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The car drove away from the porch of the mansion, bearing the two police detectives, and took the winding, meandering, picturesque route towards the jetty.

Clayton looked back and saw the pinnacles, finials and tower of the mansion disappear from view.

’Back to bread and butter work, Eddie.’

’A good job too, chief. You don’t know where you are with this jet set crowd.’

It was with a sense of indefinable relief that Moose and Clayton, stood by the handrail of the boat that had taken them to the island, watched as the rope was cast, heard the engine start, and felt the craft slowly depart from the jetty onto a choppy sea to begin the voyage back to Dundercliff.

’Take a good look at it, Eddie. I doubt if you’ll be seeing this place again.’

’Good riddance. That’s what I say.’

’We’ll have a drink when we get back to Dundercliff.’

’Aye, there are some good boozers on the front.’ He winked slyly at Moose. ’Or so I’ve been told.’

’Well let’s find out then.’

Moose looked up at the damp, heavy sky above, with its ominous, grey clouds. ’Looks like we’re in for a drop of rain.’

Clayton shook his head and smiled to himself.

’What’s up?’

’I was just thinking, chief.’


’It’s typical of Third, isn’t it. A tricky bastard right to the end.’

’You said it.’

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