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Chapter 10

Pounding. Pounding is all I feel when my eyes open. The tiniest amount of light causes me to screw my eyes shut. The pain is unbearable and a few tears escape my eyes. I did this to myself though. I can’t blame last night. My mouth is dry, throat sore. All the more reason to blame myself.

How did I even get home? The last thing I remember is sitting at the bar with Adam, everything else is a blank canvas, waiting to be painted by me.

I throw my blankets off of my body and enter my bathroom. I take the Tylenol from my cabinet and swallow them with the help of sink water. It soothes my thirst and I swallow a little bit more before grabbing my toothbrush and scrubbing my teeth.

All the contents of last night are slowly being washed away by the morning. My shower isn’t long and I get dressed in a sweatshirt and patterned leggings.

I slip on some flats and grab my backpack from the corner. Sunglasses I own sit on the kitchen counter, so I take them and put them on. It’s the best I can do to keep myself from dying today.

The drive to school is dreadful, the sunlight beats down on my car and decides today is the day that it should be the sunniest. Or maybe my hangover is intensifying the light.

I walk into the building and am greeted by the bell. Today I actually didn’t come late, I slightly smile to myself as I walk into homeroom. My teacher looks at me expectantly but I keep my sunglasses on, I’m not going to let everyone see me look like shit today.

I put my head down and the announcements play, louder this morning. Everything is louder, smellier, just more sensitive all together, I hate it. The class ends before I know it and I exit the classroom. My feet carry me through the hall and I feel an arm sling over my shoulder, I don’t have the energy to smack it away, so I look at who it is.

Adrian walks next to me, his blue and brown eyes both looking down at me.

“Yes?” I say, my voice still hoarse from this morning.

“You look like you had some fun last night,” He smiles, we walk up to the group of people I’m so used to seeing -which I wish I wouldn’t be able to say- and Sage’s eyes look at the both of us. At first she’s confused but then her eyes fill with rage.

I shrug his arm off of me and take a step away. I bump into someone and turn around to see Lukas, his brown hair tussled in a mess on his head.

“Hey Bo, glad to see you’re back,” He says, smiling slightly. I do the same and put my hands in the pockets of my sweatshirt, “Can I uh-talk to you for a minute?” He asks, pulling me away from the group. I nod and he continues, “The other night, when we went to dinner, I swear I saw this waitress that looked just like you.”

My heart skips a beat and I scramble to say a response, “No, I don’t have a job,” I say in the least convincing way possible.

“Oh,” He replies thoughtfully, “Alright, well I just wanted to ask, she looked a lot like you,” He says again, he begins to walk slowly and I follow him.

“I have English now,” I say, stopping before I enter my class, he nods and holds onto his backpack straps rather cutely.

“I have Drama, but I’ll see you?” He asks rhetorically, I nod in response and enter the classroom. I set my things down, take out my pencil, and begin another day in the dreadful place called ‘school’.

Lunch comes rolling around and I actually am excited to go. I feel that Lukas and I are getting a lot closer than I have with someone in a long time. His soft smile and brown eyes are so comforting it’s insane. I immediately want to trust him but the last time I trusted someone, my life was shattered.

I enter the cafeteria and I feel my mood perk up the second I see Lukas sitting at the lunch table. I stand in the line, get my lunch, retrieve an orange juice and then sit down next to Lukas.

“Hey, you haven’t taken those sunglasses off all day,” Without asking, Adrian snatches them and I groan, covering my face.

“We get you got wasted last night, you don’t look like total crap,” Madeline says, leaning over and placing her hand on my forearm before hastily bringing it back to her.

“Thanks,” I say, taking a bite of my macaroni and cheese. The cheese is fake and doesn’t taste as good as the one you make at home but I still eat it.

“How’re you feeling?” Lukas asks, lightly bumping my shoulder.

“I’m fine, I still feel my headache but it’s cool. I’ll survive,” I say, finishing off the cup of macaroni, “How do you guys even know I went to a party last night?”

“Well for one, you came to school with your hair in a bun, tights, a sweatshirt, and sunglasses. And two, we saw you with that guy, Adam.” He says and as he does it makes me question what else he knows. What if I spilled the beans to him last night and that’s why he asked me about it this morning?

Oh my gosh, I’m going to cry. Adrian sports my sunglasses and tips them down to look at me, “What do you think? Should I buy myself a pair of ray bans?”

“I think you should buy yourself a pair of ray bans,” I say reaching across the table and snatching my glasses back. I put them on and my eyes feel less strained. Lukas opens my orange juice for me and hands it over, “Thank you,” I say, taking a long sip.

“I think the vitamin C will help you out with your hangover,” He says, eating his own lunch. I smile restrictedly and lay my head on his shoulder. I feel him tense under my head but then his shoulders relax and all I feel is the way he messes with my feelings. My cheeks get hot as Adrian smiles at me, a funny smile that suggests things. I squeal quietly and cover my face with my hands again, these boys are annoyingly amazing.

I hate it.

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