The End of an Error

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Friday 19th December

It has now been a week since I first met Amy. Saturday’s training went well and she was her usual sexy self.

From a guilty conscience I told Mei I had to train a sexy forty something lady. Twice. She laughed and asked me how uncomfortable it was. Mei’s great. She just takes it all in her stride, not jealous like I expected. She’s brilliant that way. The way she understands the male psyche is surprising to say the least.

But her understanding only goes so far as she did tell me to be careful. She even gave me a Saturday night treat to help me keep focussed on her.

I’ve only seen Amy one other time this week, which was on Tuesday. She was out training with someone else: Naz, on the Leyland round. How I envied him.

There have been no more developments in the Mrs Mellor saga. Naz won’t speak of her and Agatha is keeping a close eye on the situation. Not for Mrs Mellor’s benefit, but to keep me away from her.

Jason’s mum came round on Wednesday evening full of alcohol and abuse. She was asking who killed him, like I’m supposed to know. It was nothing to do with me. I wanted to tell her that if she hadn’t let him run wild then things might have turned out better for him, but I didn’t, of course. I told her to leave my property before I call the police. I did notice, however, that as she was walking home, Fat and Buff were in their garden beside the Starkies were watching her. They had a certain bitchiness about their look, like she was muck to them, a fat whore who can’t keep her kids under wraps. Those guys are really making me itch now.

I’m trying to focus on Christmas. It’s less than a week away. But something keeps coming up. Even Harold isn’t in the mood for it this year and that’s unlike him. I can understand why but without his cheer it just feels off somehow. But my mum’s dinner is something to look forward to at least.

I get home from work. It’s Friday afternoon and I just want to relax on the sofa playing games. Shooting some horrid kids online, kids who should be at school, feels fun today. I play for an hour when something comes through the letter box. An invitation to a party at Fat and Buff’s house. It’s tomorrow night. Bit late for an invitation, isn’t it? It even says that on the invite:

We’re throwing an impromptu Christmas party

Saturday 20th December


Can’t think of anything worse if I’m honest. I know we’ll end up going even if just for the gossip. Mei’s mum won’t want to go so at least it’ll be a break from all the niceness she’s thrown my way lately. I’ll see what Mei thinks when I pick her up from work. I suppose I’ll have to make a trek to Bargain Booze on the way home as well.

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