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The Reader

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he finds the “massage” left on the dead body from the murderer. People kindly refer him as “The Reader”

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1

“Breaking news, a 40-year-old adult drank and drive causing 3 children injured and one dog Dead.....”

The television is playing the late-night news and 75-year-old uncle Joe is half asleep on the couch with half of the class of whisky in hand.

“Clang” the class has dropped and the whisky is scattered all over the place

“what the hell are you doing Joe?

Sandy yelled from the kitchen.

Joe then quickly gets up trying to clean up the mass.

“Drip, drip, drop”

Joe feels that something is dropping on his head. Joe, they reach up.

“what are you trying to do fool? I just cleaned up the damn room and you pour all this shit on the floor.”

Joe didn’t react to Sandy’s word

Sandy looks at Joe “ what are you doing?”

“There is something watery” Joe then open up his palm after he reaches to his head.

“I don’t care a shit is watery, clean your shit up now or I will kill you!”

It is not hard to see that Sandy is really angry and as Sandy tries to return to the kitchen Joe says

“what is this?”

“what is what? Are you OK? What are you talking about? And why are you standing there steady?”

“ I don’t know, this smells wired.”

“then why don’t you turn on the light and see what it is, with light close what do you think you can see?” Sandy has calmed down a bit.

“Switch” as the light turned on the wired “thing has shown up in Joe’s eyes”

“What?” Sandy asking

With a long silence, the drop sound becomes louder and louder.

Joe stood still and steady and did not say or move slightly.

Sandy then looks up to where the drop sound comes from.........

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