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Patient 67?

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shutter island (i havent watched it but my sister says its shutter island 2.0)

Mystery / Horror
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Patient 67 Ch:1

‘’Sir I work alone.’’ Said a firm female voice and the owner of that voice had long straight black hair but it still has slight waves in it giving it an elegant look to it, ocean blue eyes, light makeup and plump red lips. ‘’ I know Lexi but for this case you need a partner just this once.’’ Said an old man probably in his sixties. ‘’Fine sir but who is my partner?’’ ‘’I know I could count on you. Oh and your partner is Aiden.’’ ‘’Sir you have got to be kidding me Aiden, Aiden Graham is my partner!’’ ‘’Yup.’’ Said the old man smiling which caused all the wrinkles on his face to crinkle up. ‘’Oh god how did that old man convince me to do this.’’ I muttered to myself. ‘’ Oh come on it’s not that bad mam.’’ Said a young manly voice he had brown curly hair, hazel brown eyes and a few small freckals around his nose and cheeks. ‘’ How would you know?’’. ‘’I don’t but good news we are almost there.’’ ‘’don’t you think it’s a bit weird that if we want to get on the island that we have to go by boat or a chopper.’’ I said to my ‘partner’. He thought about it for a few seconds and then replied ‘’ Well not really, it is an Island we’re going to so I guess it’s not that weird.’’ He said while looking at me. After a few hours we reached the Island and when we got off the boat we were met by a guy probably in his forties with black hair and black eyes he introduced himself to us ‘’ Hello I’m the warden of this place and by the way it’s so nice to meet you have heard so much about you.’’ He said. ‘’ Nice to meet you to if so then what are our names?’’ Aiden asked the guy. ‘’Don’t you believe me officer?’’ Aiden gave him a cheeky smile shaking his head as a no. ‘’ Fine you are Aiden Graham, you are a new detective so I don’t know much about you but she is the one and only Lexi Robbins, she has a record for solving a murder case in just a day and which on the first day of the job. So what do you think.’’ He asked Aiden. ‘’ Ok you win that was pretty impressive.’’ Aiden said slightly chuckling raising his hands up in surrender. While they were talking I was looking around the island and the hospital, it looked unsettling to say the least it had rusty barred wires with huge spikes, the paint was peeling of the building and there was a huge metal gate behind the so called ‘warden’ of the hospital and an uncountable number of guards with Rifles and Aks 24 in their hands. ‘’ Can we hurry up please.’’ I said to the warden. ‘’ Yes my, apology right this way please.’’ He said while guiding us to the giant metal gate. ‘’ One moment please.’’ He said while typing a password in some sort of a lock. ‘’ Are you all always on edge?’’ I asked the guards. ‘’ No but we are right now.’’ One of them replied. Right when I was about to reply I got interrupted by the warden. ‘’ This way please.’’ Without saying anything further Aiden and I just followed him. There was gate after gate after gate it seemed never ending and on each gate there were at least 5 guards when Aiden finally asked ‘’ How many gates does this place have?’’ The warden slightly chuckled before replying still typing something on the 20th lock by now ‘’ Yeah I know it’s a bit of a hassle but it’s to keep the patients and us safe but don’t worry only a few more left.’’ After what seemed like an eternity we were finally in front of the hospital and we were greeted by Dr. Charles looking at us creepily. ‘’So nice to meet you officer Lexi and officer Aiden.’’ He said. ‘’ Nice to meet you to.’’ Said Aiden smiling. ‘’ Why don’t we head inside.’’ I said. ‘’ Yes this way please.’’ When we were inside it was just as bad as the outside or maybe even worse.

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