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Chapter 19

“So like, since you took me home, can I have your number?” Lukas asks me as I sit down at our lunch table. He instinctively wraps his arm around my shoulder and gives me a hug, “Normally the guy gets the number before he takes a trip home.”

I laugh and shake my head, “My number can stay private for a little while longer,” I say, scooting closer to him. I’m starting to really like these boys’ company. Both Lukas and Adrian remind me of the two perfect best friends that stride the halls like they own the place. Oh wait, they already do.

“I want a number!” Adrian whines when he puts a couple fries in his mouth, “I’ve been starving all day, I didn’t even eat breakfast.”

“That sucks,” I reply, taking a bite of my barbecue sandwich. I almost moan at the taste of the sweet tangy barbecue sauce.

Lukas lazily bumps my shoulder, “We’re going to a party on Saturday at that frat house, wanna come?” I shake my head, partying doesn’t sound like my cup of tea at the moment, “Why not? Adrian and I won’t have to bring you home like last time,” The words flow through my mind before I fully connect the dots, along with the two of them.

“Dude! She wasn’t supposed to know that!” Adrian smacks Lukas’ shoulder and Lukas falls onto out of his seat and onto the floor.

“You two are the ones who took me home?” I whisper in thought, “So Adrian knows where I live too then.”

“We know you work at Aqua too,” Adrian says almost inaudibly. My mind crashes with the thoughts of them knowing about what I’ve been trying to keep secret for years.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I mumble, picking up my backpack, “Let’s go,” I stand up from my seat and help Lukas up off the floor, “We all need to talk privately.” Adrian and Lukas saunter after me when I leave the cafeteria. The hallway is empty and everyone is either in the courtyard or cafeteria.

The three of us leave the school building and approach Adrian’s truck. I get into the backseat and wait for the other two to get in.

“So, are we in trouble?” Adrian asks, looking back at me with his soft brown eyes.

“Does anyone else know what you guys do?” Lukas shakes his head and lays his head on my lap.

“This has been a secret between the two of us since it happened. We wouldn’t tell people your business Miss Bo Lockett.” Adrian declares, leaning his seat back, “Lukas and I love you too much.”

Love? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Adrian shuts his eyes and lays on his side.

“I don’t think ditching two days in a row is a good idea,” I say, but the second I do, light snores sound from both of the boys. I roll my eyes and lean back in my seat. I spot a pipe sitting inside the pocket behind the passenger seat. My eyes look at both of the boys and with no hesitation, I take the pipe and reach in further to find a capsule and lighter stuffed in there.

Why not? I’ve heard stories of how weed relaxes people. I’d give anything in the world to relax for more than two seconds. I pop open the capsule and am hit with the smell of the plant. The little pieces that sit inside are what I use to fill up the bowl-like spot of the pipe. I put the end to my lips, light the weed, and inhale. I feel a painful burning sensation take over my lungs and I begin to cough uncontrollably.

“Baby lungs!” Adrian laughs, “Give it here, let me show you how the pros do it.”

“I thought you were sleeping jerk,” I hand him the pipe and he sits up in his seat.

“I was sleeping but I was awoken by the sound of a newbie in distress.”

I roll my eyes and Adrian does the same exact thing I did, but he takes a long drag and doesn’t choke to death like I did minutes ago.

“The more you do it, the easier it is,” I nod as he hands me the pipe again. I do the same thing as before but I still end up coughing up a lung, “If you ain’t chokin, you ain’t smokin’,” Adrian laughs but I take another hit of the stuff, “Look at you, Bo! We’re making a criminal out of this one,” Adrian points at me and snatches the pipe.

“My turn,” He says in a sing-song voice, he takes a hit but instead of blowing it out, he starts talking in a very restricted tone, “I’ve always liked you, Bo, you know how to take care of yourself. Kinda makes me feel like a chump sometimes.”

“How come?” I ask, leaning my head back on the seat. I feel like I’m underwater. My head is swimming! That’s the phrase I’m looking for.

“You have your life together. You don’t live with your parents, you have a job, you ace school like a champ, you’re the teenager everyone wishes they can be.”

I scoff, “I wish that were true. My life is a lot more difficult than it looks Adrian,” My eyes drift down to Lukas who’s knocked out cold. I run my fingers through his soft hair and I get easily distracted by his pink lips. They’re slightly chapped, his brown hair is a mess on my legs, and one of his hands rest on my thigh.

“Hey! I’m still talking here!” Adrian says, looking back at me, “I get you want to sex him up but do it somewhere other than my backseat,” I feel my cheeks heat up and I lay back in my seat again.

“I don’t want to sex him up,” I defend myself weakly but I already know Adrian knows what’s up.

“Sure you don’t,” Adrian lays back down in his seat and shuts his eyes again.

I get the image of pancakes in my head and I feel myself start to crave them, “You know what I really hate like hardcore with a passion? Waffles. Waffles suck ass, it’s all about pancakes.”

“Shut up or I’ll make you,” He shows me his fist before the both of us fall asleep in the smoky atmosphere of his truck.

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