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Chapter 14



“Oh god man, what the hell happened last night?” An indistinguishable voice echoes throughout the house.

One of my eyes pop open and for a second, everything is blurry. I blink a few times to regain my vision and when I do, I see I’m laying on the floor next to a bunch of other people. My shirt is gone, my bandana is wrapped around my hand and blood is seeping through.

I try to lift my head but the thing feels like a 100-pound weight.

“What time is it?” The nasally voice gives me the idea that Stephanie is talking.

“It’s almost four o’clock.” I slowly turn my head and see Mason and Stephanie, sitting up on the couches.

“Dude, my underwear is gone,” Adrian stumbles into the main room, his hat is gone and so is his dignity.

“Lukas! My man! You’re awake,” Aaron takes my hand and pulls me up to my feet. My weight shifts and I almost fall. He catches me though and leads me to the couch.

“You were pretty fucked up dude, the second that Molly hit you, you were a whole other person,” Mason hands me his phone and a video waiting to be played sits on the screen. I tap the play button and the first thing I hear is the screeching techno before I come into the shot. I’m dancing with girls, making out with them, and then a guy comes up to me and pushes me out of the way. I can’t hear what we’re saying but anyone can tell that I’m fucked up.

The guy punches me in the face and I land on the floor, I grab the nearest thing to me, which ended up being an empty bottle of rum, and hit him over the head with it when he leaned down to hit me again.

The entire thing shattered in my hand and then blood started pouring. The guy, he fell to the ground, knocked out, and Adrian comes over, takes the bandana from my head and wraps it around my hand before patting my shoulder and walking away.

With watching the video, I remember some things but other things I don’t. The fact that I was making out with three girls at one time is not me. I haven’t touched another girl since my last girlfriend and that ended over three years ago.

“The inner party man came out Lukas, it was pretty hot,” Madeline lays on the couch, her eyes closed, “I don’t think anyone has seen you like that before last night,” I lazily roll my eyes and take my phone from my pocket, which is miraculous that it’s still there.

I unlock it and scroll through my messages on my phone just to make sure I didn’t do anything even more stupid last night.

My hand is in the worst pain ever but nothing compares to my headache. I feel like I’m heavily sick but I’m not, it’s just a hangover.

“Anyone up for a Bloody Mary?” Stephanie asks, standing up from the couch. Everyone groans in response.

“It’s better to drink and feel better than to not drink and suffer.” Everyone groans again and she nods, “Like a million Bloody Mary’s coming up.” In order to get to the kitchen, she has to step over at least ten sleeping people.

“Where are her parents anyway?” I ask Adrian who chills on the couch next to me, his eyes closed.

“They went to Cabo with her neighbors,” Madeline says, sitting up on the couch. Her hair is a mess but almost immediately she puts it up in a tight bun.

“Cool,” I say, leaning my head back slowly. My eyes flicker over to everyone else on the couch and they all look the same as I do. Sage is still passed out on the floor, her brown hair, scattered everywhere around her. I wonder what Bo is doing in this moment, at four in the afternoon, on a...Saturday?

“Everyone has to get up and get a drink themselves! I’m not a waitress,” Steph calls out to us from the kitchen. Adrian helps me off the couch, the both of us can barely walk but he’s strong enough to keep the both of us up. I nearly trip over the seemingly endless bodies and we finally make it to the messy kitchen where Stephanie stands with fifteen glasses of the same drink, over and over. She hands us all one and I take a seat at the kitchen table. Stephanie grabs one and sits down next to me.

“So Lukas, did you have fun last night?” She takes a sip of the drink at the same time I do.

“Uh, yeah I guess,” I shrug and look at Mason for help. He raises his glass to me and takes a drink. I sit back in the chair, my hand is throbbing, “Do you have a first-aid kit? I think this needs to be changed, like now,” The blood from my hand is dripping on the table and I’d feel bad if it’ll stain the wood.

“Yeah of course! I’ll be right back,” She gets up from her seat and runs off to another part of the house.

In minutes she comes back with a small first aid kit, but when she opens it, there is everything I need.

“Stephanie, let me do this,” Madeline says, pushing her out of the way. She sits down next to me and starts to untie the bandana. The cloth sticks to my hand and I wince as she pulls it off.

Madeline takes a disinfectant wipe and the stinging sensation makes me clench my jaw tightly. I take a deep breath as she sets the wipe down and looks at my hand.

“You cut it really deep Lukas, I think you might need stitches,” She puts gauze on my hand and then wraps it up with the bandages.

“Thanks,” I say, looking at my now bandaged right hand. If you told me yesterday that I’d go to a party, be force fed Molly, make out with girls, get in a fight and cut my hand to the point of needing stitches, I would tell you that you’re a psychopath who needs to be put away. I wonder what my parents are going to think when they see my hand, what will Bo think?

I down half of the Bloody Mary and look around the table at all of the people who are almost as miserable as I am. We’re on the same level hangover-wise, but adding a hangover to wounds is painstakingly horrible.

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