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Chapter 15



It’s been an entire week and Sage refuses to talk to me. One petty fight at a party seriously shouldn’t end a friendship so fast. I pick a fry from my tray and chuck it at Lukas. His brown eyes look at me confusingly and then he smiles. Adrian picks up the fry and throws it at him again.

I laugh and my hand instinctively reaches to tuck my hair behind my ear. My eyes shift over to Sage who’s watching us intensely. The blue in her eyes is vibrant as she glances at Adrian. I feel like I can rekindle this relationship if I get Adrian to take her out on a date.

I take another fry from my plate and throw it at Adrian to get his attention.

“I get throwing a fry at Lukas but why me?” Adrian asks, shaking the French fry off the brim of his hat.

“I need a favor,” I say as he raises an eyebrow.

“Bo? Is in need of a favor?” Lukas says sarcastically, “This must be good,” I roll my eyes and fold my arms on the table.

I lower my voice and scoot in closer to him, “I need you to take Sage on a date,” We both sit back and he looks at me, a shocked expression on his face.

“Her? On a date?” I nod and he shrugs, “I was thinking about getting back together with Jess this week.”

“Okay, go on a date tonight and get back with Jess tomorrow,” Lukas says, sitting back in his chair.

“Fine, but I swear if Jess doesn’t take me back I’m killing the both of you,” He says before getting up. Adrian sits down in the chair next to Sage and when her head whirlwinds to face him, he smiles. I see the color drain from her face and she shyly sits up.

He leans in close and whispers something in her ear which causes her to blush a deep red.

“Why do you want Adrian to ask Sage out?” Lukas’ voice distracts me from the flirt fest.

“She’s mad at me and I think it’s because she thinks that Adrian’s into me or something. So when he takes her on a date, she’ll see he doesn’t like me and will be friends with me again.” I explain quietly.

He nods knowingly and then lightly bumps my shoulder, “So what’d you do this weekend?”

I shrug, “I worked, worked, and worked.”

“I didn’t know you had a job?” Lukas raises an eyebrow at me and then the thought hits me that they don’t know I work at Aqua.

“I-I meant school work, I worked on homework,” He gives me a suspicious look and then smiles, “What about you?”

“I’ve been wallowing in pain. We all went to a party Friday night and we’re all still dreading it.”

“I was wondering why everyone has been so quiet. Thanks for the invite, though,” I say as the bell rings.

“Hey, you would’ve gotten an invite if somebody had your phone number!” He says, picking up his tray and following me to the trash.

“Or, you can make plans during the day like normal people do,” I say, “You know, there was a time when phones didn’t exist.”

Lukas gasps dramatically, “That is a time we don’t speak about!”

A laugh escapes my lips as we walk into the hallway.

“I’ll see you later Bo!” Lukas says as we go our separate ways.


I set my backpack down on the floor and get ready for another day at work. It feels like all I do these days is work, but I guess that’s the price of real life. I dress in our new uniform. A black shirt with the word Aqua spread across the back in a pretty font along with black yoga pants.

I don’t own many pairs of jeans, so these will have to do. I put on my wedges, grab my jacket, and open my front door to see Adam about to knock.

“You’re actually on time Bo,” Adam teases as he takes my keys from me.

“New year, new me,” I say when we get into the car.

“It’s November,” He says slowly as if he’s trying to process what I said.

“We have one month until it’s a new year, so it’s an early new year, new me,” Adam rolls his eyes and the red light reflects off his blue ones. We sit in the silence of the car, the only things keeping it from being completely quiet is the heater that’s blasting.

“I heard it’s supposed to start snowing soon, like this weekend or something,” I furrow my eyebrows and take out my phone. The weather app shows exactly what he’s saying. Starting Friday, it should be snowing.

I groan aloud and lay my head on the window, “I hate the snow, I’ve never had good experiences with it.”

That’s true. When I was 16 years old, I didn’t have anywhere to go because all of the shelters were full. I almost died of hypothermia but a lady took me to the hospital just in time. I never got to thank her though, she kind of just left once she found out I was okay.

“Everyone has good experiences in snow, it’s a child’s dream to play in the snow.” I shake my head, “What made snow so horrible for you?”

“I just don’t like it, it’s too cold,” He furrows his eyebrows but shrugs it off. I know it doesn’t make sense to live in a place that snows if I hate it but the prices of everything in this state compared to others is so much cheaper and easier to handle.

We pull into the parking lot, park, and repeat our process as we do almost every day. Hang my jacket up, clock in, say our goodbyes and head over to our designated places to take care of our customers.

“Bo! It’s your turn to close tonight!” Stephanie, a co-worker says as she slips me the keys to the restaurant. I sigh and get ready to take orders from the incoming customers.

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