I see it I hop to it and get straight in.

“Nikki are you okay?” I ask. As she speeds out of the parking lot.

“Mia, I’m fine but it’s you they want. Mia, Jake joined The Black Bloods. He knows everything about you now and he knows how to fight.” After hearing what Nikki said my blood ran cold.

You see The Black Bloods are the most popular gang in North Carolina. They want me because I’m the best fighter in North Carolina. they want I can win fights with the money I get and they’d take it from me to trade guns and sell drugs. That’d just make their gang more powerful.

A few months after I started to fight, the Black Bloods found out about me. They know my fighter name and my real name, they know how much money I earn in fights and they know I live at the orphanage.

In that month they found me, they kidnapped me and beat me into doing the things that they wanted. I was hardly fed and used by the leader of the gang Kane. He was the one who raped me and put me through hell. If it wasn’t for Nikki and Mary-Anne I would still be living life as hell.

One day they sent me out as back up on a drug deal. It all went wrong so they made me fight the opposing gang in order for the Black Bloods to escape. They did but left me behind to fight the other gang. I knocked out the other gang cold and soon after Kane came back to get me. I fought him of with the adrenaline running through me and then ran away.

After running away I was alone on the streets where I was abused by Jake until Mary-Anne found me and took me into the orphanage. I still wanted to fight so I went to the gym frequently and fought there. After a while Nikki came up to me and decided to help me out.

Ever since then The Black Bloods have never found me. Until now. They are now stronger and with my Ex-abusive-boyfriend added to the gang they are more determined to find me.

If I need to add more sweat and tears to step up my game then so be it.

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