The End of an Error

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Still Sunday 21st December

‘Hey, chinky fucker!’ she yells from along the street. She’s drunk again.

Suddenly any sympathy I had for her has vanished. Right now I wish she was in the canal with her son. I glance at the flats. If there’s a time to record something, it’s now.

‘What now?’ I ask, frustrated.

She marches towards me. Her kids come out of the house behind her and watch. The older one tries to comfort them in front of her.

‘You murdering son of a bitch!’

‘You need to leave us alone,’ I tell her. ‘This is getting beyond a joke. Why don’t you go home and sleep it off.’

‘Don’t you dare tell me what to do you piece of shit,’ she cries. ‘You murdered my son.’

I can’t take much more of this. I can feel everyone around me hearing this, judging me. People tend to believe that kind of thing. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if he killed himself to get away from you,’ I say to her, immediately regretting it.

She recoils backwards like she’s being pushed by an invisible force. ‘You evil bastard,’ she cries.

Mei and I head inside and leave her in the street. But she doesn’t leave us. She leans on my wall, bending the metal railing with her weight. She continues to cry. She’s a broken woman. Surely somebody can help her.

Ten minutes later, I look out of the window and see her still there. I don’t know what her other kids are doing at this point but I feel sorry for them.

Flashing lights approach. Somebody has called the police.

I move away from the window. I don’t want to witness this. I can hear her shouting. They’re arresting her. Again.

Mei and her mum watch TV, loud, trying to put it out of their minds.

There’s a knock at the door. It’s Constable Smith. I invite him inside but he doesn’t come in. He just asks what happened this time. I explain about her being drunk and spewing racist remarks my way. It was totally unprovoked. I ask him who called the police but he won’t tell me. I suspect it to be Emma. I don’t know why but all I can imagine is her watching us like a secret agent. Perhaps that’s what she thinks she is. Perhaps she’s after something juicy to post on YouTube, or a porn website. There’s a lot of money to be made online, especially on YouTube. She may have called the police to try and get a something good, like an evil puppet master.

Constable Smith tells me that this time something will be done about Jason’s mum.

I’ll believe that when I see it.

And in the morning, I see it.

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