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Chapter 17


My mind is officially blown. Bo just took me home. Bo took me home! I stand in the middle of her living room, having a mini meltdown. I never thought I’d make it this far with her. My phone buzzes in my pocket and it’s a text from Adrian.

Heard you left school with Bo, where’d you go???

I text him back with, Dude! I was just about to text you!!! She took me to her apartment and like told me to promise not to tell anyone

My phone buzzes again in seconds, No way! Are you gonna get some or...

No dweeb! I think I might snoop, though.

With that, I put my phone away and creep into the kitchen. There’s mail on the counter and when I open a drawer, it’s full of letters. Like written letters. I pull one out and read it.

Bo, Will found out that you left. You have to come back or he’s gonna report you to the cops. He said that he’ll tell them you stole valuables from him before you ran away. If you don’t come back I’m gonna have to tell him where you went. Please keep yourself from getting into deep shit.

I furrow my eyebrows and put the letter back. That’s weirder than I ever imagined. I shut the drawer and take off my shoes next to the couch. I would’ve fallen asleep faster if it wasn’t for that letter playing tug of war with my consciousness.

“Hey, wake up,” I’m being shaken awake and when I open my eyes, Bo stands above me, her hair in a messy bun. She’s changed out of her school clothes and is wearing her sweatshirt and a pair of shorts. I rub my eyes and sit up on the couch.

“What time is it?” I ask, pulling the blanket I had over me.

“Almost nine,” She says, sitting cross-legged on the couch next to me. Bo takes a sip from the cup she’s holding and then sets it on the floor.

“Nine?” I pick my phone and check the time for myself. I have a couple texts from my mom and three from Adrian. I open my Mom’s texts;

Honey, you haven’t come home yet. let me know when you are.

Your father is worried please text back soon xx

I respond with, I’m okay, just hanging out with a friend. I’ll be home tomorrow.

I then open Adrian’s which is overwhelmingly annoying.

Dude! I wanna snoop with you.

Are you gonna ANSWER?


I leave him on read and throw my phone in my lap.

“You popular?” Bo asks a small smile plays on her lips. She turns on the tv without my response.

“Depends on the time of day,” I reply, leaning into the cushion of the couch, I feel a sharp pain in my stomach and I look over at Bo, “Is it cool if I raid your pantry?”

“Mi pantry es su pantry,” She says as I get up. I approach her kitchen and open the pantry. She has everything I could ever dream of having. I take a Twinkie from the box along with a small bag of beef jerky.

I sit down on the couch with the snacks in hand and before I can take a bite of my Twinkie, Bo grabs my wrist, pulls it towards her and practically inhales the thing.

I pout my lip and look at my cream covered hand.

“I haven’t had one of those in years,” I lick the stuff off my hand and wipe my hands on my pants.

“I felt like being a jerk,” She says as she gets up from the couch, “I’m gonna make some Chicken Alfredo, want some?”

“Yeah, since my main course is gone,” I look longingly at the Twinkie wrapper. After a few minutes, she comes back and sits down on the couch. I take this as an opportunity to ask her some questions, “So how do you afford this place?”

Her head turns to me, I can tell she’s trying to think of something that won’t give up everything about her.

“My parents pay for everything, they wanted me on my own,” She says, almost convincingly. If I didn’t already know she works at Aqua, I would’ve believed her.

“That’s cool, my parents are half helicopter, half uninvolved. Sometimes they watch every step I take and other times they don’t pay much attention to what I do.”

“That’s odd,” She laughs, her teeth practically shine. Y’know those movies where the guy’s teeth have that sparkle when he smiles? I swear that just happened. The loose curls on the back of her neck distract me. They’re cute and small, almost like baby curly fries, “What’s the staring for?” She asks, waving her hand in front of my face.

“Your curls, they’re so cute,” Before I process what I said, Bo’s eyes widen and she busts out laughing.

“Did you just call my fly aways cute?” Her hand grabs the small curls and blocks them from my view.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I smile. The awkwardness is pulling on my sleeve and I’m really trying not to let it bother me. My body is begging to shut down but I won’t let it this time. I’m gonna force myself to let Bo know me.

“Well, I think that little scar on your nose is cute,” She reaches out and touches the place where my scar resides. I was hit in the face with a baseball when I was a kid and it wasn’t pretty afterward.

“A scar?” I ask. My hand instinctively touches where her fingers were only a few seconds before.

“Scars tell stories,” Bo says simply, grabbing her cup from the floor and taking a large drink, “I have one on my neck,” She breathes. Bo shows me her neck and almost as clear as day, she has a long jagged scar on her neck, “I put makeup on it sometimes, but my hair mostly covers it.”

“What happened?”

She smiles to herself and then says, “That’s a story for another time, but! I know something we can do now,” Bo stands up from the couch and grabs a movie from the entertainment center, “I have The Outsiders,” My eyes widen and I take the movie case from her hands.

“No way!” I look at the case and even open it to make sure it’s real.

“Wanna watch it?” She asks, taking it back.

“Uh, yeah!” I say excitedly as she puts it in the DVD player. She sits down on the couch again and thus began our movie night.

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