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Chapter 26


I think I should start listening to Avery more. She told me to get closer to Bo to get to know the real her and it worked, it really worked. She’s helped me so much and I can’t thank her enough.

Speak of the devil. Avery comes walking up to Bo and I, a small smile lighting up her face, “Do we have a new church member?”

“I think so, I actually came with Lukas today.” Bo shows a pretty smile as she talks to Avery.

“You came with Lukas eh?” She gives me a sly look and I smile.

“Yeah, it’s a long story,” Bo tucks one of her loose curls behind her ear. Something I notice she does all the time.

“Well, that story can be told as soon as I get some of that lasagna,” Avery follows a woman with a large pan full of it. Bo turns to me and she takes one of my hands.

The pace of my heart picks up immediately as she holds it in hers.

“Can you take me through the line? I feel bad if I take their food alone,” I chuckle as I lead her through the doors of the church. We approach the food table and hand her a plate, “I want like, everything.” She laughs, scooping up a small amount of mashed potatoes.

After we go through the line, my mom approaches us, “So, how did you like the service?”

“It was wonderful! I’m hoping I can join you guys next Sunday too?” My mother’s smile is so big I’m surprised she hasn’t torn her face in half.

“Of course! Of course, you can join us next week,” She gives Bo a tight hug and then leaves us to mingle with her friends. Bo and I take a walk over to Avery’s table where she’s sitting with Brianna, her close friend.

“Hey Bri, this is Bo, Bo this is Brianna,” Avery introduces the two and they both shake hands before we sit down.

Brianna looks at Bo and furrows her eyebrows, “Is this your first time here?”

“Uh yeah, I’ve never really been to a church before.”

“I could’ve sworn I’ve seen you somewhere before, on like TV or something,” Bo visibly chokes on her food and I pat her back to help her.

“N-no, I’ve never been on TV before,” She takes a long drink of water before setting the half-empty water bottle on the table.

“Hmm, well it must’ve been someone else,” Brianna takes a bite of her food and continues on her meal like nothing happened.

Whatever she just said to Bo must’ve meant something. Or she’s just really bad at eating mashed potatoes.

By the time we finish our meals, my mother comes up to us and says it’s time to go.

“You can stay here until dinner if you’d like?” My mother tells Bo as we pull into the driveway.

“If it’s okay with you and your husband, I’d love to stay,” My Mom and Dad both nod when he shuts off the car.

“Bedroom door stays open Lukas!” My mother calls after us once we walk down the hall. I roll my eyes and open my bedroom door.

“What do you want to do?” I ask her as she sits down on my bed, taking deep breaths.

“I have to tell you something Lukas and you cannot repeat this to anyone or I’ll never forgive you.” Her voice is stern and I can tell she is serious about whatever it is she needs to talk to me about. I nod and turn on some music so my parents don’t hear a thing she says.

“I promise,” I even stick out my pinky which she takes in hers, “A pinky promise means the world to me okay? I won’t tell anyone. Ever.”

“Alright. You’re the first person I’ve ever told about this so bear with me,” She kicks off her heels and crosses her legs on my bed. The dress is past the knee so it covers everything, “So like I told your mom, I was a foster kid. I went from home to home and none of them were stable. I always felt like the odd one out and I rarely ate, like ever. Until this one house, I was transferred to, I met this boy named David. He was two years older than me and I was fourteen at the time. I truly thought he loved me, but it all turned for the worse when I ran away.”

“David had this collection of guns, like big guns, small guns, just a lot of guns and one day he was cleaning one. He asked me if I wanted to hold it and I didn’t want to but he made me do it anyway. It was so fucking scary and I didn’t know what to do but hold the thing,” Tears begin falling from her eyes and my hand instinctively reaches up and wipes them away, “So David was a major drug pumper but I swear I had no idea. Not until the cops arrested me and interrogated me. Turns out David was close to being caught by the police so he made it look like I was the guilty one. They told me that my fingerprints were on the gun that killed twelve people and my hair was at every crime scene.”

“Bo, what are you saying?” I take her hand in mine and pull her closer to me.

“When the cops let me go, they made me go back to the foster home I ran away from, where David was. I was so stupid and naive that I accepted his apology for setting me up. I ran away again, changed my name, appearance, and for the last four years, I’ve been living here in Riverdale.”

“How did you get that scar then?” The thing is barely noticeable at the moment but that one day at her house, it was long and jagged.

“That’s a story for another time but I am a fugitive and when Brianna said she saw me on TV it scared the living hell out of me. I didn’t move far from where I used to live but the cops from my old city suck ass. They give less than two shits if druggies are killed, that’s why they let me go because in their eyes I ‘did them a favor’ but they’re still looking for me. I know they are and David went off Scott free.”

“Listen, Bo, I’m not going to tell anyone anything you just said, but why? Why did David do that to you?”

She shrugs, “He needed a scapegoat and the fourteen-year-old girl who was hopelessly in love was a good one.” I’m surprised that Bo has even told me any of this. She doesn’t know much about me yet I feel like I know so much about her, “Trust me, there’s much more that’s happened in my lifetime that you don’t know about.”

Bo stands up from my bed and wipes her eyes, “Alright well, I’m gonna go to the bathroom and fix my-everything,” I nod and turn off the music on my speaker.

I walk into the kitchen and my mom is already prepping dinner, “Hey baby, do you know if Bo likes onions? Or vegetables in general?”

“Uh, I’m not sure, why?” I sit down at the island and still let the news Bo just told me to sink in. I’ve never dealt with something like this and I wish I could just tell someone, like Adrian. But I promised her and I intend to keep that promise.

“I’m trying this new meal I saw on Pinterest and it includes a lot of sautéed onions along with other vegetables,” I shrug just as Bo comes in, “Ah! Good, I have a question for you. Do you like onions?”

Bo plasters on that beautiful smile of hers and nods, “Depends on this dish, yes, can I help?” She approaches my mom and she seriously looks like she’s just been sent an angel from heaven.

“I’ve never been willfully helped in cooking before,” Bo laughs and begins cutting tomatoes.

“I’ve never really had a mother to cook with so I think it would be fun to have a partner to make dinner with.”

“Bo makes killer Chicken Alfredo,” Slips from my mouth before I even realize what I’ve said.

“You’ve been to Bo’s house before?” My mom looks at me sternly and crosses her arms.

“He’s been over a couple times before, he was helping me move into my apartment and I gave him dinner that night,” My mother’s eyes ease and she nods respectively to Bo who’s just saved my ass.

“That’s good of him, so you live alone now?” Bo nods in response and my mother does too, “That’s amazing that you’re responsible enough to have your own place, I don’t think Lukas will be able to until he’s at least twenty, like his sister was.”

“I think Lukas would be able to get a place on his own now if he really wanted to. He’s super good with his money and is on time with almost everything,” My mom raises her eyebrows at Bo contradicting her, but I see the approval in the small smile she’s trying to hide.

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