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Chapter 13


The time soon turns eleven and I look outside where David stands, his hands in his coat pockets. I put my coat on and when I feel a hand on my shoulder, I nearly have a heart attack.

“You ready?” Adam asks, taking my keys from his pocket. I turn to look at David and look down at my hands.

I tuck my hair behind my ear, “Is it okay if you go home alone? I have someone here,” Adam furrows his eyebrows but then nods. I give him a hug and we go our separate ways.

When I open the door, David looks at me, a smile on his face.

“So, how’d you find me?” I ask, sitting down on the bench next to the door. He joins me, sitting relatively close.

“I saw a video you were in online and it had your school tagged in it. So I came out to see if I could find you, got hungry and decided to come to the elegant restaurant that has great reviews of a waitress who had curly hair and a beautiful smile,” I look at my feet and tap them lightly on the floor, “I knew I needed to see you again.”

“You already know how we left things before, why did you have to see me again?”

“I know what happened put the largest wrench in our relationship but I swear Gia,” He places his hand under my chin and forces me to look at him, “I still love you.”

I look up at the stars in the sky and close my eyes to wish this away.

“Look Gia-”

I cut him off, “Stop calling me Gia, my name is Bo.” He sighs and shakes his head.

“Look Bo, I’m trying to tell you I miss you, I really miss you. And so do Wesley and Zamora,” I haven’t heard those names in so long. Wesley and Zamora.

“How old are they now?” I ask, trying to change the subject. I don’t want to talk about him missing or loving me anymore, it’s all bullshit.

“Twelve, their birthdays are soon.” I nod. He puts his hand on my thigh to get my attention. The feeling is strange, nobody has touched me that way in a long time. I cross my legs and his hand lazily falls off.

“Do you want to go get something? I saw this place down the street.”

“I have somewhere to be early in the morning tomorrow but it was nice seeing you, David.” I say, “Is it okay if you drop me off at home?”

The both of us approach his car and he politely opens the door for me. I get in and the inside of the car smells like cinnamon.

“Okay, just let me take you out to ice cream? It won’t take longer than an hour Gi-Bo,” He corrects himself and I can’t contain a smile. Would it really be that bad if I went and got ice cream with the guy? I mean, it wouldn’t be like a ‘I forgive you for everything’ thing, just an innocent ice cream eating with the guy who I claim is my first love.

“Fine, but if it goes over an hour I will be the one to dig your grave.”

He starts the car and smiles, “Done deal, Bo,” We leave the parking lot and drive down the street where a 24 hour Ice Cream Palace is. He parks the car and we both get out at the same time. I feel like if I let him do anything more for me he’ll think I forgive him.

We walk inside and I order two scoops of the chocolate chip coffee ice cream. I top it off with brownie pieces, m&m’s, butter finger, Reese’s, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. Basically, Type 2 diabetes in a cup. No offense to anyone with Type 2, just an expression.

He orders two scoops of mint chocolate chip and doesn’t top it with anything. We pay separately and sit down in the corner of the place.

“So, Bo, how’s the last three years been on your own?”

I take a bite of the ice cream, “They’ve been fine, I’ve been making it on my own.”

He nods and his brown eyes watch me as I take another bite. They remind me so much of what I felt for him, what I used to feel for him.

“That’s amazing. I’m still living with Will, even though I’m not in the system anymore and not considered a foster kid, Will let me stay because I’m all the twins know.”

I nod and stick my spoon in the ice cream, “That’s good for you, happy you’re happy.”

“Are you happy?” He asks, reaching for my hand. I take it off the table and put it in my lap. His eyes flicker up and then back to his ice cream before he clears his throat.

“I’m happy enough,” I reply quietly, looking over at the girl behind the counter who’s just intensely staring our way.

“Well I’m happy you’re happy,” He repeats, smiling slightly. I nod and mix up my ice cream. It turns a darker shade of brown and all of the candy makes it an ugly brown.

“Thanks,” I say, finally taking a bite of the cold sugar, “Can I get a cap for this?” I ask the girl. She nods and sets a cap on the counter. I take the see through top and pop it onto my cup.

“You’re wanting to leave?” David asks me as he throws away the empty cup.

“Yeah, like I said, I have to wake up early tomorrow morning,” He nods and I follow him out to his car. I direct him to a few lights away from my house and I get out, “My house is not that far of a walk from here, thank you for dropping me off,” I smile and shut the car door. He slowly pulls away and I watch as his car drives all the way down the street. Once he’s gone, I begin walking towards my apartment complex.

If there is anything I can keep private, it’s where I rest my head at night.

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