The End of an Error

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Tuesday 13th January

That nutter’s car is still there in the carpark. It hasn’t moved an inch since I saw it there before were left for Edinburgh. Is she doing it just to annoy me? There’s another car parked beside her that I may have seen around here recently. Could just be another neighbour.

When I get downstairs in search for breakfast, I check outside in case there are any more dead animals nailed to any part of my home. I can’t see anything, though it doesn’t make me feel better. That rancid bitch is up to something. I need to find out what it is. But I need to be clever about it; I don’t think she’s above calling the police about me.

Mei’s mum is still in bed when we leave for work. I don’t know if she’s awake or just snuggling under the covers. That’s what I’d rather be doing. Alone or with Mei of course, not with her mum.

Mei climbs in while I defrost the car.

As I defrost I hear a door close behind me. It’s Bret and Alan. No Amy. I don’t speak to them and they say nothing to me, though I can feel their negative vibes as they pass. They walk by me like they’re making a point. I wonder where nutcase is. I glance at their house and I’m sure I can briefly see a face in the upstairs window. Maybe I’m just seeing things. Now I think about it, what if they killed her? Things are definitely strange in that house.

I get in the car. ‘They’re so weird,’ I say.

Mei ignores me.

‘Do you think Amy has a house to go?’

‘She used to go somewhere. She must have.’

‘Unless she’s moved in there because she seduced the wrong man.’

Mei frowns.

‘What?’ I ask.

‘Maybe they bought her car from her.’

‘No. I’m sure I saw someone in the bedroom window.’

The whole rabbit thing is on my mind but my overall mood is better than yesterday. Agatha still asks me about it, though. I wonder if I should talk to her about things but then I remember all the shit she gave me as a driver. No, I don’t think I’ll ever get to know her personally. I’ll just tolerate her until I’m capable of doing this job on my own, which should be next Monday. I’m sure I’m capable of doing this job on my own by now.

I pick Mei up at four as usual and we head home. Tonight is takeaway night. I’m starting to think we have too many takeaways.

When we get home I pull up beside the Starkies’ car ready to reverse into the spot outside my house when I notice something in the side mirror. There something on the ground. It looks like glass. I pull up on the other side of the road, parking the car with all four wheels on the pavement. I take a look.

It is glass. I look up to the Fogarty’s house. There’s no face in the window this time. There’s nothing. I just don’t know what I’m going to do.

I go to the Starkies and ask them if they know anything, being nosey as they are.

Richard answers. It could just be me but I swear he’s standing further back than he normally would, like he thinks I’m going to attack him or something.

We get through the usual ‘How’s things?’ blah blah blah. Then I ask if he saw anyone smash any glass on the ground.

‘Not seen a thing, Lee.’

Margaret must be listening from the living room because she comes out to say something. ‘I do hear screaming sometimes coming from their house. It’s really weird.’

‘What kind of screaming?’

‘You know, screams of pleasure.’

I’m a little surprised. Is Amy fucking them? Maybe just one of them. She doesn’t even keep it quiet. She has no humility.

‘All right, thanks.’

I leave them and get a brush to sweep up the glass.

Looks like Amy is going to be here for a while.

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