The End of an Error

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Over the next three months, the Bradley estate is very quiet. Jason’s mum continues her progress into a normal life and I hear that she might even get her other kids back, with regular visitation. I don’t know what’s happening with the dad and to be honest I don’t really care. She talks to me and Harold as she passes sometimes. I find it hard to talk to her as she often mentions Jason and I think I’m the only person who knows who his murderer is. Like I’ve said plenty of times, I feel sorry for her.

Harold’s cat is getting bigger and is out and about shitting on everyone’s garden in no time. I continue my almost daily trips to his house for a brew and a natter. Long may they go on. But I can’t help thinking that if Mei’s mum was still here then the cat would probably be in the ground by now.

Work hasn’t changed much, though I hear there is some restructuring happening within the management so I don’t know if that means last in first out, or in with the new and out with the old. If it’s the latter they’ll have to be careful about ageism and whatnot. I don’t think it would be the latter. Mr Blacksmith seems more caring than that.

It takes me at least six weeks to work up an appetite for Chinese food again.

Alan’s trial never goes to court and I never see Amy again.

I go to all of Mei’s midwife appointments with her and scans. We don’t want to know the gender. Either is nice as long as the baby is healthy. We’re both ecstatic. Seeing Mei’s belly grow so fast is a treat. Not for her though, not towards the end. Not with her bad back and stretch marks. It’s nice to feel the movements and kicks and every time it happens Mei gets this look on her face that’s full of bewilderment as well as excitement.

There’s just the cloud over my head and it’s heading this way a few weeks before the baby is born.

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