The End of an Error

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Today is the eighth of January and the new year is in full swing. The ‘happy New Year’ greetings and ‘how was your Christmas’ questions have officially finished. Now what’s left is a slightly depressing time with another entire year to go through; an entire new year in which to save up. An entire new year with plenty of excitement to come. The birth of my first child being the main one.

It has been a week since the party and everyone seems to know what Amy got up to. She’s the gossip of the estate. Alan and Bret have laughed it off as the uncontrollable lust of a sexually active lady. Very sexually active. Almost to the point where she becomes infatuated with someone. Me of all people. I hope she’s left me alone properly now and moved on to the next poor sap. I haven’t heard from her since.

Constable Smith came to see me on Sunday. What a waste of time that was. I knew it would be. It doesn’t help that I don’t know Amy’s last name or where she lives. He also said she hasn’t actually done anything wrong. I mentioned her criminal record and he said he’ll look into it. I also asked about her following me and sending me the pictures, but as I was stupid enough to delete them I can’t prove it. It doesn’t help that he once again reminded me that his resources are low and he can’t warrant spending so much time on a case like this. He did say he will see about speaking to her, but I said not to bother in case it makes things worse. We ended the conversation with me agreeing to contact him if she starts up again. Mei was okay with this, so she says anyway.

There is still no news about Jason’s murder. Same about Emma. What’s taking so long? I should have asked Smith when he was here. I did see Jason’s mum another couple of times. Seems that she’s sorting herself out now, which is good. But she still hasn’t said a word to me.

Mei’s mum continued with her niceties. There’s got to be something odd about that. I don’t say anything to Mei about it because it would just upset her if I complained about her mum being too nice. It would be an odd complaint, right?

Harold and I had our brews and our chats. He mentioned Amy’s sexiness again. I wish he’d drop it. I just want to forget about her. The same goes for Bret and Alan. They continued with their odd looks and opinions about everything. The more I talk to them the more I’m convinced they did something. Perhaps they planned it all with Amy’s help.

It could just be in my mind.

Today is my fourth day doing the office job and so far it’s been eventful to say the least. Agatha begrudgingly trained me up on the system and who knows which round. She kept rabbiting on about it being difficult and you have to have a firm hand with the drivers and not be so soft. Seems that Robert Blacksmith’s chat about being more caring hasn’t paid off at all. I think she’ll just be a miserable old cow forever. It’s no wonder she’s single. But I managed to suffer her and a week on Monday I should be ready to take the reins myself. Hopefully a break will put a smile on her haggard face. It would be sooner but I’ve already booked my trip to Edinburgh. The forecast says it’ll be cold so I’m not that excited for it.

The first day on the job was the hardest one. Agatha had me doing everything without much help, like she was trying to prove I couldn’t hack it or something. Her face on the second day told me she was very surprised to see me return and I couldn’t be happier. I guess I’m just happy not to be driving around. I even get to know Tim and Tom better, though I can’t work out if they’re interesting or boring.

The biggest event of the day was when a driver couldn’t deliver a meal. It can be quite boring doing this job but it’ll look better on my CV at least. And the money is better.

I finish work and go and pick Mei up. I don’t have to wait as long anymore or waste time in the afternoons. I finish work at three thirty so I can head straight to the carpark. Tonight is takeaway night. Pizza this time. Feels like I haven’t had a pizza in forever. Greasy cheese and cheesy chips. Yummy.

When we get home I see a white Ford Fiesta parked in the carpark beside Harold’s house. It’s definitely a Fiesta this time. And it’s Amy’s.

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