The End of an Error

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Monday 26th January

I didn’t sleep well last night. Mei didn’t either. I don’t know if her mum did. I think most of the street shared my experience. The firemen were still there when we went to bed at eleven. I’ll make sure I have a nosey when I leave the house.

I feel like a zombie this morning. I’m spilling milk on the counter top instead of in my cup of coffee or bowl of cereal, I’m putting my trousers on back to front, and I’m forgetting things like putting gel in my hair. Mei looks like the female version. I have coffee instead of tea this morning to try and sort me out, and by the time I’m in the car heading for work, I feel a little sharper.

Thinking back on what happened last night I often wonder what my grandad would think if he were still alive today. To me he was a great man. He worked all his life and the only debt he had was his mortgage that he paid for as soon as he could. He worked on the land as a farmer during World War Two and finished his working life in a pit. He also taught ballroom dancing. My mum told me he always thought they’d make phones small enough to carry around in our pockets, and he was right. I do wonder, like I say, what he would think about life nowadays with the benefits and debt culture, not to mention the violence and sheer nastiness of the world as it has become. Harold is like my grandad in a way, just twenty years his younger. An entirely different generation.

I’m going to be a right miserable shit when I get older I can see it.

In the car I turn on Rock FM and the local news comes on. They mention the fire on the dreaded Bradley estate. The fire originated from the kitchen but they can’t determine the cause of it. Alan died in hospital. Apparently there is some amateur footage of the people blocking the fire engines that was shot on a mobile phone. I’m glad I stayed away from them.

House prices around here are going to hit an all-time low. It may be time to invest. If I buy the houses that come up for sale then I can own this entire estate and clear out the dickheads. If only.

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