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Chapter 9


“How’re we going to get her inside?” Adrian asks as we get out of the truck. Bo is passed out in the back when I open the door. I wrap my arms under her head and legs. Adrian shuts the door when I get her out.

“I’m not sure, we can search her again,” I say, as we approach the door. Adrian checks her pockets and only finds her phone.

“Oh! Her phones unlocked,” He goes through her phone and then shows me text messages, “Look, this guy Adam has been blowing up her phone since we left,” He scrolls and then starts to read them off, “Where are you? I’m sorry I yelled at you. You promised you wouldn’t leave my side tonight. You left your keys in my car,” Adrian groans and leaves the texts between her and Adam.

“Why don’t we knock? Her parents should be home,” I suggest, but Adrian looks at me like I’m crazy.

“If you were drunk off your ass would you want somebody to knock on the front door of your house?” I shake my head and Adrian says, “That’s what I thought, now, let’s find another way in,” We walk around the building and find the patio for her house.

My arms are starting to grow tired, Bo’s not heavy but I’m not strong either, “Can we hurry this up? I feel like I’m going to drop her any minute.”

“Yeah, hold on,” Adrian jumps the short fence and then takes Bo’s legs. He pulls her over and once he has her, I hop the fence myself. I try the door but it’s locked, “Try the window,” I do as told and try to lift the window, it goes up smoothly and I sigh in relief.

I go through the window and unlock the back door. I open it and Adrian walks in, careful not to hit Bo’s head.

“Where should I set her?” He says even quieter, I shrug and walk throughout the apartment. I open one door and it’s a closet, I open another to reveal a bathroom, and the last one is a bedroom.

“It’s a one-bedroom, are you sure this is the right place?” I ask, turning on the light in the room. The walls are littered with band posters and Polaroid pictures. I look at the pictures and Bo is in most of them, “This is her place,” I say as Adrian walks in.

“I put her on the couch, but this is her place?” He asks, taking a picture off the wall. I snatch the picture from his hands, “Hey! I was just looking at it.”

“Don’t take it off the wall idiot,” I put it back and look around the room. An apron sits on the floor and I pick it up, the logo on the side reads Aqua, “So I was right, she does work at Aqua.”

“So she lives alone and works at Aqua, maybe that Adam guy is her boyfriend,” Adrian says, I feel my stomach churn and I look at him.

“We don’t know if they’re dating or not,” I defend, “Go get her and lay her down, I have to wash this puke off my sleeve,” I walk to the kitchen and pour soap on my shirt before scrubbing it with a sponge and water.

“I think we should stay here, just in case,” Adrian says, coming into the kitchen.

I shake my head, “She’s obviously been keeping this part of her life a secret. I think we should go and pretend this never happened,” I say, turning off the sink. I dry my hands on the towel hanging off the oven.

“Whatever dude lets go then.” I follow him to the front door and without even attempting to unlock it, he sighs, “The door’s been unlocked,” He says, pulling open the door.

“You’re kidding right?” I laugh quietly and shut the door behind me, “It’s almost midnight, do you wanna crash at my place?” I ask, the inside of the truck used to smell like leather and the new car smell air freshener but since Bo took a ride in the back, you can smell a hint of sour vomit.

“Yeah, sound cool. But I have to ask, who do you think drugged her? That guy, Adam, he sounded like her friend over those texts,” I shrug. It was a frat party, of course, people would drug unsuspecting girls. Bo, though, seems like the most cautious girl. I would’ve never thought that she’d go to a party and take a drink from any person, “I did hear that they were doing this thing, girls get pink cups and guys get blue, maybe they drugged all the pink ones?”

“Wouldn’t surprise me,” I say quietly as we pull into my driveway, “My parents should be asleep by now, you need to keep your mouth shut when we go inside.”

Adrian nods as the both of us get out of the truck. I shut the door carefully but Adrian’s idiot self slams it. I quietly groan and I feel my arm tense up, it’s begging to get a touch of that tan skin of his.

“Can you try to be any less loud?” I whisper as we approach the front door. When I unlock the door, I am greeted by the warm atmosphere of the inside. I let out a shiver from the temperature and lead Adrian to my bedroom where I give him a blanket and extra pillow.

“What? We’re not sleeping in the same bed?” He whispers, throwing the things on the floor.

“Shut up or you can sleep in the backyard,” I say as I kick off my shoes.

“Yeah whatever, you wish you could sleep in the same vicinity as me,” I roll my eyes and take off my shirt from tonight, the sleeve is still wet as I slide it off my arm. Adrian doesn’t know much about when I cut, he knows I used to, he accidently saw them when we were changing for gym, but he never knew why I did. The only person that knows fully about my past is Avery, the girl I grew up with. We rarely talk anymore but when we do it’s like we never stopped.

I lay down on my bed and take my phone from my jeans pocket. I unlock it and scroll through old pictures on my Instagram. A lot were of me and friends. None of them showed how sad I was, I was good at hiding it, but Avery helped me out, she practically saved me. I feel like one day, I’ll be happy, somehow, someway, I’ll be as happy as I was when I was a seven-year-old boy who went to church every Sunday and enjoyed it. I promise myself that.

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