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Chapter 25


Knocking sounds at my window, continuous knocking. I groan out loud and throw my blanket off my body. Who the hell is bothering me at 4 AM?! I push my curtain back and see a girl standing outside. I open my window and the second I do, I see the familiar face of Bo. She’s wearing a dress, heels, a complete party outfit basically.

“Lukas! I thought I’d never make it here, can I come in?” She nearly stumbles as she grips onto the sides of my window. The screen is already gone because the people who lived here before us cracked the window frame so now, a screen won’t fit into it. I grab her arm and try to help her through. Her entire body is soaking wet including her dress.

“Why are you all wet Bo?” I ask as her dress rides up her thigh. She gets through and tugs it down forcefully to the point of it ripping, “Aw shit! My dress is ruined!” I shush her quietly but she begins to cry. Tears stream down her face and she sits down on my bed, “I spent so much money on this dress Lukas, so much money.”

“How’d you even get here Bo?” I sit down next to her and rub her back softly as she cries.

“I was at a frat party,” Which explains why she’s dressed the way she is, “walked to city hall to try and find your address and then the lady told me I had to get a newspaper subscription in order to get the addresses of everyone in town since ya know the house addresses are in the newspaper. After that, I went to a bar to sit down and think of a way to get here which was pretty stupid because I got hit on by an asshole biker. So I stole his motorcycle, then like four miles away from here, it ran out of gas and I had to walk about a mile before this girl who works at the Breakfast Table gave me a ride here.”

I raise my eyebrows in surprise, she’s so drunk. How’d she even drive a motorcycle? How did she know which window was mine?!

“Okay so how in all of that did you get wet?”

“I don’t know,” She cradles her face in her hands, “Do you have clothes I can wear? This dress is stupid.” I nod and stand up from the bed, I take out one of my shirts and a pair of sweats. “Turn around while I change, I need some sort of privacy.”

Doing as told, I stand in the corner of my room and wait for her to tell me it’s okay to look.

“Can I lay in your bed with you? I promise I won’t touch you or anything. You can put pillows between us if you want, I just want to sleep, can I sleep?”

“Yeah, yeah.” She lays down where I was sleeping only twenty minutes before. I get on the opposite side of her and turn off my light.

“Is that a night light?” I hear her ask, I look where she’s looking and as clear as day, my nightlight is still plugged in.

“Uh, yeah. I used to have night terrors so my mom gave me a night light to ‘make it better’.”

“That’s cool, your mom sounds awesome,” She says quietly, I can tell she’s falling asleep by her tone of voice. It’s so soft and gentle.

“What about your mom?” I ask, treading lightly. I don’t want her to think I’m nosy, she just seems to never talk about herself. Ever.

“I don’t have a mom. Well, we all do but I don’t remember mine. All I’ve found out about her was that she was an alcoholic, druggy, a prostitute and with all that a little mixture of crazy.”

“Oh,” is all I can say. What are you supposed to say to that? ‘Oh, your mom is cool too!’ Like that’s just a dick move if you ask me.

“It’s okay though, I don’t need a family. I’ve got myself and that’s the only person that’ll stick with me my entire life,” I could too if you’d let me. But who am I kidding? Why would she want a pathetic good for nothing guy like me?

Instead of responding, I take her hand in mine. She squeezes it softly and then the both of us fall asleep.


“Lukas honey?” I hear my Mom knock on my door, “You have to get up and get ready for church!”

I groan as I stretch, “Okay Mom! I’ll be ready in a few!” I throw my blanket off me and rub my eyes. I look behind me and Bo lays there, peacefully sleeping.

I’ll let her stay there until I leave. It takes me twenty minutes to shower, get dressed, and fix my hair “properly” for church. I used to dress in an expensive tux when I was in grade school but now, I just wear a dress shirt and pants.

I walk back into my room quietly and Bo sits up, “Hey, are you going somewhere?” She stretches her muscles and I hear the disgusting popping noise from her arm.

“Uh, yeah, my family and I are going to church,” I reply, sitting down on my bed to put my shoes on.

A question I didn’t expect then comes out of her mouth, “Can I go too?”

“Y-yeah you can go, but you don’t have any clothes,” I look at her torn dress from last night, “You know what? I think my sister may have left behind some dresses she used to wear to church. Let me go check,” I leave the bedroom and run into my mom in the hallway.

“Hey, honey, what’s taking so long?” She adjusts the collar of my shirt and fixes my hair.

“Remember my friend Bo?” It takes her a second but then she nods her head, “She wants to know if she could go to church with us,” I bite my lip and my Mom’s face immediately lights up.

“Of course! Anyone is welcome to come to church with us!” I nod, “Just tell her to be ready by nine!”

“She’s gonna come here, her friend is gonna drop her off,” My mother nods, before leaving into the kitchen. I open my sister’s bedroom door and walk straight in her closet. A dark flower printed dress sits on the inside and I think that’ll go great with what Bo already has. I take the dress off the hanger and sneak back to my room.

“Here is a dress to go with those and if you want to use the bathroom to do whatever you do, it’s right across the hall.” She nods and stands up, “The extra toothbrushes are in the cabinet,” I whisper as she opens the door.

I close my bedroom door and walk into the kitchen where my mom is preparing a casserole dish for the after church breakfast. Our doorbell rings and I furrow my eyebrows. Who’s gonna be here now?

“I’ll get it, honey, don’t worry,” My Mom kisses my head as she walks by me. They do show me a lot of love, it’s just, not the love I’m looking for, “Oh hello! It’s so nice to finally meet you! Come in!” I stand up from my seat and peek to see Bo, walking in my front door, looking as fascinating as ever. I hurry back to the island and sit down.

“Lukas! Your friend Bo is here! Super early too!” The both of them walk through the arch and into the kitchen.

“Your house is absolutely beautiful Mrs. Carson,” My Mom is extremely happy, “Hi, Lukas,” Bo smiles, sitting down next to me.

My Mother continues fixing up the casserole, a giddy look on her face, “So Bo, what made you decide to come to church with us?”

“Uhm, I’ve never been to church before so I wanted to see what it’s like,” My mom looks at her questioningly, “I wasn’t raised in a single home. I was a foster kid so I hopped around from house to house and none of them went to church,” She bites her lip as she tucks a piece of hair behind her ear.

“Well Bo, I can see that God has directed you to Lukas so he can help you along the way. It’s wonderful that my son is dating a girl who wants to learn about the truth, the way, and the life,” I nearly choke on my orange juice.

“Mom we’re not dating,” I cough. Although we slept in the same bed together, she’s told me things that nobody else knows, and everything else that’s happened between us, we aren’t dating.

“Oh, well if you ever do decide to date, I think you two would mesh very well,” Bo looks down at the table, a small smile on her face. I watch her as she plays with her ring, twisting it around and around on her finger.

“Thank you, Mrs. Carson,” The clock turns 8:45 and my Mom begins to freak out.

“Oh, my! We have to get going, church starts at 9 AM,” Bo hops off the stool and the three of us leave the house, “Your father is already at church, helping with the setup.”

We get into my Mother’s gray Toyota and begin our ten-minute pursuit to church.

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