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Chapter 23


“It’s party time!” Adam shouts as he starts blasting music on my tv. The soundbar plays ‘Right Round’ by the infamous Flo Rida.

“Party time?” I question him, coming out of the kitchen and leaning against the wall nearest to me.

“Yeah, party time! There’s a party at Omega Si tonight and trust me, they know what they’re doing.” I roll my eyes and cross my arms, “C’mon Bo! Stop being a stick in the mud. Go get changed and make sure it’s proper party attire.” Adam pulls me off the wall and pushes me into my room.

I’m left alone to decide what I’m going to wear tonight. I go through my closet a few times and pull out a black cocktail dress that I’ve been saving for a special night.

Too bad it’s gonna be wasted at a frat party.

I throw the dress on my bed and begin to strip down. I change into a strapless bra and lace panties, the dress may be tight so I don’t want to risk underwear lines.

I put the dress on and as predicted, it’s loose at the top but tight at the bottom which isn’t gonna do me any good tonight.

I sing along quietly to the music that’s still playing in the living room as I fix my hair up into a nice looking bun, messy but cute I must say. My makeup is a whole other story.

I’m steering away from my au natural look and delving into a fully done face. I sneak into the bathroom and get started on the masterpiece that definitely took me more than thirty minutes.

“Bo! We don’t have all the time in the world!” Adam says from the other side of the door. I use a q-tip to fix up the mistakes I made and then open the bathroom door to come face to face with Adam who’s also changed his outfit.

He’s sporting a blue button up with only three of the buttons done, dark skinny jeans, and a cross necklace that compliments his chiseled chest.

“You look, amazing,” I see Adam bite his lip as I walk past him and into my bedroom. I take an old pair of heels from my closet and sit down on my bed to put them on. To finish off my look, I put on a choker and a large ring on my middle finger.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” I say as I close my drawer, “I’m gonna bring a sweatshirt and jeans with me just in case I get cold, I’m not dealing with this forty degree weather in a dress for long.”

“Uh, I’m gonna go get the car ready while you finish up,” Adam leaves my doorway and before he takes off, he turns the music for me.

I look in the mirror and I feel proud of myself, I look good, feel good, if only I could sport a look like this on a daily basis. I’m just too lazy for it.

I grab my car keys, clothes, and phone before I leave. As I walk towards the parking lot I see Adam’s car pulling out of his garage.

I approach his car and when I open the door I feel the rush of warm air. The cold and warm air surround the both of us when I close my door but after a few seconds, the cold air is replaced by warm again.

“You really do look great,” Adam says as he pulls out of the complex. I look down as I smile, ever since we kissed yesterday he’s been so flirty, every chance he has, he compliments me.

“Thank you,” I turn up the radio and ‘Just A Dream’ comes on the radio. One of my favorites for sure, “So I travel back, down that road,” I sing along, nodding my head along to the beat.

“My lover, my life, my shorty, my wife,” Adam joins in and we both sing the song together, “If you ever love somebody put your hands up,” I close my eyes and really feel the song hit my nerves. I loved David so much but he betrayed me in the worst way possible. I never felt anything like that with anyone, but of course, it had to be ruined by life.

I know for a fact that life hates me.

The song changes into an upbeat melody of Jason Derulo and I quietly sing along.

“Is it weird that your ass reminds me of a Kanye West song?” I hear Adam say which causes me to laugh. I know for a fact he purposely said that out loud, this dress shows off my lumps a little too much.

The rest of the drive is full of us singing dumb songs to each other and somehow we even got ‘A Thousand Miles’ thrown in the mix.

“Before we go in,” Adam says as his car vibrates from the music outside, “take a couple shots of this,” He reaches over on my side and opens the glove compartment. A large bottle of vodka sits on the inside and I take it out.

The sticker on it reads ‘The best tasting vodka!’ which I highly doubt. The only great tasting vodka is strawberry. Without hesitation, I open the bottle and take a couple swigs.

My throat burns and I feel the tail the alcohol took to get to my stomach. I hand the bottle off to Adam who chuckles.

“You good there Bo?” I nod and swallow the remaining bit in my mouth. Adam’s blue eyes become even more clear as he takes a long drink from the bottle. I open the car door and get out.

My hands immediately pull the bottom of the dress down so I can actually get coverage on my ass.

“If anyone else other than me looks, I’m knocking them in the teeth,” Adam whispers when he grabs me from behind.

“Really? Who says you can look?” The both of us begin walking toward the front of the house. I feel the sound waves from the music going through my body as we near the front of the large Omega Si HQ.

“Cause I said,” Adam replies as we get in line to enter.

“Oh really?” I poke his hard chest, “You, sir, do not have a claim on the cakes I display.”

“Cakes?” He smiles, raising both his eyebrows in amusement. He’s having fun with this!

“Yes, cakes, I give my assets names,” The song ‘Live Your Life’ comes on and I start mocking the girl’s vocals, “Miya hee, miya ho, miya hu, miya ha-ha.”

“Those two sips of vodka already have you tipsy? You’re a lightweight I must say,” I roll my eyes and shake my head.

“I’m a lot looser than I was before.”

“That’s what she said,” Adam mumbles. I gasp and finally when the people before us are turned away, Adam steps in front of me and says something to the guy which results in his letting us through, “The power of knowing people,” Adam says as we course through a large amount of people everywhere in the house.

“I have to go do something for like five minutes, stay here, socialize but DO NOT take a drink from anyone, even girls,” I nod and sit down at the dining table that’s set up in the corner.

Adam leaves me and I suddenly feel like everyone is staring at me. My security blanket is gone and now I stand naked in the middle of a lion’s cage. I turn on my phone and try to ignore everyone around me.

After a couple minutes, I’m interrupted by a voice that’s all too familiar, “Bo? Is that you?”

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