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Chapter 22


“How could you let Bo hang out with that guy?” Adrian asks me as we drive away from Bo’s apartment complex.

“What do you mean? He’s her neighbor,” I furrow my eyebrows and look at Adrian who’s obviously tense. His grip on the steering wheel is tight and the tips of his fingers are turning white from all the pressure.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Adrian exclaims, “you don’t recognize him?”

He’s just a 6-foot dude with inhumanly blue eyes and a head of hair. I shrug my shoulders as a response, I don’t know who this guy is.

Before Adrian can say anything else, his phone starts ringing. He sighs as he pulls it out of his pocket to see that my mother is calling him.

I snatch the phone from his hands and answer the call.

“Hey, mom, what’s up?”

“Where are you? I thought you were just going to check up on a friend?” Her concerned voice slightly annoys me. Like I told Bo, my parents are helicopter half the time and the other half they just don’t care. Now is one of the helicopter times.

“We found out that she’s okay and she invited us to dinner. We’re gonna go and be right back after okay?”

“May I speak with this ‘her’ you’re talking about?” I bite my tongue to keep from cursing. One of my last nerves is being pulled and she’s gonna feel my rage soon if she doesn’t stop asking questions.

“She’s not in the truck with us, she took her own.”

“Well keep me on the phone until you guys get there, I want to talk to her.” I take the phone away from my ear and press the mute button.

“I’m gonna kill somebody,” I confess to Aiden who looks equally as annoyed as me, but not for the same reasons.

“Too bad, we’re almost there anyway, five minutes, tops.”

I unmute myself and continue talking with my mom until we get to the restaurant. Sooner or later, a car pulls up next to us and Bo gets out, a small smile on her face as she fixes her hair. I roll down the window and stick Adrian’s phone out.

“My mom wants to speak with you,” She looks at me shocked and then points at herself.

“Me?” She asks, taking the phone from my hand.

“Yes, you,” Bo puts the phone to her ear and as the conversation goes on, she slowly walks away.

I see her pacing back and forth while talking, a concerned look on her face, “Yes, okay, I’ll totally make sure of that. Alright, thank you. Bye,” She hands me the phone and leans against the car.

“So are we ready to eat or what?” I raise an eyebrow at her but she doesn’t say anything. Just looking at me with a smug expression, like she knows something I don’t. Which if she was talking with my mom, she probably does.

“I’m starving,” Adam, her friend, says, taking her hand in his and leading her to the front doors of the place.

“What the actual fuck,” Adrian mumbles as he gets out.

“Whatever your problem is with this guy, let’s take it up with him when Bo isn’t here, okay?” Adrian shrugs his shoulders in response, whatever this guy did, he obviously resents him for it.

“Right,” Adrian says callously.

This guy Adam seems to be really close with Bo. They hug and hold hands. Not to mention his looks can beat mine any day. He has the blue eyes while mine is just a boring brown, his hair is styled like a model and mine just lays whichever way it feels like, he’s extremely tall and lean while I stand at a height of 5′10 and my ‘muscle’ just looks like a flailing balloon man.

The four of us are seated in a booth at the back of the place. Bo and Adam sit on one side while Adrian and I sit on the other. Bo looks at me, her eyes are trained on my face and I aimlessly wipe whatever she’s looking at off. Her eyes light up and she looks down at the table, obviously trying to hide a smile.

“So, you guys go to school with Bo?” Adam asks to neither of us in particular, but his eyes seem to land on Adrian as he waits for an answer.

“Yeah, Lukas and I have a class together,” Bo replies for us, resting her fist under her chin as she peers over at Adam who nods in response to her.

Adrian takes out his phone, a deep scowl rests on his face like it’s its new home. Under the table, Bo kicks my leg to get my attention. She furrows her eyebrows and nods her head toward Adrian as if to ask what’s wrong.

I shrug my shoulders and look down at the menu that’s being placed in front of me. We all order our drinks and the waiter walks away in an easy second.

“I never thought Bo would bring someone home, I mean, she’s so secretive sometimes,” He folds his arms on the table and they noticeably flex, which I see Bo notices also.

“I guess she’s not the only one being secretive,” Adrian says under his breath but everyone at the table clearly heard him. Adam raises an eyebrow and a smirk appears on his face.

“Who else is being secretive here?” Adam’s clearly testing Adrian’s limit. The smile on his face and the way he’s acting are very similar to how Mason used to mess with Adrian. That stopped as soon as Adrian’s fist collided with his jaw though.

“I think we both know,” Adrian says vaguely. The way he looks up, it reminds me of a possessed person. He’s straining himself, I can see it in his features. Adrian may seem like the pretty boy who gets the ladies, but when he needs to be, he can be pretty intimidating.

“Do you guys know each other or something?” Bo asks, tucking some of her hair behind her ear. The expression on her face is confused, probably a lot like mine. Adrian thinks I know this guy but I don’t and if I do then I don’t remember him.

“No, we don’t,” Both Adrian and Adam say at the same time, causing the statement to be a lot less convincing.

The conflict is interrupted by the waiter setting our drinks down on the table.

Our dinner continues tensely due to Adrian’s attitude and Adam’s snarky comments. Bo, though, is completely clueless as of to what’s going on between the two.

I know for sure I’m definitely gonna have to talk with Adrian about who this guy is.

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