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Chapter 7 - Dr. Lindsey

After arriving back at Nikki’s house I went straight to sleep. Not that I could even fall asleep…I had too much on my mind and I just wanted to forget it all. I didn’t even eat and you know how important food is to me. So sad…

The next day, I called Mary-Anne and told her now I’m 18 I have to move out. I said that I have found a temporary apartment which I will stay in until I have enough money to buy a house.

However because of The Black Bloods I can’t go to the orphanage to collect my things. I knew If I was to go back I would be putting everyone there in danger, which Is why after I get my cast of today I will send Dylan and Emma to collect my things as well as my car. If I was to send Nikki The Bloods (a.k.a The Black Bloods) will most likely get her and threaten her just so they can get their way to me.

It’s now Friday morning and I am waiting at the doctors to get my cast off. Nikki came with me as she was the one to drop me off.

I also have a special doctor, Ms.Lindsey. She is the only doctor I go to as she knows about my fighting and if anything serious was to happen she would be the one to deal with it. Previously I have broken and bruised ribs, have had to get stitches and dealt with a broken jaw; let me tell you it hurt like a bitch. Dr.Lindsey would always be the one to clear things up for me.

“Mia Brooks please!” I shoot up when I hear my name come through the loud speaker.

I, along with Nikki walk into Dr Lindsey’s room.

“Hello Mia, what happened this time?” Lindsey askes as I sit down on the comfy chair.

Lindsey is really nice and caring. She would help me anytime and luckily for me she is also a surgeon, not like I would ever need her for that…right?

“Car accident…” I mumble looking down as memories of my parents fill my mind.

“Oh, well from your previous x-rays your leg is more than likely to be healed. So I’ll take of your cast and then send you for another x-ray to make sure everything is okay.” She explained to me getting her equipment ready.

I nod and then sit back in the chair waiting for her to take my cast of.

Many minutes later my cast is now off and my leg is free. I smile internally as my leg feels more relaxed.

After an x-ray and a few tests I finally get a result.

“Okay Mia, you’re ready to go now but make sure you don’t put too much pressure on your leg just yet, we don’t want to break it again.” Lindsey tells me.

“Sure thing but when will I be able to fight again. I can’t stop thinking about it and not being able to punch, kick and all that shit is really getting me agitated.” I say getting frustrated.

Nikki is standing to the side with a small frown on her face. She knows how I love to fight and her seeing me like this must be hard.

“I really think you should keep pressure of it for about 2-3 days but if your feel the need to fight then go to the gym and release your frustration, because keeping it build up inside you won’t do you any good. Just try not to kick at all.” I sigh and feel a weight being lifted off my chest. At least I don’t have to walk around with a huge thing on my leg. It really weighs me down.

“Thank you Lindsey!” I say relieved.

“No, problem sweetie, just try stay out of harm’s way.” She tells me. Oh she doesn’t know what’s coming.

After the doctors I arrived back at Nikki’s house. Nikki’s house is small. As you walk in there is a stair case leading to the top where she has two bathrooms and two bedrooms. Down stairs holds a living area a kitchen and a dining room. It’s just an ordinary modern house and it’s very homely with her cream walls and vanilla scented rooms.

Dylan and Emma dropped off the last of my boxes. I wish I could see Charlie and it breaks my heart to leave without saying goodbye but if I go back The Bloods will capture me and I can’t let that happen.


My weekend was absolutely boring I was going to go to the gym yesterday to train but Nikki said she had spotted Kane and his gang wondering the streets around there.

But now that I am allowed to put pressure on my leg I can defend myself and train again.

Right now I’m driving to school. Nikki told me if I see any member of The Black Bloods I won’t be in trouble becuase I’m at school.

She also said that they only added Jake to the gang so he will most likely be the one at school. The other names of members of the gang are clearly etched into my head.

Ryan, Nate, Liam, Blake and Ashton. Remembering their names just made my blood run cold.

Switching off my engine I hop out my car and head towards my locker. Dylan and Emma are not here all week. Their parents are close and have decided to go on vacation. I should be jealous but I’m not. I have bigger things to be worrying about, like why is Amber and her two sidekicks standing by my locker talking to Jake.

Seeing him makes anger pulse through my veins. I calm myself and quickly walk to my locker trying to avoid them. My plan doesn’t work to well because just when I’m about to walk of Jake grabs a hold of my wrist and slams my body into my locker, with his body pressed against mine.

I look behind him and see the halls are empty. Great I missed first bell.

“Well…well…well…Angel, fancy seeing you again.” Jake whispers into my ear.

His hands have a firm grip on my waist making it difficult to get him off of me.

“Why are you here? Do you not remember my threat or should I need to remind you again?” I question him smirking slightly.

“Oh Angel, I’m stronger now and I can easily take you down.” He says placing kisses on my neck.

I shiver in disgust.

“You really think so?” Before he can reply I bring my hands to his hair and yank his head back roughly. He stumbles back and I push him by his shoulders making him fall on his butt.

“Oh so you wanna play that way do you Angel.” The minute he finishes his sentence he lunges forward to punch me in my jaw but I duck and bring my fist up punching him first in his stomach. This gets the air knocked out of him and he goes flying back.

I walk over to him and wait for him to get up. He struggles but gets up in the end.

“I told you to NEVER call me Angel!” I shout in rage.

“And I told you to NEVER leave me!” He shouts back just loud.

Then he kicks me in my stomach making me stumble back a bit but I have good balance and am able to keep my stance. I swing my leg up and to do a round house kick in his head but he ducks and avoids it.

I knew his next move would be to punch so I duck and lunge forward so that I can hold him by his shoulders and bring me knee up repeatedly up to his stomach making him double over in pain. I then swing left, swing right , cross jab and then kick his knee backwards so he falls to the ground.

“WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!” I hear Jake hiss in pain.

“I told you not to mess with me or call me Angel. Now next time Kane wants to get me tell him to send someone who can actually fight. Not some low life dick head.” And with that I walk away with a triumphant smile on my face as heading towards my Math class.

I turn back to see Jake lying on the floor pulling out his phone. Probably telling Kane what happened.

I text Nikki just before I walk into Math class.

To Nikki

Jake’s at school but don’t worry I set him straight. Can’t wait for today to be over. X

I sigh and step into my Math class. My teacher Mr Harris gives me a suspicious look.

“Miss Brooks want to tell me why you are 15 minutes late to class?” Shit I beat his ass for 15 minutes.

I straighten up and look to the class. Everyone is staring at me and I can see Aaron right at the back looking amused. The only free seat is next to him. Oh great.

“I had something to deal with.” I mutter under my breath.

“Well, would you care to share what is was you dealt with?” He asks raising an eyebrow.

“Nope. That’s none of your business” I snap back.

“Okay then. Just take a seat and don’t let it happen again.”

I walk to the back of the class room and sit down next to Arrogant Aaron. Hehe, I like that name.

10 minutes into class I find Aaron staring at me. I turn in my seat to face him.

“Why you staring?” I ask annoyed.

“Uhh, why are your knuckles bleeding?” I go wide eyed and stare down at my knuckles. Yup, he’s right they sure are bleeding.

“Oh, I uh fell and scraped my hands on the floor. No biggie” I lie back smoothly.

“O-” Before he can reply the door swings open and in come’s Jake.

He looks a complete mess. Rough hair, bruised cheek and jaw, bleeding lip, and crooked nose.

I am scared but amused at the same time. I wonder what he is doing here?

“Ah, you must be Jake Mulling our new student. My names Mr Harris and this will be your Math class.” Harris explains as he gestures to Jake to sit down in front of me. When did that seat get free?

“Yeah, sorry I’m late, I had trouble finding my way here” Jake explains making his way over to sit in front of me.

Mr Harris continues his lesson and Jake turns around to look at me.

“Hi Angel, sorry did I not tell you? I’m joining school here!” He says trying to get me annoyed.

“You may have missed that tiny detail.” I grit through my teeth.

“Well, you wouldn’t mind showing me your schedule; I think we have the same one.” I roughly pull out my schedule and shove it to him, He smirks when he reads over it.

“As I was saying we have the same schedule. We have chemistry we can walk together.” He hands me back my schedule and I put it away. I then clench my fists over the table and glare at him.

“Ouch, how’d that happen” He asks pointing to my knuckles.

I ignore is question and lean over my desk to whisper to him.

“Why did you get Kane to let the school give you the same schedule as me!”

“So me and the boys can watch your every move. But because you’re in school we can’t do anything.”

I lean back in my seat and put my head in my hands.

“You brought the boys here? You know if anybody notices them you will be in deep shit.” I whisper to him.

“I know which is why I only brought Blake and Nate. There in your classes too and will be joining after this period.” He whispers back.

“You dick!” I shoot out my seat gather my things and run to the door.

I can hear Aaron running after me but I don’t care. I run to the main doors and call Nikki.

After 2 rings she picks up.

“Nikki, there here at the school. They joined. Nate, Blake and Jake are here. Nikki what do I do!” I shout frantically running a hand through my hair.

“Mia, calm down. They can’t do anything. I would tell you to come home but they would follow you. They are watching your every move. To get home at the end of the day you need to leave one of your lessons early and make sure neither of them follows you okay! And remember you can fight Mia. You’re Undefeated.” I nod in understanding then realise she can’t see me.

“Okay, I got it. I’ll talk when I get home” And with that I hang up the phone and take a deep breath. I turn to see Aaron pushing through the double doors.

“Mia, Mia are you okay?” Aaron asks sincerely.

I’m shocked at his kindness but knowing that the boys are here all I can do is stand silently letting my eyes get watery.

I break down and fall to my knees. I know I’m showing myself as weak but all I can remember is all the shit they put me through.

Aaron immediately comes to my side and pulls my body into his by pulling me into a tight hug. I rest my head against his chest and can’t help but feel safe with him.

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