The End of an Error

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Sunday 1st February

I wake up at seven. Mei is already awake checking her phone. I don’t know how long she’s been awake. I did hear her get out of the bed during the night and throw up at some point. I hope she hasn’t been awake since then.

‘You okay?’ I ask her.

She nods. ‘Just feel a bit sick.’

‘Yeah I heard you during the night.’

She just smiles. ‘Sorry.’

I get out of bed and go through my morning routine. I hope Mei will be okay on her own. Who am I kidding? She’ll still be in bed by the time I get home later.

She wants porridge so I make her some along with a cup of decaf tea and take it up to bed for her.

‘Just don’t spill it on the bed, all right?’

She smiles again. ‘Okay daddy.’

I have fifteen minutes before I leave for work, so while I’m downstairs I use Mei’s computer to check her mum’s flight status. It just shows as in flight and due to land in Guangzhou at quarter to six tonight.

For a laugh I check the internet history. It’ll be interesting to see what her mum was up to on here and see what dodgy streaming websites she went on.

As I go through a few sites, I feel like I’m invading her privacy. It feels a bit dirty. I think I should stop, only one site I click on shows a tutorial on how to erase a hard drive. Now I’m confused. Why would she be looking at that?

Emma’s death pops into my mind. Her hard drives were erased before she apparently committed suicide, which was on Christmas Day, when Mei’s mother was alone in the house while Mei and I visited my parents.

Oh shit.

It’s a disturbing thought.

But then there are the matches and smoky clothes. She did take the bins out on the night of the fire.

I start to shake. In a panic I delete the history and head out to work.

Did she kill Jason too? I ask myself. It all makes sense: the lifted mood, the fact that anyone threatening has ended up dead, the need to get rid of the forgotten bag.

Let me try and put this into perspective. Jason was a little prick who tormented the estate and maybe others. He killed Poppy and his parents did nothing about him. Emma recorded the happenings on the road. Perhaps she caught something that ties Mei’s mum to Jason’s murder and her mum couldn’t take that risk? Oh god I don’t know.

Then there’s Amy and what happened to her with Alan. Nobody can say that what they witnessed hadn’t affected them, and they were gotten rid of.

If her mum did commit these crimes then she did it for the right reasons, right?

I don’t know.

All I know is that she’s halfway across the world.

And you know what? It might sound strange but she had the balls to do what most other people could not. Even the police. But it’s still wrong.

It plays on my mind the entirety of my shift. Over and over I try to come to terms with it. I try to think of another explanation. The Bradley estate is definitely better off. It’s quieter and there hasn’t been any bad publicity for a few days now, which must be some sort of a record.

I have no plans to tell Mei what I’ve found out as it could end up in an argument. Let’s just say that I’ve found a new respect for her mother.

Shit. She’s due back here in a few months.

I realise that this is all conjecture and nothing is certain, but I’m sure I’m right. She killed people. I wonder if she has the other earring that was found near Jason’s body.

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