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Chapter 8 - Curious Kyle

After a while of crying into Aaron’s chest I pull away and look up at him.

“Why are you here Aaron?” I ask softly looking down ashamed.

“Because recently I have been such a dick to you and I feel bad, really bad… I’m sorry Mia.” Aaron says stroking my hair. I can hear the sincerity in his voice and I sigh and look up at him.

“It’s okay. I forgive you just…just don’t do it again.” I say standing up. He stands up to and brushes his jeans off.

“I won’t. Now you wanna tell me why you stormed out of Math after a hushed conversation the newbie Jake and got my shirt all wet?” He asks intrigued.

“Sorry Aaron but I can’t tell you that.” I mumble looking down.

“Fine. But you’re sitting with me today at lunch.” He states.

“And why would I do that?” I raise an eyebrow crossing my arms across my chest.

“Because you can’t resist my looks and charm.” Smirking he turns around and heads into the school.

“Cocky much!” I shout loud enough for him to hear.

I chuckle and decide to skip chemistry and wait for lunch. Oh how I cannot wait.

Lunch time rolled around quickly. After spending two periods in the library studying boxing I’m now walking to the lunch hall. I never really eat lunch at school. The food here is not very appetising, so I normally just wait till I get back home.

After spotting Aaron on the usual popular table I walk over and poke him on the shoulder.

Swiftly turning around he smirks and raises an eyebrow.

“Wow, you actually showed. I knew you couldn’t resist me!” Aaron says to me as I sit down in the seat next to him.

“Well, I actually came to show you I can resist you.” I say back not sure of what I just said.

“That didn’t make any sense Mia.” I shrug my shoulders at Aaron and prop my elbows on the table as my chin lays in my hands.

“Okay Mia, this is Aiden, Kyle, Chase, and Jace.” he says pointing to the regular jock group, just as I thought he was finished he introduces 3 new people.

“And Nate, Blake and Jake are new to our group.” I shoot my head up and see them all staring at me intensely. I slightly glare back at them then smile sickly sweet.

Trying to play it cool I just mumble a small Hi and put my head in my hands sighing. This is all too much for me right now.

I look back up to see everybody talking to each other. Jake is getting along with Aiden. Chase and Jace are talking to Nate, Blake and Kyle are talking with Aaron and that just leaves me all here by myself.

A ringing noise snaps me out of my thought and I realise that it’s my phone ringing. I pull it out my pocket and see Nikki on Caller I.D. Also everybody’s head is facing me seeming interested in my phone.

Answering the call I look down at my hands.


“Hey Mia, guess what.” Nikki sounds excited and that’s really confusing me. Especially at a time like this.

“What?” I reply back knitting my eyebrows in confusion.

“I got you 5 fights booked today after school, 6 tomorrow and 4 on Thursday!” She screeches through the phone.

My eyes widen in surprise and I let out a small squeal still aware that everyone is watching me curiously.

“Really! Anybody new!?” I say trying to not let out too much information.

“Yup, his names Kyle Mahoney” My mouth drops open in surprise. I look up to Kyle who gives me a confused look.

“Are you sure? Age?” I ask her.

“Um…18” She lets out. Yup he’s the Kyle I’m looking at.

“Oh shit! We may have a problem but either way I’ll still have to do it. I’ll see you later.” I drop my gaze from Kyle and hang up before she can say anything else.

“Well firstly would you like to tell me why you were staring so weirdly at me and secondly that was an interesting phone call.” Kyle speaks up breaking the tension.

“Umm…well you see my aunts in town and she brought her 10 year old neighbour which I will have to be babysitting for a while. His names Kyle.” I lie smoothly. Wow I’m good at this stuff.

“Haha, sucks for you dude! Definitely ain’t me. I got myself a fight with Undefeated tonight. She may seem all tough but I bet I can take her down.” My eyes widen but I quickly play it cool. It’s definitely Kyle I’m fighting.

“Who’s undefeated?” I ask as if I don’t know anything. Nate, Blake and Jake are looking at me stupidly because they know I’m playing stupid.

“She’s only like the hottest and coolest fighter chick ever. I’ve been to every single one of her fights and never has she ever lost.” Aaron buts in.

He’s been to all my fights. What if he sees me, I can’t let that happen. Wait he called me hot?

“She sounds cool.” I mutter feeling my cheeks go a little red. Oops.

“She sure is, you know I’m gonna kick her sorry little ass and show her who’s boss. I’m like second best fighter at the underground.” Kyle states proudly. But I know for a fact he isn’t second best. Hell he isn’t even 3rd. The top 3 fighters in the underground are me being first, Unleashed being second and Chaos being third.

Kyle is stupid to not have a fighter name. The Black Bloods are more than likely take him if he’s really that good.

“Really, so undefeated is first then?” I ask smiling knowing that’s me.

“Yup, but she won’t be for long, Champ Kyle is here to take her down.” Kyle doesn’t know what gonna get him.

“Hey Kyle?” I question wonderingly.


“Why don’t you have a name? Like Undefeated has a name but surly that can’t be her real name so why don’t you have like a fighter name?”

“Well, I want to be known by everyone when I become top fighter in the underground.” He states back. Damn this kid has a way to big of an ego.

Everybody snickers at Kyle and I just crack a small smile trying to contain my laughter.

“Dude! There’s no way you can beat this chick. She is literally undefeated. Yeah she’s been hurt in fights but she has never lost.” Aiden says joining the conversation. Everybody nods in agreement apart from Nate, Blake and Jake who look like they’re about to blow. Looks like they don’t realise how good I’ve gotten.

“Wait! All of you have seen m- I mean undefeated fight?” I say almost giving out I was undefeated. Nobody seemed to catch it but Kyle who is giving me a weird look.

“Yeah, we go to every fight she has. You should come with us tonight!” Jace jumps with excitement.

Well shit!

“No, no I-I’m good I’m babysitting tonight remember.” I stutter.

“You sure? Don’t ya wanna see me fight!” I look to Kyle and shake my head.

“I’m sure!” I assure. (Haha that rhymed)

“Oh she’ll be more than watching.” Nate mutters. Looks like Kyle herd what he said because he went wide eyed. He wasn’t supposed to hear that!

“What do you mean?” Kyle seems surprised.

“Huh” Aaron snaps out of his gaze.

“Nothing, well look at the time better get going don’t wanna be late to class again bye!” I say quickly packing up my things and walking out the lunch hall.

Just as I walk round the corner I feel someone grab my wrist. My first instinct is to knee them in the stomach and then punch their jaw in.

I hear them his in pain and then look up. I see its Kyle looking at me like I’m crazy. His green eyes shining in the light looking shocked.

“What the fuck Mia!” He shouts.

I put a hand over his mouth and drag him into the Janitors closet.

“Mia what are you doing?!” He says in a hushed whisper.

“Shit I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you, I thought it was Jake!” As soon as the words were my hand fly’s over to cover my mouth.

“What are you talking about Mia? Why are you acting so weird and where did you learnt to act like that? You got moves like undefeated!”

My eyes shoot out of my head and after realising what he just said Kyle gasps.

Before he can say anything I slap my hand over his mouth.

“Say it and your dead!” I whisper in his ear.

Slowly I remove my hand but I knew it was a mistake because he says exactly what I feared he would.

“You’re undefeated!”

Now he knows who I am he need to keep his mouth shut.

I bring my fist up and punch his jaw again. I kick his stomach and then trip his legs so that he falls to the floor.

“FUCK!” He shouts rubbing his jaw.

“I told you not to say it!” He then shuffles back scared into the corner and I see a look of worry on his face.

“S-s-sorry. I-I won’t t-tell anyone” He stutters scared.

“Good because if you do you won’t know what’s coming.” I help him up and kindly pat his chest.

“Would you care to explain to me about all of this?” Kyle asks, still looking slightly scared.

“Well it’s simple. I fight; I’m in danger of getting captured by North Carolinas most deadliest gang which involves Jake, Blake and Nate so I need you to help me on this here. You in?” I explain to him simply.

“Mia, I need more info than that. How are you involved with all this? Last time I checked you were a low social class nerd.” He scoffs.

“Urgh! I’ll explain everything tonight after our fight. I’ll go easy on you but I won’t let you win. Just tap out and after I finished my fights I’ll meet you out back and I’ll explain everything okay?” He nods his head quickly and I hear the bell for lunch end.

“Great we just missed the bell. Well I don’t know about you but I’m gonna go head to gym. You coming?” I say as if nothing has happened.

“Sure and don’t worry Mia I won’t say anything to the boys or your little crush?” He winks walking out the closet heading to gym.

“W-What are you talking about?” I stutter nervously following him.

“Aaron, come one Mia I can tell you like him.”

“I don’t like him Kyle be quiet or I’ll punch your face in tonight!” I shout to him as he starts running down the hall.

“Sure thing Mia!” He shouts back.

Gym went well today. Kyle, Aaron and I were messing around for the whole class which was a great stress reliever with everything going on.

I just can’t believe Kyle knows I’m undefeated. I have to rely on him to keep his mouth shut. I have a plan but who knows if it will work only time will tell.

Now it’s time to fight!

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